Did Hunter Biden Pass The Bar Exam? Untold Truth About Hunter

Let’s face it; did Hunter Biden pass the bar exam? While most people think he didn’t, others have a contrary view. Anyway, we are here to give an unbiased response to this question.

Hunter Biden is Joe Biden’s only living son and has many scandals hanging over his shoulders. Nevertheless, the question is, did he scale through his bar exam? We will discuss this question and other reports about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. 

Keep reading to get mind-blowing revelation about Hunter. 

Did Hunter Biden Pass the Bar Exam?

Hunter Biden is an American attorney, artist, and businessperson. The word ‘attorney’ suggests he went to law school, has a law degree, and passed his bar exams. 

Hunter did pass his bar exams. That is why he has a license to practice law and is regarded as an attorney. 

Robert Hunter Biden is a licensed attorney. You must pass your bar exam to acquire a license to practice law. You can’t start practicing law from the moment you leave college. The bar exam is compulsory; every prospective attorney must pass it before practicing. 

Is Hunter Biden Practicing Law

Hunter Biden is an attorney. He joined Yale Law School in the summer of 1994. After graduating from Yale Law School, Hunter joined a law and lobbying firm in 2001. However, before the election, he stopped lobbying and left the company in 2008. 

Hunter is a lawyer, and while he has served in several roles, his record shows he hasn’t practiced law. A report from a year ago also revealed that Robert Hunter Biden was serving an administrative suspension. 

According to the details of the suspension, Hunter failed to pay the client security fund fee. 

The fine or security fund attorneys are required to pay won’t be an issue for someone like Hunter Biden. He has the money and connection he needs to make things happen. 

However, we won’t be surprised to learn that Hunter has not fulfilled this obligation since his administration suspension. His life, in general, needs fixing. 

Did Robert Hunter Biden Have A Job Before Joe Biden Became Vice President

Donald Trump has never stopped talking about the Bidens since he ran against Joe Biden and lost the presidential election. To make matters worse, Trump was the president when Joe Biden contested. He had the power of incumbency but lost the election. 

Trump’s loss reminds us of the dynamism democracy wields. Anything can happen in a democracy. However, Trump’s result to blackmail and name-calling doesn’t sit well with the Bidens. 

In one of his usual rants before the election, Donald Trump mentioned that Hunter Biden, the only surviving son of Joe Biden, didn’t have a job until his father became vice president. 

Trump feels Hunter’s father’s influence helped him secure a job. In other words, he believes that Joe Biden paved the way for his son, Hunter Biden.

Now, was Hunter Biden jobless before his father became the Vice President of the United States of America, as Trump stated? The response to this is no. 

There is evidence that Hunter wasn’t unemployed before his father became the vice president. The Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden’s son, had several jobs before his father’s ascension into the second most-decorated office in the United States of America. 

Firstly, Hunter graduated from Yale Law School and passed his bar exam. After finishing law school, he became a law and lobbying firm’s partner in 2001. 

Surprisingly, Hunter left the lobbying job before the election, around 2008. However, he worked with several companies before the law and lobbying firm. 

Among the companies is MBNA, a financial services company. Hunter was prudent, as his promotion to a top executive position in the company shows. 

In MBNA, He worked his way up to the senior vice president position. In addition, Hunter has worked with the US Commerce Department.  

Hunter has worked with top politicians such as President George W. Bush. Bush appointed Hunter to the board of directors of Amtrak.     

Hunter didn’t only secure jobs in the United States but in Ukraine. In Ukraine, he secured an appointment in Burisma Holdings, one of the country’s biggest private natural gas producers. 

His appointment at Burisma Holdings was in 2014. Still, before then, he worked as a lawyer for the firm Boies Schiller Flexner, an adjunct professor at the prestigious school Georgetown University’s Foreign Service program.    

Hunter’s work portfolio didn’t stop here. He served as the chairperson of the World Food Program, USA. Hunter also served on numerous boards, including as chief executive officer and chairperson of the advisory firm Rosemont Seneca Advisors. 

In conclusion, Hunter Biden has achieved so much for his age. Whether most people would like to admit it or not, he has. However, let’s not make it look like he did it all by himself. His father’s name and connection allowed Hunter to sit on several boards. 

Robert Hunter Biden admitted that he wouldn’t have joined Burisma Holdings board if he wasn’t a Biden. 

In a nutshell, Hunter has worked as a lobbyist, public administrator, and even as a banker.  

What Is Hunter Biden’s Age

Hunter Biden was born on February 4, 1970, and he’s 53 years old. His full name is Robert Hunter Biden. Hunter’s parents are Joe and Neilia Hunter Biden. He’s the founder of the BHR Foundation. 

Hunter’s educational background is quite interesting, as many don’t expect much from him. He attended Georgetown University in 1992, Yale Law School in 1996, Archmere Academy, and Yale University. 

Who Is Hunter Biden’s Wife

Hunter Biden has been married twice. His first marriage was to Kathleen Buhle, while his second was to Melissa Cohen. 

The longtime politician’s son, Robert Hunter, has had five children from diverse relationships. This includes kids from his two wives and other relationships. 

He married Kathleen Buhle in 1993, though the marriage ended in 2017. He then started dating his brother, Beau’s widow, Hallie. The relationship only lasted for two years, from 2017 to 2019. 

Hunter Biden fathers a daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, with Lunden Alexis Roberts. Lunden was born on March 5, 1991. 

Hunter and Lunden, his baby mama, have been embroiled in nasty paternity since 2019. The paternity case ended in 2020 after a DNA test confirmed that Hunter was the child’s biological father. 

Hunter reopened the case again in September 2022. This time, he requested a reduction of the 20,000 dollars per month child support he has been paying, citing a change in his finances. 

Again, Lunden has been cooperative. She and her legal representatives have agreed to Hunter Biden’s request to reduce child support. However, the court paper didn’t disclose the amount Hunter would start paying. 

The child support payment will begin from July 1, 2023, until the child turns 18, marries, or passes away. In addition, the child will receive some paintings from Hunter, which the president’s son took while recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. 

According to the court document, the child will have the privilege to choose the painting herself. The artwork will then be sent to the child directly or to a gallery designated by Lunden Roberts. 

A Handy Tip; Records show that Lunden Roberts has withdrawn her counterclaim to change her daughter’s name to Biden, which is the best thing to do.

The name ‘Biden’ can open doors of opportunity for the child. Therefore, there is no reason to change her name. The child stands to benefit more by keeping the Biden name. 

 Does Hunter Biden Have Children

Yes, Hunter Biden has five children from three different women. Two of them were his wives, while one, Lunden Roberts, was a baby mama. 

Hunter’s children are;

  • Naomi King Biden Neal
  • Finnegan Biden
  • Maisy Biden
  • Navy Joan Roberts
  • Beau Biden


Did Hunter Biden pass the bar exam? Yes, he did. You cannot become an attorney or work as a lawyer if you don’t pass the bar exams. You only get your license to practice law after passing the bar exams. 

Hunter Biden has tons of scandals hanging on his shoulders. He also married twice and had one baby mama. He and his baby mama have been fighting a paternity legal battle for years, though that has ended.

The paternity case ended when a DNA report showed that Hunter was the child’s father. He was later ordered to pay $

20 per month to Lunden, the child’s mother, for child support. However, Hunter has recently opened the case and wants the amount he pays for child support lowered. 

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