Do Married Men Miss Their Mistresses? Truth Behind Married Men And Mistresses

Mistresses are important people when it comes to many family setups. However, many stories revolve around the mistress issue in couples’ families. At one point, a mistress may have to leave. 

Many people will ask the question; do married men miss their mistresses? The question arises because a man is already married and loyal to his wife. 

Additionally, he had an excellent inter-person relationship with a mistress who was providing and helping the family with many things. This article will answer this tricky question and explore more about the topic.

Do Married Men Miss Their Mistress?

Yes. Married men are also human, and when they live with a mistress, they form a connection or inter-personal relationship like any other humans. This means that whenever a mistress leaves, the man, even married, will experience a loss or gap in his life.

Men are logical; the gap will be there. However, the extent to which he will miss the mistress will vary from one man to another. This is due to the kind of bond that had been formed.

Reasons Why A Man Will, A Mistress

She Offered Support

 For some men, a mistress will support him in tough times when he cannot talk to his wife. In some cases, a man may be in a tricky situation where he cannot talk to his wife and needs to talk to someone, and that is where a mistress comes in.

It is not necessarily that he will get her advice, but getting someone to listen or talk about other things at that moment will give him peace. Hence when she is gone, he will miss her.

Mistress Personality

Have you come across a mistress who has a wonderful personality? A mistress’s behavior will highly determine whether a married man will miss her or not. That does not mean that he doesn’t love his wife.

Even in our workplaces, we sometimes come across good workmates and miss them when we are separated.

He had an Affair

The possibility of an affair is also there. In some cases, a man will miss a mistress if he has an affair. This may mean he loved her, or it was just a result of casual sex. However, finding out which is the case is difficult.


Married women sometimes find themselves in a position where they are worried about mistresses. It is true since a man may miss a mistress for various reasons. The truth is that even if your husband is loyal, he will miss her for other reasons. However, the challenge is knowing which reasons. You can ask your husband to discuss the details.

John Taylor
John Taylor
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