Does Michaels Take Apple Pay? Payment Methods Michaels Accepts

If you love arts and crafts, you must have visited Michaels or plan to visit them soon. Michaels is one of the top arts and crafts chains, with stores spread across the United States and Canada. 

Over 15 million people visit Michaels each month to purchase framings, florals, arts, DIY home decorations, and more. Michaels is one of the biggest handicraft producers in the United States of America. 

Art and craft lovers can shop at Michaels with ease. You can visit in person or purchase items online. The company also offers diverse payment options to make things easier for customers. 

However, if you’re an Apple Pay user and have a lot of cash stashed there, you might be looking at the possibility of paying for items with Apple Pay. 

Below is a question many have been asking about Michaels and Apple Pay. 

Does Michaels take Apple Pay?

Yes, they do. Michaels accepts diverse payment methods, including Apple Pay. However, this development is more recent.  

But don’t get your hopes up yet. Not all Michaels’ stores accept Apple Pay. You can contact the nearest store to confirm if they accept this payment method or not before visiting.

Keep reading for more details on Michaels’ Apple Pay and other payment options you should know. 

Does Michaels Accept Apple Pay Online?

Have you visited Michaels store online? Please, do. You’ll discover that they offer limited payment options online. 

So, the straightforward answer is no. You cannot pay for items purchased online from Michaels with Apple Pay. 

When checking out after adding items to your cart, you’ll discover that Michaels only supports a handful of payment methods. Check them out below.

  • Credit card
  • Gift Card
  • PayPal

So, you can only pay for items bought online from Michaels via the three options mentioned above. It is possible that the company will include more options in the future. But as things stand, these are the only options they accept.  

However, even though the list of online payment options Michaels support isn’t the most appealing, learning that they accept PayPal payment is enough to appease many shoppers. 

Millions of individuals worldwide use PayPal. So, it would be much easier for them to purchase and pay for items bought from Michaels. 

Payment Options Michaels Accepts

Apple Pay is among the diverse payment methods Michaels supports. But the thing is, not all Michaels’ stores accept Apple Pay. That’s the situation for now. 

So, you have to contact the Michaels location you plan to visit to find out if they support Apple Pay or not. Conduct your findings before embarking on your trip. 

Below are the payment methods all Michaels shops support. 

1. Cash:

Michaels accepts cash, but keep in mind that cash payments can be time-consuming. If the store is crowded, you could spend hours in a queue. 

Additionally, you might be forced to visit the ATM to withdraw more cash if what you have isn’t enough to complete the purchase. So, cash payment shouldn’t be an option unless the store isn’t busy or you don’t mind spending time. 

2. Credit Cards: 

You have to understand that Michaels accepts a wide range of credit cards for payments. These include MasterCard, Visa Cards, Discover, and even American Express.

3. PayPal: 

The fact that Michaels accepts PayPal payments should excite PayPal users who are art lovers. PayPal is a popular online financial service provider used by millions of people worldwide. 

Payment via PayPal is fast and convenient. Opening and operating a PayPal account is also a breeze. 

So, keep in mind that you can pay for items bought from Michaels online or offline using PayPal. 

4. Gift Cards:

Michaels accepts gift cards as a form of payment. But know that not all gift cards are accepted. You can only use Michael eGifts to make payments.

The good thing about the Michael gift cards is that you can use them to make payments on Michaels’ stores online and offline. Payment via gift cards is also quick and easy. 

5. Debit Cards: 

If you have debit cards, you can also make payments on Michaels. They accept MasterCard and Visa with the logo on them. You can use them the same way credit cards are used for payment. 

Does Michaels Accept Checks?

Many platforms mentioned that Michaels accepts checks. But if you look carefully, you’ll discover that they don’t. 

On the store’s official website, you’ll find where they stated that they do not accept checks, money orders, or drafts for orders submitted via the site. 

So, if you plan to visit Michaels soon and hope to pay with any of the options mentioned above, you’ll waste precious time. And you may end up not completing your purchase. 

No Michaels store in the United States accepts checks, money orders, or drafts as payment. The company may change its mind in the future. But until then, stick with the payment options they are currently accepting. 

Does Michaels Accept Samsung Pay?

No, Michaels doesn’t accept Samsung Pay. We can only hope they change their minds in the future. It would benefit the company if they do. 

Why? Well, tons of Americans use Samsung Pay. And these are Michaels’ potential customers. People may develop interest in purchasing items from Michaels if they started accepting Samsung Pay.   

A Handy Tip: Samsung Pay currently has over 16.3 million users, which may grow massively in the coming years. 

Does Michaels Accept Google Pay? 

Unfortunately, Michaels doesn’t accept Google Pay. And we can only hope for a change in the future. 

By the way, Google Pay currently has over 25 million users. 

Is Michaels Accepting Amazon Pay?

Like Google Pay and Apple Pay, Michaels doesn’t accept Amazon Pay. The company might in the future, but for now, they don’t.  

Additionally, Michaels doesn’t accept the following payment methods. 

  • Alipay
  • Shop Pay

Using Apple Pay At Michaels – How It’s Done

You can’t use Apple Pay on Michaels online. Even the ones that accept Apple Pay as means of payment don’t accept online payments with Apple Pay. 

So, once you discover a Michaels’ store that accepts Apple Pay, and visit in person, follow the steps below to make payment. 

Step#1: Choose payment type, launch wallet, and select preferred card:

As you move toward the checkout counter, check your mobile device. You might receive a notification to make payment using Apple Pay. 

However, if you don’t get this notification, do not worry. Just approach the checkout counter and inform the attendant of your need to use Apple Pay as your preferred payment option. 

If the store accepts Apple Pay, you can proceed with payment. Open the Apple Wallet then pick the card you prefer to use for payment. 

If you are already utilizing the default card, you can proceed with payment. Please note that if you wish to use another card for payment instead of the default card, click the default card already displayed and choose the card you would prefer for payment. 

Step: Card authentication:

Card authentication is a crucial step when using Apple Pay. It is also a security feature Apple uses to ensure the person making the payment is the account’s original owner. 

So, authenticate your card. You would need to activate the Face ID by clicking on the power button twice to get this done. 

If you can’t access Face ID, just input your Apple ID password to proceed with the payment. 

Step#3: Finalize the purchase:

This section is a breeze. Place your mobile device (iPad or iPhone) closer to the contactless reader.You’ll discover a checkmark on your screen, indicating that the payment was successful. 


Does Michaels take Apple Pay? Yes, they do. However, not all Michaels stores accept this payment method. 

The payment methods generally accepted by Michaels’ stores include PayPal, Michaels’ gift card, Credit card, and debit card. 

Michaels doesn’t accept Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Alipay, Samsung Pay, and Cash Pay. The company may later change their minds. But for now, they don’t accept these payment options. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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