Golf Cart Accidents

As you know, if you’ve ever been near a golf course, then you probably know people often get injured on golf carts. Golf carts are incredibly popular for their convenience and ease of use for riding around, but all too often, there are accidents that happen, either among the players or the spectators. There are many different types of accidents that can happen with a golf cart, some are good and some bad, and it all comes down to how the accident happens. There have been many accidents over the years ranging from just getting lost in the woods while riding to hitting other golf carts or spectators and even hitting other hazards like trees and fences. The newest issue is hitting golf carts parked in the garage or driveway.

What Are Golf Cart Accidents?

Golf cart accidents are accidents involving a golf cart, either on or off the course. Golf cart accidents can be classified as either pedestrian or vehicle-related. Pedestrian golf cart accidents occur when the driver of a golf cart gets into an accident with someone who lives on the course or is using the course for another purpose.

Vehicle-related golf cart accidents happen when a vehicle collides with a golf cart. Golf carts are designed to be low to the ground and smaller in size, making them more likely to get hit by vehicles than is likely with a large vehicle or truck. Because of this, they are often involved in accidents that were not intended.

Who Can Be Held Liable For A Golf Cart Injury?

When someone is injured in a golf cart accident, they are going to need to file a case against the party that caused the accident. This can be done in either an individual or a personal injury case. In an individual injury claim, a plaintiff is suing for damages due to injuries suffered as part of the accident. A golf cart accident could potentially involve two separate parties and two different claims in which you would bring two separate lawsuits against them. In a personal injury case, you would be suing the golf cart driver and the golf cart manufacturer to recover damages for your injuries.

For victims of a golf cart accident or someone that has been injured by one, it is a good idea to contact an attorney right away. There are sport liability forms, medical forms, and even law enforcement forms that may need to be filled out in order to have your case properly filed.

Are There Any Legal Remedies For A Golf Cart Accident?

Yes. The legal remedies for a golf cart accident or someone who has been injured by one can vary greatly depending on the situation. It all comes down to the circumstances of the accident and what factors played into it. There are many different avenues to pursue in your case, including, For example, if you have hurt someone and you feel as though you shouldn’t be held liable for any injuries they have sustained while on your property, then there are laws that protect you from being sued under the premises liability legal doctrine. In a premises liability case, the accident victim is suing the golf cart driver or the golf course that allowed a golf cart to be operated on their premises. This doctrine is used in a case like when an inside of your home injures someone while they were going through your doorway that you had failed to latch in such a way that it wouldn’t prevent injury when opened.

What Qualifies As A Golf Cart?

In order to be liable for a golf cart accident, a golf cart must qualify as a “vehicle” as defined under the law. A vehicle is defined as any device that is capable of being used or moved on roads or highways and includes motorized equipment that is powered by an engine. If you are operating a golf cart on private property and someone injures themselves while in your vehicle, then you may find yourself liable for damages.

What Is The Biggest Danger With Golf Carts?

The biggest danger with golf carts is that they are driven by people who may have little to no experience driving them. Golf carts take time to learn to operate and even more time to learn the proper way to drive one, which just isn’t always done. On top of that, there are also many hazards out on a golf course, whether it’s trees and obstacles or even other golf carts. It’s a lot like being on the road without many traffic laws in effect.

People get injured on golf courses in so many different ways. The most common way that people get hurt is when they fall down and land awkwardly on the ground or even on another object, like another person.

Bottom Line:

A golf cart accident can be a dangerous situation for anybody involved. Falling off a golf cart, hitting an object like the garage, hitting people and even other golf carts are all major accidents that can lead to severe injuries or even death. If you, or someone you know, has been injured in the aftermath of a golf cart accident, then you may want to speak with an accident attorney in your area.

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
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