5 Hacks Australians Must Apply To Use Hotstar More Efficiently! 

If you are in Australia and want to use Disney+ Hotstar in the best and most efficient way, you have come to the right place! 

While Hotstar is available all around the world through various means, the quality of streaming could be better for enthusiast streamers. 

It might be a little tricky with various VPNs, hacks, and a maze of steps before you can access any content. However, you can relax if you want to watch Hotstar in Australia because we have got the best hacks for you to use Hotstar more efficiently! 

5 Hacks Australians Can Apply To Use Hotstar In A Much More Efficient Way! 

If you’re in Australia and want to use Disney+ Hotstar more efficiently, here are a few tips to make your streaming experience worthwhile! 

VPN For Access

Disney+ Hotstar is primarily available in India and a few other countries. Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with servers in India, you can bypass geo-restrictions and access Disney+ Hotstar’s content. Connect to an Indian server through the VPN before accessing the platform.

Ensure you choose a reliable and reputable VPN service that offers fast servers in India. 

Look for VPN providers that specifically mention support for Disney+ Hotstar and have a strong track record of unblocking streaming services.

Streaming platforms often update their algorithms and implement measures to prevent VPN usage. Stay updated with the latest version of your VPN software to ensure it remains effective in accessing Disney+ Hotstar.

Optimize Streaming Quality

Disney+ Hotstar allows you to adjust the streaming quality based on your internet connection. 

If you’re experiencing buffering or slow loading, consider reducing the streaming quality to a lower setting. This can improve the overall streaming experience, especially if you have a slower internet connection. 

If you have a mobile data plan with good speeds, you can consider streaming Disney+ Hotstar using your mobile data instead of relying on Wi-Fi. This can be helpful if your Wi-Fi connection is slow or congested.

Download Content For Offline Viewing

Disney+ Hotstar allows you to download select content for offline viewing. Take advantage of this feature to download your favorite shows or movies with a good internet connection. 

You can then watch them later without worrying about buffering or data consumption.

Explore Regional Content

Disney+ Hotstar offers a wide range of regional content in multiple Indian languages. Take the opportunity to explore and enjoy shows and movies from different regions, broadening your entertainment options.

Stay Within Legal Boundaries

While using a VPN to access geo-restricted content is generally considered acceptable, respecting copyright laws and terms of service is essential. 

Use VPNs responsibly and ensure you’re not violating any legal restrictions while enjoying Disney+ Hotstar.

Remember, using a VPN to access geo-restricted content may not be endorsed or supported by streaming platforms, so proceed at your discretion.

Here Are A Few Best Vpns Available In Australia For Hotstar Streaming! 

Choosing the perfect VPN is the first step toward the best experience. There are several VPN options available in Australia that can be used to access Hotstar. Here are a few VPN services you can consider:


ExpressVPN is a highly reputable VPN service known for its fast speeds and reliable performance. It offers servers in multiple locations, including India, which makes it suitable for accessing Hotstar. 

ExpressVPN also provides user-friendly apps for various devices and excellent customer support.


Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN option that provides good performance and access to Hotstar. It has servers in India and offers unlimited simultaneous connections, making it suitable for streaming on multiple devices. 

Surfshark also offers strong security features and a user-friendly interface.


CyberGhost is a user-friendly VPN service that offers servers in India for accessing Hotstar. 

It provides optimized streaming profiles for various platforms, including Hotstar, and ensures a smooth streaming experience. CyberGhost offers a large server network and robust security features.

How To Have An Optimized Streaming Experience Through A VPN In Australia? 

Streaming is not fun if not optimized through a VPN for the best experience. To optimize your streaming experience through a VPN, consider the following tips:

Choose A VPN Server Close To Your Location

 Connecting to a VPN server that is geographically closer to your physical location can help reduce latency and improve streaming performance. This can result in faster speeds and smoother streaming.

Select A Server With High Speeds

Some VPN providers offer servers optimized for streaming, which can provide faster speeds and better performance. Look for servers specifically for streaming or high-speed connections within the VPN app or documentation.

Optimize VPN Encryption Settings

While strong encryption is important for security, it can sometimes impact streaming performance. If your VPN allows it, you can adjust the encryption level or disable certain features like split tunneling to prioritize streaming performance over maximum security.

Clear Cache And Cookies 

Clearing the cache and cookies on your streaming device or web browser can help improve performance and avoid any conflicts arising from VPN usage. This step is especially useful if you’re experiencing streaming issues or errors.


In conclusion, if you want to have an efficient streaming experience for Hotstar while you are in Australia, you must consider the hacks, tips, and tricks mentioned above so that you may have a seamless and uninterrupted binge-watching session of one of your favorite online content. 

Remember to research and compare these VPN services based on your specific requirements, such as streaming performance, server locations, pricing, and customer support. 

While doing this, you must also make sure that you stream safely while protecting your privacy, your devices, and your network. Aim to achieve these hacks, and you will be good to go!

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
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