Everything You Wanted To Know About Highest Paying IT Jobs In USA And Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

Many people live in delusions about the highest-paying jobs. They need to figure out what steps to take to increase their income and give up on trying. When people realize that they earn less than people in their environment, it feels inappropriate to ask them how much they make and how they got to that level.

Also, many job-seekers are embarrassed to target their job search with high-paying jobs only. Of course, money cannot be the only motivation to apply for a particular position. But it is significant, especially now that the cost of living is rising. So, there is nothing shameful about being interested in the highest-paying jobs.

It is not a secret that to earn a substantial sum of money and lead a luxurious lifestyle in 2022, you need to develop your career in the tech industry. So yes, the IT market has many positions to offer, and numerous companies belong to it, making it very confusing for people new to the

industry to get involved. So let’s find out how the tech job market in the US works and what positions can give a specialist the highest income.

Do I Need To Have A Managing Position To Earn More?

In all industries, managers can make more, and the IT sector is not an exception. But specialists who don’t manage a team can earn even more in IT. It all depends on the area of expertise. For example, senior DevOps engineers can get more enormous salaries than project managers. Cloud engineers, database administrators, and cybersecurity engineers have also had high incomes from the start.

What Do I Need To Do To Apply For The Highest-Paying IT Job?

You can fail a job application even if you are a highly skilled specialist. The secret of successful employment is in the ability of a candidate to present himself to the hiring manager. The hiring process consists of several stages, starting with the creation of a resume. If you need to know up-to-date requirements for IT resumes, it’s better to use an information technology resume writing service for help.

Recruiters usually select well-structured resumes with relevant experience and key skills. Some candidates try to expose their motivation for the job in the resume objective, but it’s a bad idea. Instead, if you want to prove why you are the perfect fit for that particular position, it is better to express it in a cover letter.

In an information technology cover letter, you can dwell on your most relevant experience to that job and show how it made you grow to the professional level you’re in now. It would also be great if you give examples of what kind of contribution you will make to this project and how powerful the team will become with you on board.

Another important but not obligatory thing for IT job applications is reviews from previous employers and colleagues. Some candidates collect them in a separate file and attach them as supporting documents along with a resume and cover letter. Others ask their colleagues to review it on their Linkedin page, so recruiters will see it even before contacting you.

Do I Need A Portfolio To Apply For An IT Job?

Designers and digital marketers usually attach their portfolios with successful cases of their works. IT experts should create a technical portfolio, too, because it gives an employer direct proof of their experience and possible project input.

Non-tech specialists can present their portfolios in PowerPoint / Key Point / Google Slides, but it’s not an option for IT specialists. The cases of an IT professional must be organized and presented on the website. This website must have good navigation and contain sections with essential information about your career profile.

The most important part of a tech portfolio is the description of a candidate’s projects. It’s not enough to give the name of the project and link to it. The employer needs to understand what problem the product solves and what was your contribution to it (unless it was utterly your project).

Employers value specialists with strong hard skills but also pay attention to soft skills. If your tech portfolio consists of various group projects, it’s a sign to the recruiter that you are a good team player and can be a signification asset in their project.

Which Companies Can Offer The Highest Salary?

Nowadays, many companies hunt for IT talent. And, of course, a candidate will have a higher chance of getting a high-paying job with a well-known employer with a good reputation. It is also essential to consider the type of IT company during your job search. For example, you can try yourself in:

  • IT Communications;
  • Help Desk;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Software services;
  • IT Consulting;

Entry-level specialists dream of working at Google. This organization is famous for its incredible corporate culture and career opportunities. But Google only has a few job openings for all who wish to work there. There are dozens of other prosperous IT companies where an employee can earn at least $100 000 per year:

  • Deloitte
  • Cisco Systems
  • Intel Corporation
  • NII Consulting
  • HCL Technologies
  • IBM

Is There An Easy Way To Get Into The IT Industry?

If we take five tech specialists and ask them how they got their high-paying job, everyone will have a different story. If the tech industry is new to you, you should take a professional orientation test and define which branch of IT fits you best.

Then, pick up the top three companies where you are willing to work and check if they offer courses for an internship. For many employers, it is better to teach new specialists and hire them right after the end of the course. It is beneficial both for the business and for the candidate.


The highest-paying tech jobs in the US include an extensive list of job titles; the most important are cloud engineers, database administrators, cybersecurity, and DevOps engineers. Therefore, candidates with professional job applications and tech portfolios have the highest chances of getting hired by a successful IT company.

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
Francis Stein is a writer and traveler who has already traveled most of the states of America. He loves to explore new places and meet new people, and he hopes to continue traveling the world in search of adventure. Francis enjoys writing about his experiences as a way of sharing his love for exploration with others.


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