How Often Should You Get Your Nails Done: Healthy Nails

Are you wondering how often you should get your nails done? Getting a manicure or pedicure is a classical way to treat yourself a few times a year or routinely. 

However, manicures and pedicures aren’t only about painting your nails. They are therapeutic procedures that’ll help you feel like your best self. 

For great treatment, you’ll need professional care. Therefore you’ll need to schedule regular salon visits. 

However, several factors determine how regular you get a manicure or pedicure. They include nail growth, special foot, hand care needs, etc. Depending on the factors and type of manicure you choose, here is 

How Often Should You Get Your Nails Done

How often you get a manicure and pedicure hugely depends on your lifestyle. Naturally, you’ll need a little more if you expose your nail to more wear and tears in your daily activities. 

However, experts recommend leaving two to three weeks between each manicure and pedicure. It helps to keep your nails healthy and in the best shape. But within this period, your nails will start to dry and grow jagged.

Factors That Determine How Regular You Should Get Your Nails Done

Daily Activities And Nail Growth

The time between manicures and pedicures hugely depends on your daily activities and how quickly your nails grow. 

You’ll need more frequent manicures and pedicures if you expose your hands to clay, water, and other substances that dry your nails. You’ll also need to do your nails if they grow quickly and frequently. 

Generally, pedicures last longer than manicures. That’s because the feet are always in shoes and thus rarely exposed to rough treatment or elements. Therefore you’ll need a pedicure about once or twice monthly.

Nail Length and Shape

Your nails’ length and shape will also determine how you should get them done. Longer nails need regular manicures and pedicures to keep them shaped and filed nicely. Your nails have different shapes, such as oval, square, rounded, etc. 

Some shapes do weaken your nails and make them highly vulnerable to breakage. Oval-shaped nails are usually prone to damage, while squares with oval edges are among the strongest. 

Therefore, if you wear nails in style prone to damage, you’ll have to get them done once every two weeks. 

In addition, people that work in professional settings need to do their nails regularly. It helps them appear polished and put together. 

You can extend the time between treatments if you file your nails from home and only need a manicure and pedicure for color. 

Artificial Nails and Nail Designs

There are several manicure and pedicure options on the market. They include acrylic nail tips, painted nail designs, sculpted artificial gel, etc. Each design needs more maintenance than natural nails. 

The nails with intricate designs easily chip, and their tips quickly loosen. If your nails have gel, you’ll have to retouch them as they grow out. French manicure is one of the popular options; you’ll need to retouch once weekly. 

What Are The Major Benefits Of Manicure and Pedicure?

Everyone is after a healthy manicure and pedicure for nails. However, certain manicures can be damaging if you aren’t so careful. 

A wrong manicure will weaken your nails. But not all manicures and pedicures are harsh; most will nourish your nails. 

Some luxurious manicures and pedicures will even soothe your aching joints. A healthy and therapeutic manicure and pedicure can be a perfect gift for oneself. Here are some of their benefits. 

Nail Cleaning 

Nails get exposed to germs, pollutants, and dirt daily. With time many nasty things can stick under your nail bed. 

Normally it cannot be easy to reach your nail bed. Plus, to make matters worse, dirty nails can cause multiple other issues. 

They can quickly spread germs to vulnerable parts like skin, stomach, etc. The nail technicians have all tools and skills to clean your nails thoroughly. Therefore they reduce or eliminate the chances of infections like nail fungi etc.

Hand and Foot Massages 

The hands and feet are among the most important parts; they carry us through daily tasks. Therefore they get exposed to more strain than other body parts. Hand and foot massages can be helpful; they’ll promote blood flow. 

In return, hands and leg joints will have greater mobility and less strain. The massages are particularly beneficial for individuals who spend long hours standing, typing, writing, etc. 


There’s deep exfoliation which is usually very enjoyable and beneficial. With time calluses build up on the foot’s base. Calluses are more popular among people who wear heels, walk barefoot, and exercise. 

Exfoliating your foot’s base helps balance the bottom of your foot and thus enhances weight distribution. In the long run, it improves back and legs pain. Exfoliating helps smooth wrinkles, removes dead skin, and stimulates collagen production.

How To Take Care Of Your Nails Between Manicures And Pedicures

There’s nothing that beats the appearance of a fresh manicure and pedicure. Unfortunately, you can’t simply get them daily. 

So, between your manicure and pedicure appointments, there are several things you need to do to keep your nails at their best. 

Here are the tips for maintaining your just manicured and pedicured look.

Focus on The Cuticles  

Even if your manicure and pedicure look astonishing, you need to ensure your cuticles look great too. Bad-looking cuticles will surely mess with everything and leave your nails looking and feeling messy. 

You can use your cuticle oils to keep your nail bed healthy. It also helps prevent the skin from drying and cracking, which are signs of cuticle damage. 

In addition, regularly massaging your cuticles with oil prevents annoying and painful hangnails from developing. 

If you don’t have ideal cuticle oil, you can ask your manicurist or pedicurist to recommend the best one. 

Stop Picking

The urge to pick your nails can be difficult to overcome. Sadly the urge is usually worse if you have a gel coat that looks ripe for peeling. 

Regardless it would help if you refrained from picking at your nails. Since it’ll take your color flake off, using gels can also damage your nails. 

You should ask your manicurist to layer your nails with a pick-resistant coat. They should then train you on how to keep away from the habit. If your nail color is chipping, it is best to get a similar color and patch it. Do not peel off the rest of the color. 

Practice Hand and Feet care

Just like you have to take great care of the cuticle to keep everything amazing, you should care for your entire hand and feet. Have a hand scrub by your sink to exfoliate at least once daily. 

You can also have lotion for your hands and feet. The lotion will be more beneficial when you use it at night since it thoroughly sinks into your skin while sleeping.

What Are The Healthiest Manicure For Your Nails?

Finding a great nail polish that’s healthy for your nails is not always easy. People often experience a reaction to nail polish more than you might think. You’re allergic to nail polish if you’ve experienced a rash around your nails after a manicure. 

It’s because most nail polishes have chemicals in their ingredients. There are different types of manicures, and most are quite healthy. 

Whichever manicure you choose, it shouldn’t affect you in any way. Here are some of the healthiest manicures around.

Basic Manicure

Simplicity has always been great. A basic manicure plus the right nail polishes are the healthiest. Nail polish does contain harsh chemicals that can degrade your nails. Experts recommend you use organic nail polish with vitamins to avoid damage. 

Organic nail polish will keep your nails healthy and strong. Basic manicure includes:

  • Filing
  • Trimming
  • Shaping 
  • Filling
  • Buffing 
  • Gel nail polish or optional polish.

Check the types of nail polish from your salon and pick the most ideal. If you intend to add some color, try as much to keep them organic. 

French Manicure

This classic is a great spin-off from the basic manicure. The French manicure is elegant a d timeless. 

However, its application process is similar to that of the French manicure. Its difference is in color application. It has white color on tips and natural color on nails. 

You can add more fun by trying different colors on tips and nails. Adding nail art will even spice it more. 

The French manicure can be in regular gel, acrylic nails, and polish. However, acrylic is a quite harsher option. 

However, doing the French manicure alone can be quite hard, but it can be possible with the right products.

Therapeutic Manicures

Some salons offer hand massage with your manicure. In case you experience it, then you’ll likely never forget it. 

You can easily make the process more than just a manicure; this will help ease aching joints. Here are some DIYs you can include in your manicure to improve it.

  • Paraffin manicure
  • Hot stone manicure

Bottom Line 

So, how often should you get your nails done? Knowing this will help you maintain beautiful and healthy nails. 

The period between manicure and pedicure varies depending on factors such as nail length, shape, etc. For better results, you must also properly maintain your nails between manicure and pedicure periods. 

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