How Strong Is A Rhino? Understanding The Rhino’s Strength And Life-Saving Tips 

The rhino is massive in size. But despite this, it can run super fast. A mature rhino can weigh up to 5 tons and do 30 mph. 

Rhino, also known as rhinoceros, is the second-largest land mammal on earth. The largest is the elephant. 

This behemoth may sometimes appear calm. But don’t get too close to it. Note that you can never outpace an angry rhino, no matter how fast you run. 

Now, the question most people are asking is how strong is a rhinoceros? Here are the details about the rhino’s strength.

How Strong Is A Rhino?

Rhinos are one of the dreaded animals in the wild. They can take on a wide range of predators and inflict considerable damages to them.

These animals usually have a strong horned snout that can grow up to 39 inches. Adult rhinos can reach a weight of 5 tons. But even though the rhino can be this heavy, it is blessed with pace. 

Rhinos can grow to a height of 6.2 feet. So this land mammal is intimidating in both size and strength. 

Here is a table showing the strength of the rhino.

Features (Adult) Rating
Bite force 1,000 PSI
Teeth size 5 inches
Height  6.2 feet
Speed  30mph
Adult weight 3 – 5 tons
Paw size 12 x 12 inches
Paw swipe force 269,280 lb.-ft./s

Let’s discuss other information about the rhino.

Is The Rhino Aggressive?

When you see a rhino from afar, you may think it is harmless. Rhinos are ill-tempered, so don’t test their calmness.

If you spot a rhino in the wild and it isn’t running after you, know it is because you’re out of sight. Rhinos have poor eyesight. So when you get too close, they’ll see you as a threat and react. 

Because of these land mammals’ poor eyesight, any movement you make will appear as a threat to them. Thus, they may become aggressive towards you. 

Now, how do the rhinos react to fear? The white and black rhino (African rhino) reacts to threats differently. The white ones are calmer and may likely run away when they’re afraid.

The reverse is the case for the black rhinos. These rhinos are more aggressive and they would rather attack the individual causing the fear than run away. 

Rhinos are blessed with pace, size, and strength. So, don’t make the mistake of encountering a rhino in the wild. Why? The encounter might be deadly. 

Can You Survive A Rhino Attack?

The only way you can survive a rhino’s attack is for you to hide behind something quickly. You can hide behind a rock, tree, or something else. 

Hiding behind a tree or rock would keep you out of the rhino’s sight. Remember that the rhino boasts poor eyesight, but their sense of hearing and smell is quite good.

So if a rhino attacks you, don’t remain on the ground and wait for it to step on you. Your chance of surviving when stepped on by a rhino is nil. These animals are quite aggressive. And with all that weight, horn, and size, it’s hard to survive a rhino attack. 

Again, do not try to run away because you think you can outrun a rhino because it is huge. If you’re dealing with a black rhino, keep in mind that it runs very fast. Thus, it would get you down faster than you can imagine. 

So, if you’re in the wild and come across a rhino, think of hiding immediately. Don’t try to run away. Think of an escape plan and take action. 

Tips On How To Survive When A Rhino Attacks You 

The rhino is one animal no tourist wants to encounter in the wild. Such an encounter could be disastrous. 

You can survive a rhino attack in several ways. But you must be ready to act fast and escape before it thrusts its horn into you.  

Follow the tips below to survive a rhino attack. 

Tip 1: Don’t go too close:

Most people like to get up close when taking pictures of animals in the wild. They want to take a clearer shot and are confident the animal won’t hurt them since they’re in their cars. 

Please, listen carefully. An adult rhino can weigh up to 5 tons. This land mammal can literarily derail a train. So turning your car upside down won’t be an issue for a rhino. 

You can take a picture of a calf up close. But ensure the adult rhino isn’t nearby. 

That said the safest way to take a picture of an aggressive animal like the rhino is from a far distance. Zoom in from 30 meters, take your photos and go your way. 

Rhinos boast poor eyesight and rely heavily on their sense of smell and hearing. They can’t pick out a motionless person from a distance of 30 meters. 

Tip 2: Resist the urge to run:

You believe you can run faster than Usain Bolt. You even had a gold medal to prove this. 

Note that you can’t outpace a black rhino that’s charging toward you. So don’t even make any attempt. Instead, stand still and think of how you can stay out of sight without covering much distance. 

For instance, you can hide behind a tree or even a rock. Just stay out of sight, and the rhino won’t see you.

The white rhinos boost a great sense of smell and hearing. These animals can smell up to a distance of 0,8 km and usually investigate the source of the odor while moving. 

So, you can escape a rhino attack by hiding behind a tree or rock. You’re not a predator. Therefore, if a rhino doesn’t see you as one, it won’t be anxious to find you. 

A Handy Tip: If you’re in a group, inform members of your tour group not to run when a rhino is approaching. It is hard, but the chance of surviving reduces if a group member tries to run away. Instead of running, think of an escape plan.

However, the escape plan is usually to hide behind something. And note that you have just 3 seconds to make that move before the rhino gets to where the group is standing. 

Tip 3: Change your location:

Don’t conclude that you’re entirely safe after hiding behind a tree or rock. Move from tree to tree, if possible. 

You have three seconds to move to the rhino’s blind side. But if the trees around aren’t close by, you can consider climbing the one you’re hiding at. 

Again, ensure the tree you’re climbing is sturdy enough. The rhino is strong and can push down trees that aren’t sturdy enough.

Tip 4: Take to the floor:

If a rhino is close and you have nowhere to hide, fall to the floor and lay feet-first toward the raging behemoth. 

Please don’t remain in the rhino’s path, as it may crush you. Keep rolling instead until you are entirely out of its path. 

A Handy Tip: Avoid wearing red and white colors into a rhino’s domain. Why? They can spot you easily from afar even though they have poor eyesight.  

Fun Facts About Rhinos

  • Not all rhinos have two horns; the Indian and Javan rhinos have one horn, while the black, white, and Sumatran boast two horns.
  • When rhinos are in a group, they’re called a “crash.”
  • Rhinos have a short pregnancy or gestation period of 15 to 16 weeks. 
  • Rhinos’ horns are for foraging, not primarily for the protection of its territory. Though the horns can be deadly to a predator, rhinos use them to dig when searching for water, dig out roots, and cut down branches of trees.


How strong is a rhino? Rhinoceros are very strong and aggressive. These land mammals can grow to a height of 6.2 feet and weigh as much as 3 to 5 tons. 

So don’t come close to a rhino when you find one in the wild. Keep your distance. Rhinos have poor eyesight but can spot an intruder from 30 meters away. Rhinos can also do 30mph and are super fast. 

You can also survive a rhino attack by hiding before the behemoth strikes. Hide behind a tree, rock or anything you feel will shield you from the animal. Rhinos are powerful land mammals. They even have the capacity to derail a train. 

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