How To Add Extensions To The Magento Store In 2023

You may start selling your extension on the most reputable and well-known platform—the one that thousands of Magento shop owners across the globe rely on—by adding it to the Magento marketplace. For online retailers using the Magento platform, Magento Marketplace offers a wide variety of free and paid extensions and themes. For users of Adobe Commerce and Magento, it is a reliable place to locate add-ons.

Adobe controls this very dependable platform. If you are a Magento professional who creates distinctive Magento extensions, you may make a sizable profit by offering them for sale on the Magento Marketplace.

85% of the overall money made from the items sold on the Magento marketplace is split between the sellers and Adobe. There are a few phases that might be a little challenging for novices to comprehend in the process of listing a Magento extension on the Magento marketplace.

What Exactly Are Magento Extensions?

Extensions for Magento are PHP code segments. This code is applied to the website to increase the capability of Magento shops’ built-in capabilities and add features that are intended to accomplish various activities. To improve user experience and link their businesses with third-party services and tools, the great majority of Magento-powered websites depend on extensions.

If this is a difficult and incomprehensible topic for you, then you should not be upset. You live in a great time when you can always ask for help from people who understand all Magento extensions. Write here and get great results: 

Magento extensions enable the creation of distinctive storefronts with tailored functionality needed for certain company requirements. Both free and paid extensions total over 5,000 and are offered. They may be obtained through the Magento Marketplace, where they are organized into the most well-liked categories or by those created by outside businesses.

How Do I Add An Extension To The Magento Store?

Create An Online Store Account

The first and most important step is opening an account on the Magento Marketplace. Do not stress if you already have a Magento Connect account. In such a situation, you may quickly Login Marketplace without registering.

Only one individual is permitted to update the Marketplace profile for business accounts. The same account that was previously used for Magento Connect should be listed for any extensions and themes created by your business.

Insert Your Product

It’s time to start adding your items and start earning money now that you have set up or registered into your Marketplace account. Compared to Magento Connect, Marketplace is a more user-focused platform designed to make it easier for developers to build and sell extensions most quickly and effectively.

Open the Developers Portal > My Products > Add Extension area under My Account to add your first product.

You may access the next form from there. Choose whether you want to upload Magento 1 or Magento 2 extensions.

You must first enter the title of the extension before choosing whether or not it provides extra services. If your extension does need an extra service to function, choose yes. For instance, if you want to add an extension that needs a monthly fee, you’ll need to choose the extra service option and provide specifics.

When Submitting Your Module To The Magento Marketplace, Heed The Following Advice

  • Do not include the Magento logo in your instructions, manuals, or product photos.
  • Include an appropriate module description.
  • Publish installation and user manuals. Without guidance, your extension won’t pass the QA review.
  • Look for broken links in all of your papers, manuals, and descriptions.
  • In the description, avoid including links to other extensions.
  • Verify the punctuation, titles, and grammar.


For both Magento developers and users to build, provide, and get the most current and competent solutions for E-commerce sites, Magento Marketplace is a reliable and reputable platform. to ensure that your extensions will soon be available in the Magento Marketplace, complete the submission procedure, particularly the Magento Marketing Review. Feel free to post your concerns in the comment area or to get in touch with the Magento support staff directly if you need an immediate resolution.

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