Tips On How To See What You Really Look Like To Others

Have you ever wondered if you look different from what the mirror displays? What do people really see when they look at you? Do they see a good-looking woman or man with a symmetrical face, a well-shaped ear, and more? Or are they seeing the opposite?

To most of us, the mirror is the best way to know how we look to others. But do you know you can look in the mirror and feel ugly, but others may feel the opposite about you?

So sometimes, we have to care about how others see us when they take a look at us. Don’t always rely on how you see yourself in the mirror. 

Now, how can you determine how you look to others? You’ll find the answers you seek in this post, so continue reading.  

How To See What You Really Look Like To Others

The following are simple ways to discover what you look like to people. How do people see or rate you?

Tip#1: Use social media:

The social media community is always active, and you can quickly get opinions from many people. Most of these people might not be your friends or relatives. So you may likely get honest answers from them. 

How do you get the opinion of how you look using social media? This is simple to do. Firstly, post two pictures of yourself wearing the same dress. Let the background of both photos vary slightly. 

Please, don’t post a picture of yourself in a bikini or something. You’ll only receive complimentary feedback from people who admire your body or are lusting after you.

Dress appropriately, take two pictures, and post them on your profile. You can even urge those interested in commenting to be honest and say their minds. You can also ask them to send the pictures to your inbox directly. 

Brands use social media to sample the opinion of potential customers, and they get results. You can do the same thing too. 

Since the messages will be delivered into your inbox, the possibility of receiving general comments from people is slim. Now gather the comments and look out for words used more frequently. Those comments may probably depict what you look like to others. 

There’s another way to effectively use social media to find out how people see you. Send two pictures of yourself wearing the same dress into the inboxes of some people on your friends’ list. 

The people should be strangers. That is, people you haven’t met in your life. Ask them to describe how you look in their own words and request that they give you honest answers. You can use a sample size of ten, twenty, thirty, or more people. 

Gather the comments from each person and compare. If you find specific words reoccurring, know that’s how you probably look to other people. 

A Handy Tip: Let your samples include both boys and girls. You can also mix up the age a bit. 

Tip#2: Recall past experiences:

Have you ever been in an argument with someone and were told you look a particular way? Or have you been compared to a celebrity or someone popular around your neighborhood?

If you had a disagreement with someone and got into a serious argument, pay attention to the words coming out of the person’s mouth.

Of course, nobody will tell you that you look pretty in such a condition. So don’t expect that. You’ll probably hear negative words coming out of the person’s mouth.  

Please, don’t say the person only used such words because they were angry. It has probably been in the person’s mind for a long time. The argument only created the right environment for them to spill it out. 

There’s a chance a group of people in your school look at you the way the person you’re arguing with described you. They may have been gossiping about you and using those words to describe you. 

So the individual you’re quarreling with probably only amplified how many people think you look. And remember, it is better to know how people look at you than the other way around. 

Knowing how people look at you would help you understand where to focus more effort to look better. So do not sober over the negative words someone used in describing you. They have only leaked a secret to you and told you where to focus on. 

Now, please, don’t get it all mixed up. Nobody advises you to start a quarrel with people to find out how you look in their eyes. Here is what we’re saying. 

If you coincidently get into a heated argument with someone, maybe in your school, work, neighborhood, or religious gathering and other associations, you may get a sense of how you look if you pay attention to the words they’ll probably throw at you.

Tip#3: Ask your friends for help:

If you have a bunch of friends, girls or boys, request their help. You can send them a private email and ask them to reply to your email discreetly.

In other words, tell them to use seven words to describe your appearance. And they shouldn’t inform other friends about their answers or seek suggestions. 

Let your friends know you’re only doing a little experiment and want their honest opinion. Tell them the reason you’re conducting the investigation. Indicate that their constructive or destructive responses won’t affect the friendship. 

If you give them confidence that whatever they say won’t change how you feel towards them, they’ll be free to open up to you. 

Finally, don’t forget to ask them to reply to the same email. 

When you finally get the results from all your friends, put them together and check for similarities. If certain words used are similar, then that’s how many people out there look at you.  

Tip# 4: Get clues from relatives:

Your relatives may be sentimental when describing how you look. They may want to be in your good book and may decide to use flattering words to describe how you look to others.

However, most of us have relatives that can be very blunt. They say things as they are and won’t sugarcoat anything for favors. These are the kind of relatives to approach. 

You can prepare a questionnaire and give it to your relatives. Ask them to describe how you look to others. And remind them that you don’t care whether their responses are constructive or destructive. All you desire is the truth. 

When you get responses from your relatives, put all the answers together and check the ones that appear more frequently in their responses. This way, you can learn more about your looks than envisaged. 


So, do you want to see how you really look like to others? Use the tips here to sample the opinions of others about you. Besides friends and relatives, you can ask your colleagues for suggestions. 

The thing is, the mirror doesn’t really tell you the exact way you look. You may also not get the right response from a close friend whose interest is to keep you happy at all costs. 

So, use the tips we highlighted here to determine how you truly look to others. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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