Iran Bails Out On Talks with Saudi Arabia  

Iran and Saudi Arabia scheduled to hold talks to help solve their conflicts, but the former canceled the talks. The talks were to be held in Iraq on Wednesday. According to Fraud Hussein, the Iraqi foreign minister remarks at a diplomatic meeting in Antalya. 

However, the next day, “A Website Nour News” stated that “Iran has unilaterally suspended talks with Saudi Arabia” without citing a purpose. 

Diplomats hoped that the talks would help ease the tensions in the middle east following the many years of hostility that affected most countries and caused some of the countries to fight. 

Four rounds of talks took part in Iraq. “Saudi Arabia used cordial but exploratory” words to describe the talks, whereas Tehran appealed, “they had gone a good distance.” 

For years, Iran and Saudi Arabia supported enemy sides in political disputes and regional conflicts in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. The Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia waged fighting against “The Iran-aligned Houthi movement” from 2015.

On Friday, dialogs aimed at reviving the “2015 Iran nuclear deal” suffered from collapsing after Russia made a last-ditch demand forcing “world powers to halt the talks” for an unknown time. 

“Negotiators have reached the final stages of 11 months of discussions to restore the deal, which lifted sanctions on Iran in return for curbs on its nuclear programme, long seen by the west as a cover for developing atomic bombs.” According to reports. 

The first round of talks held in Iraq in 2020 between the two conflicting countries were fruitful, although they kept it a secret. The two countries officially confirmed the “secret talks” months later. 

Iran reported that “Three of our diplomats were accepted into Saudi Arabia after several years to once more set up a representative office at the organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah.” 


John Taylor
John Taylor
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