Is Dubai In A Desert? A Paradise In The Desert

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has created a name for itself worldwide for its impressive skyscrapers. 

Many people know Dubai for its beautiful modern roads, incredible hypercars, and tallest skyscrapers, especially the Burj Khalifa.

However, there are many things people do not know about this beautiful city. And people who have never been there but heard rumors and seen pictures of Dubai are left with many questions. One of them is, 

Is Dubai in a Desert?

Yes. Dubai is in the Arabian Desert. Dubai is a city on the United Arab Emirates Persian Gulf coast. It is a city that is in the Arabian desert. For Dubai, one side is desert, and the other is the Persian Gulf Coast.

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

In an effort for Dubai to conserve its glory and encourage more tourists, you will find the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. 

This reserve forms 225sq Km of the Arabian desert and is a protected area. Dubai Desert Reserve also accounts for 5% of the total land in Dubai.

Enjoying The Desert While In Dubai

When many people visit Dubai for business or just vacation, the urge to visit and enjoy the desert is high.

The good thing is that the actual desert is not far away from the city. You will have to drive for 42Kms outside the city to reach the desert. This is a distance that will take approximately 50 minutes.

The list of things you can do in the Dubai desert is long.

  1. 4×4 driving in the desert. Here you will need to hire a 4×4 car and a guide. You can test your 4×4 driving prowess in the sand.
  2. Dirt bike riding. For dirt bike lovers, you’ll find an amazing experience of pure adrenaline in the desert dunes.
  3. Hot air balloon ride
  4. Sandboarding
  5. Horse riding
  6. Camel Safari
  7. Night in the desert

History Of Dubai

Dubai was a desert and a trading port for the Middle East until around 1966 when things started to change. In 1966, Dubai discovered oil, and quickly the region started transforming. With its great leadership, the oil proceeds are helping Dubai develop.

Within a short period, Dubai transformed to be one of the most advanced, modern, developed, business-friendly, and fast-growing cities in the world. Dubai is actively investing in land reclamation to expand the city.


Dubai is one of the most talked-about cities in the United Arabs Emirates. However, many people do not understand the story behind it or the condition in the area. Although the city is in the desert on one side, the modern city is equipped with excellent systems to keep people cool and happy.

John Taylor
John Taylor
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