Is Joe Biden The Worst President Ever? Reasons He Could Be

Without any bias, is Joe Biden the worst president ever? He spoke glaringly about COVID-19 during his campaign and promised to tackle it head-on. He has done so. The pandemic is no longer a significant concern considering how devastating it was years ago. 

Joe Biden also promised to revamp the economy and bring it to the level it should be. Now, the 2024 election is just a few months away, and Biden will throw his hat in the ring for the second time. But let’s face it; people will always consider his performance in his first tenure. 

So, what’s Biden’s performance so far? Here, we’ll discuss if Joe Biden is worth grouping among the worst presidents to govern the United States of America. 

Is Joe Biden The Worst President Ever

No, Joe Biden is not the worst president ever; neither is he the best president ever. He’s in between.  

Former U.S. President Andrew Johnson, who served from 1865 to 1869, is the worst president the United States of America has ever had. 

A survey conducted by historians, presidential scholars, and political scientists reveals that U.S. President Joseph Biden is not the worst president but in-between. 

The Siena College Research Institute conducted the survey. The SCRI has been rating U.S. Presidents since 1982, using 20 metrics, such as integrity, communication, executive ability, and others. 

The group praised Joe Biden for his integrity, willingness to compromise, and court appointments. The SCRI found Biden wanting in the area of communication and relationship with Congress. 

Joe Biden has around a year left in office before the next election. And a year is still a lot. He may still achieve much within a year. 

Why Are People Rating Joe Biden As The Worst President Ever

Everyone has their opinion regarding Biden’s performance in office. While some think Biden hasn’t performed poorly, others think otherwise. 

People like the former president, Donald Trump, don’t think Joe Biden is deserving of a second tenure. He even classified Biden as the worst president ever, following the incumbent president’s decision to run for office for the second time. 

So, quickly, here are areas we think Joe Biden could have performed better.

  • Taiwan and Marauding China 
  • Ukraine and Russia war
  • The U.S. is losing allies all over the world. Emmanuel Macron’s call for Europe to reduce dependency on the United States of America clearly shows that. 
  • India ignores America’s directive regarding Russia sanctions.
  • The BRICS
  • American troops withdrew from Afghanistan. 

Let’s discuss each of the items we just mentioned one by one. 

1. Taiwan and the marauding China

The red dragon, China, is breathing on the little Island nation, Taiwan. And many experts believe America’s weakness under Joe Biden prompted China to act this way. 

The dragon is breathing heavily on Taiwan. It has over 71 fighter jets, an aircraft carrier, and nine destroyers, all ready to invade Taiwan. The PeWhite House hasn’t folded their arms and watched China scare the living daylight out of Taiwan either. 

Now, here’s the shocker. Simulated war games by the Pentagon have shown China has the advantage over the United States of America should the battle over Taiwan begins. The United States of America stands no chance against China. 

What encouraged China to assume that America under the Biden administration wasn’t the superpower it once was?

Several events did, but the one that hit us the most was the American soldiers’ withdrawal from Afghanistan. The exit was long overdue, as America had already spent over 2.3 million dollars on the war. 

Therefore, withdrawing the American soldiers from Afghanistan was the best thing to do for the soldiers, their families, and the United States of America. Unfortunately, the way and manner the soldiers left made it easier for the Taliban to take over the country. 

The world saw what America under Joe Biden did there. They perceived the weakness and unwillingness of the United States President to send American soldiers to battles. 

In a nutshell, the signal the United States President sent to the world through the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan wasn’t what the world expected from a supposed superpower. 

Afghanistan is now worse than before the US troops came into the country. 

2. Ukraine and Russia War;

Though Russia calls its conflict with Ukraine a ‘special military operation’ and not a war, Ukraine and the rest of the world think otherwise. Ukraine understands it’s fighting a war with Russia. 

Russia invaded Ukraine with dozens of missile strikes before dawn on February 24, 2022. Putin ordered his troops to invade two rebel-held regions in the country. 

Unfortunately, it seems Russia wants a piece or all of Ukraine, as the pattern of the war has clearly shown. The Russian troops even tried to take over Kyiv but met strong resistance from the Ukrainian army. 

NATO, led by the United States, has been accused of creating an enabling environment for the war to take place. Many experts believe the United States pumping up Zelensky, the Ukraine president, angered Putin and forced him to push on with his special military operation. 

The war between Russia and Ukraine has drawn criticisms from Joe Biden’s political rivals, such as Donald Trump. Trump even believes he can end the Ukraine and Russian war within 24 hours. 

Perhaps, there’s something Trump knows or thinks he knows about Putin that can work in his favor to end the war. You never know until you try. 

However, Putin seems angry and has reached a point of no return. The report shows that Russia has lost several companies and equipment, and NATO and its allies have increased their personnel on its borders. Unfortunately, Putin doesn’t care about this. All he cares about right now is demilitarizing Ukraine, as he puts it. 

The conflict has also improved China and Russia’s relationship, which was nonexistent. In other words, China and Russia weren’t allies. They haven’t been. Both countries share a long border and unpleasant history. 

Now, Putin and Xi Jinping have gotten closer than ever. It’s almost as if the United States of America, under the leadership of Joe Biden, has built a dating app for the two leaders, Putin and Jinping, literally speaking.

3. The United States is losing allies in Europe, Africa, and Asia

Claims that the United States of America is losing allies in Europe, Asia, and Africa aren’t a matter of debate. It’s obvious. 

Let’s start with the Saudi leader’s reaction to Joe Biden’s phone call. On a normal day, any country’s leader would pick up the phone as long as the caller is the president of the United States. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case when Joe Biden called the Saudi leader regarding Russian oil. 

MBS refused to pick Joe Biden’s call, something many experts view as disrespectful to the United States President, which is the obvious word to use. Instead, MBS helped Russia with an oil output cut. 

Germany is another country that has undermined the United States President’s request. When the U.S. approached Germany to ban Chinese telecom giant Huawei, they refused.

Ukraine also requested tanks and other arms to fight the Russians, but Germany refused. Even when the U.S. intervened, the position of the Germans didn’t change. 

Germany also refused to honor the U.S. request to stop purchasing Russian oil. 

President of France, Emmanuel Macron, during a visit to China, urged Europe to stop following America. He urged his European counterparts to reduce their dependence on the U.S.

Kamala Harris’ visit to Zambia didn’t go as expected, as many Zambians, including the country’s opposition leaders, taunted the United States of America for trying to teach Africa what democratic values mean. 

India is also one of the countries that have turned their backs on the United States of America on several occasions. India, under Modi, has told the U.S. that it will never give up decades of friendship with Russia or stop buying Russia’s oil and arms.

4. The BRICS are challenging the U.S. Dollar

America is dealing with numerous external problems, but the one that seems the most threatening is BRICS. The impact of the BRICS on the U.S. economy may take time. We may not even experience it this year, but the outcome may impact the U.S. economy massively. 

For the first time in history, the BRICS are working on a single currency to challenge the U.S. dollar. In addition, countries have started trading in countries other than the U.S. Dollars. 

French and Chinese energy companies have concluded their first deal on natural gas using Renminbi Yuan, shunning the U.S. dollars. The UAE was also involved in the agreement. 

Brazil and China have also agreed to trade directly, using their currencies. Russia trades on the ruble only. 


Is Joe Biden the worst president ever? A survey shows he’s neither the worst nor the best. He’s just in-between. The survey was conducted by many presidential historians, political scientists, analysts, and historians. 

Trump has never ceased to criticize the president since he lost the election. On the other hand, Joe Biden has made several moves that caused people to tag him as the worst president ever. 

The China and Taiwan proposed conflict, Ukraine and Russia war, Afghanistan, BRICS, and other events have made several people label the president’s performance below expectation. 

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
Francis Stein is a writer and traveler who has already traveled most of the states of America. He loves to explore new places and meet new people, and he hopes to continue traveling the world in search of adventure. Francis enjoys writing about his experiences as a way of sharing his love for exploration with others.


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