Is Melissa McCarthy Related To Jenny McCarthy? What We Know

How did you rate Melissa and Jenny’s relationship? Is Melissa McCarthy related to Jenny McCarthy? If you’re a fan of both screen divas, chances are you have thought about this several times. 

You wouldn’t have asked for a better relative than Jenny if you were Melissa. Her popular MTV sketch series, The Jenny McCarthy Show, was instrumental in Melissa’s rise to fame. Melissa landed her first role in Jenny’s show. Then the rest was history.

Many believe both celebrities are relatives. But as always, we like to do in-depth research to unravel the truth in every rumor. 

So, you’ll learn the truth about Melissa and Jenny’s relationship, including more information about Melissa from this post. Keep reading for more details. 

Is Melissa McCarthy Related to Jenny McCarthy? 

Yes, Melissa and Jenny are related. Melissa’s father and Jenny’s mother are siblings. So, both screen divas are cousins. 

Most fans will be surprised by this, given that both celebrities didn’t hang out frequently in their childhood days. The thing is, Jenny’s mother and Melissa’s father are from a large family of 10 kids. 

Melissa’s father is the third oldest, while Jenny’s mother is the youngest. Thus, many believe the age gap between both celebrities’ parents was the reason they didn’t hang out that much when they were younger. 

How Old Is Melissa McCarthy?

Melissa Ann McCarthy was born on August 26, 1970, in Plainfield, Illinois, United States. So, she’s currently 52 years old. She’s an American actress, producer, and screenwriter. 

Melissa has won some notable awards and received several accolades for her unique talent and roles in movies. These include two Primetime Emmy Awards, including a two-time nomination for Golden Globes and Academy Awards. 

Her parents are Sandra and Michael McCarthy. And while our father is of Irish descent, her mother is of Irish, English, and German ancestry.

She was raised in a large catholic family and on a farm. 

Can Melissa McCarthy Give Birth?

On the contrary, Melissa McCarthy is a proud mother of two gorgeous kids. She has two daughters, Vivian and Georgette. 

Melissa and her beloved comedy husband keep their children’s life private. They don’t post pictures of their kids on their respective social media accounts. 

Vivian, their oldest child, is 16, while Georgette is 13. However, it seems both kids are following in their parent’s footsteps. They have both appeared on the big screen and look set to take the entertainment industry by storm. 

McCarthy welcomed her first daughter, Vivian Falcone, on May 5, 2007. And when Vivian was younger, she was never interested in Hollywood or her mother’s career. 

Things took a different turn when she turned 7. She had her first role at 7, in the movie, The Boss, in which she played her mom’s character at a younger age. 

McCarthy spoke highly of her daughter’s performance in the movie. Unfortunately, she wasn’t thrilled that Vivian had started working at such a young age. 

In one of her interviews, she jokingly told her daughter, “Okay, great job! However, please do it again when you turn 20! 

Interestingly, McCarthy claims she shares a hobby with her daughter, Vivian, which is interior design. And she’s highly impressed by her two daughters. 

In May 2023, Georgette was seen with both parents at the premiere of The Little Mermaid. McCarthy was featured as Ursula in the movie.

A Handy Tip: McCarthy and Falcone welcomed their second child and the fourth member of the family, Georgette, on March 22, 2010. 

Who Is Melissa McCarthy’s Husband?

They say marriage is for better, for worse. Indeed, McCarthy and her husband keep proving whoever coined those vows right. 

Melissa McCarthy married Ben Falcone, a comedian, actor, and filmmaker. Ben has written a series of movies, such as Tommy, Thunder Force, Life of The Party, The Boss, Margie Claus, and the 2020 movie, Superintelligence. 

It is worth noting that Falcone has co-written diverse movies with his wife, Melissa McCarthy. In addition, she has starred in most of the films her husband wrote. 

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone have been married since October 8, 2005. And their marriage has produced two beautiful daughters. Both stars met as teenagers and later reconnected after appearing in the same comedy class. 

They both crossed paths at school in the 90s but didn’t connect that much. They started talking in 1998 at a comedy class in Los Angeles they both attended. 

Today, they are best of friends and Hollywood’s finest or, rather, funniest couples. McCarty and Falcone featured together in the hit television show Gilmore Girls. 

Falcone also had a guest spot in the show “Say Goodnight Gracie” in season 3. And interestingly, he and McCarthy appeared in that show. 

The comedic couple featured together in their first movie, The Bridesmaids. The film featured McCarthy starring as Megan. She played the role of the bride’s future sister-in-law. Ben Falcone starred as Jon, an undercover air marshal. 

Who Is Melissa McCarthy’s Ex-Husband?

In an industry where divorce is rampant, celebrities who have been together for years deserve to be celebrated. Melissa McCarthy doesn’t have an ex, and we hope she doesn’t. 

The way she speaks of her husband, Ben Falcone, shows they’re a match made in heaven. She keeps repeating how loving, supportive, caring, and funny Falcone is to whoever cares to listen.

McCarthy has been married to Ben Falcone since October 28, 2005. And their marriage has produced two beautiful daughters. 

They’re one of Hollywood’s most inspiring and complete couples. McCarthy and her husband have co-written several movies together. She has also been featured in several films written by her husband. 

She’s also not shy when the opportunity to share the big screen with her husband comes knocking. 

What Is Melissa McCarthy’s Net Worth? 

McCarthy’s rise in Hollywood has been nothing but impressive. She has shown the world that hard work and dedication are vital ingredients in the entertainment industry. 

From playing the character Sookie in the hit television show Gilmore Girls, McCarthy has become an A-lister, commanding huge paychecks per-project basis. 

So, what’s Melissa McCarthy’s net worth? Let’s break it down year by year. 

In 2012, McCarthy made it into Forbes Celebrity 100 with earnings of $6 million. Credit to the movie called The Bridesmaids and her popular show, Mike and Molly. She even had an Oscar Nomination, thanks to the film. 

2014 was another year McCarthy doubled her money. Remember, she was still starring in her popular show, Mike and Molly. In 2014, she raked in over $10 million. But she’s just got started. 

2015 gave McCarthy memories she’ll cherish forever, including a fat bank account. It was one of her most profitable years as an actress. 

She featured in Spy and Tammy and had a flourishing clothing line too. Her earnings in 2015 were around $23 million. 

The following year gave Melissa McCarthy more reasons to smile. According to Forbes, she made over $33 million from the movie, Ghostbusters. 

Melissa McCarthy also featured in the movie Life of the Party in 2017 and got a massive paycheck for starring. Reports indicate that she made a whopping $18 million from the movie. 

The year 2018 was like the icing on the cake for her. She didn’t earn as much as in 2016 but had a decent paycheck. She featured in the movies like Murder, Happytime Murders, and Can You Ever Forgive Me?

So, how much did she make in 2018? Reports show they earned $12 million, which is decent enough. 

2019 and 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, regardless of the sector you belong to. However, Melissa McCarthy kept the ball rolling, even as the pandemic bites harder. She earned around $25 million between the years 2019 to 2020. 


Is Melissa McCarthy related to Jenny McCarthy? Yes, Melissa and Jenny are related. They are cousins. Melissa’s father and Jenny’s mother are siblings. But while Melissa’s father is the third oldest of 10 kids, Jenny’s mother is the youngest. 

Melissa is married to Ben Falcone, and the couples have been married since October 8, 2005. Their marriage is blessed with two beautiful daughters, Vivian and Georgette. 

Melissa McCarthy’s husband, Ben Falcone, is an actor, screenwriter, and comedian. He has co-written several movies with his wife, Melissa. Melissa has also been featured in some of the films written by Ben Falcone. 

Melissa is one of the top-paid actresses in Hollywood, and she has been featured in several top-rated movies. In addition, she has only been married to Ben Falcone, and the couples look happy together. 

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