Is Nick Cannon A Billionaire: See How Much Nick Cannon Is Worth

If you have watched TV shows like Wild N’ Out, America’s Got Talent, and The Masked Singer, chances are you know who Nick Cannon is. 

Nick Cannon is a prominent actor, and he has hosted several must-watch TV shows. Besides hosting shows, Cannon can sing, write books, do standup comedy, and he has done several acting gigs before.   

The multi-talented TV host and producer have done several gigs in show businesses. He’s a gifted fellow, one who does things many won’t dare.   

Not many celebrities are as multi-talented as Nick Cannon. But the fact that he has hosted top TV shows and featured in blockbuster movies made people believe he’s a billionaire. 

Cannon’s split from his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, was also profitable. He got $10 million in the divorce settlement, which should boost his net worth to some extent.   

Now, here goes the question. 

Is Nick Cannon a billionaire?

No, Nick Cannon hasn’t attained billionaire status yet. But he’s still filthy rich. 

But the thing is Nick Cannon has a long way to achieve billionaire recognition. He’s still getting hosting and acting gigs, which is a good thing. So, he’s still in show business fully and getting paychecks. 

If you combine all the money that Nick Cannon has made from acting, writing books, hosting TV shows, and production work he’s done, his net worth should be around $60 million, which is quite a reasonable sum. 

Keep reading as we discuss more on Nick Cannon. 

Who Is Nick Cannon?

His full name is Nick Scott Cannon, and he was born in San Diego, California, in 1980. He’s one of the many celebrities that got into show business early in life. 

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Cannon appeared in “All That” in 1998 but only became a regular in 2000. So, this was his first gig in show business. But Cannon didn’t stop there. He went on to host must-watch TV shows and featured in several Hollywood movies. 

Shows Cannon has hosted include the Nick Cannon Show, Wild N’ Out, America’s Got Talent, Lip Sync Battle Shorties, and “The Masked Singer.” 

He’s not just the host but executive producer of “The Masked Singer.” The show premiered in 2019, and Cannon has been the main host. However, he took a break in the first half of season 5, leaving the door open for Niecy Nash. 

Nick Cannon’s absence from the show’s first half was because of a novel coronavirus diagnosis. He will surely be back to take over from Nash. 

Nick Cannon has ventured into every facet of show business. He has rapped, sang, acted, hosted shows, written, and done standup comedy. He’s such a multi-talented and lovable being. 

How Nick Cannon Made His Money

Nick Cannon is a rapper to some individuals, while some recognize him for his role in Nickelodeon. Most people may also call him Mariah Carey’s ex. 

Truly, Nick Cannon is a multi-talented fellow. And he made his money doing what he knows how to do best. 

Cannon made most of his money from television hosting, comedy, and acting. He has hosted several top TV shows throughout his career. 

One of his biggest earning TV shows was America’s Got Talent. Cannon earned $70,000 for each episode he hosted, and by the time he left the show, he had already earned approximately $4.5 million. 

Nick Cannon also made good money featuring in the popular television show “Wild N’ Out.” He made a whopping $70,000 per episode. 

Each season of “Wild N’ Out” has 10 to 15 episodes. So, that means Cannon earned an estimated $700,000 per season. Now, that’s a ridiculous amount for someone considered a cast member. 

While Cannon was raking in millions of dollars from Wild N’ Out, other cast members only earned a meager amount (thousands of dollars). What they earned is nothing compared to what Cannon made from the show. 

Nick Cannon’s split from singer Mariah Carey also boosted his finances. But the split is not something Canon is happy about, as he refused to sign their divorce papers for over two years. Why? He claimed he was still in love with Mariah Carey.

However, Nick Cannon requested a settlement of $30 million but got $10 million from his ex-wife in the end. 

A Handy Tip: Nick Cannon was booted out of Wild N’ Out after the show’s organizers viewed a statement he made on his popular “Canon’s Class” podcast as anti-Semitic. He later apologized, though, but the deed had been done. He was allowed to remain as host of “The Masked Singer.”

Are Nick Cannon’s Parents Billionaires?

No, Nick Cannon’s parents aren’t billionaires, but they’re wealthy. 

His father, James Cannon, is a televangelist reportedly worth $8 million. His mother, Berth Gardner, is an accountant.  

Is Nick Cannon Currently Married?

Nick Cannon has been married once in his lifetime. But now that he’s single, fans are hopeful he might tie the knot with one of his numerous baby mamas. 

Cannon met Mariah Carey for the first time in 2005, where he presented a surfboard to her during the Teen Choice Award. And they tied the knot in 2008. 

Cannon and Mariah Carey’s marriage ended in 2012. And surprisingly, Cannon filed the divorce papers. But they signed the divorce papers two years after. 

They also signed a prenuptial agreement to keep whatever they earned during their time together as married couples. 

According to Mariah Carey’s account of their breakup in her memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey,” her marriage to Nick Cannon hit rock bottom after the birth of their first child in 2011. It was tough for both of them to make the necessary adjustment as new parents, with both working in the entertainment industry. 

The “We Belong Together” singer revealed that she never planned to have children. But the love she felt for Cannon made a difference. She also claimed she felt safe with the rapper and could have worked things out. But that didn’t happen, thanks to their egos. 

However, since the split from Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon has remained unmarried. During his appearance on T.I’s ExpediTlously podcast organized in 2019, Cannon spoke candidly on his love life and more. 

He mentioned he doesn’t plan to be with one woman after his heartbreaking divorce to Mariah Carey. He also stated that infidelity wasn’t why he and Carey broke up, which seems surprising. 

However, Cannon mentioned he wasn’t so keen on tying the knot with anyone anytime soon. But if he were to get married again, it would only be to Mariah Carey. 


Is Nick Cannon a billionaire? No, he isn’t. His net worth is estimated to be around $60 million. Cannon is a multi-talented individual who has delved into every facet of show business.   

Cannon has done standup comedy, hosted television shows, rapped, and acted. He is the host of the TV show called “The Masked Singer,” which he has retained since the show premiered on Fox in 2019. 

After his shocking split from his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, Cannon has remained single. He reportedly collected $10 million in settlement from the singer, though his initial request was $30 million. 

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