Is the Purge Real In America? Everything You Need To Know

Is the Purge real in America? Many people have been desperate to learn the truth about the Purge, which many claimed happened centuries ago.

Firstly, what is the Purge? It refers to a 24-hour window where all crimes are legal. In other words, you can murder anyone, steal, or commit any crime without being punished.

While many believe the movie “The Purge” is based on an actual event that happened in real life, others think otherwise.

So, did “The Purge ever happen in America as described in the movie? Here is all you need to know. Read on!

Is The Purge Real In America?

No, the Purge isn’t real. Though the movie appears real, no “Purge” event ever occurred. The film is only inspired by moments of anarchy in history, and several of them exist. Some of these horror events still happen today, but there was never a time when a certain period was considered “crime-free.”

Events Like The Purge May Have Happened In America

Throughout America’s history, no specific period was marked “The Purge.” However, many people believe some events in the country may look similar.

There could be moments of anarchy and breakdown of law and order. People might take to the streets because of their displeasure towards the government or the ruling class. It happens everywhere. However, such a collapse of law and order doesn’t last long. The police usually manage such situations.

The Purge is an event no part of the world should experience. Just watch the movie, and you’ll understand why. It is a horror movie depicting what the Purge looks like in real life.

The movie was later developed into a TV series, though the producers adhered to the original film. 

Can The Purge Ever Happen In America? 

The Purge, according to the movie, is a period marked by violence, sadness, pain, deaths, criminal activities, and all sorts of crimes. In America today, even though there is nothing like “The Purge” in our country’s constitution, violence similar to what happened in the Purge can still happen today.

Here are violent activities we still witness in America today, and these are violent crimes that may happen in events like the Purge.

1: Mass Shootings in America:

Gun laws in America make it possible for people to own a gun and even carry it in the street. Now, most drug addicts and mentally deranged people move with guns.

While we don’t fancy discussing mass shootings at schools, churches, streets, or shopping malls, we will start asking right questions someday.

Now, the reality is. Are these deadly shootings not similar to the violence reported during the Purge? You guessed right.

Perpetrators of mass shootings don’t care about the consequences. Otherwise, they won’t feel so bold to take other people’s lives or cause them devastating bodily harm that can reduce their quality of life.

We can blame the mass shooters for perpetrating their acts and forget about the government that made the law that allows these people access to deadly weapons. What do you expect might happen when you hand over a gun to a mentally unstable person, drug addict, or someone who feels he is better than others?

The mass shooting we are witnessing or have witnessed so far in America has a close similarity to what can happen during the Purge.

World Population Review reports that mass shootings are more likely to happen in the United States of America than anywhere else. So, the government needs to rethink its gun laws. Otherwise, things could get out of hand pretty soon.

2: Natural disaster in America:

Natural disasters happen in other parts of the world, not only in America. Additionally, there is little or nothing the government can do to stop natural disasters from happening.

The best the government can do is to warn people about the impending danger. The authorities can also announce and carry out rescue operations to ensure people in the area where the natural disaster struck are safe and sound.

The Purge is an event marked by violence, pain, weeping, and death. So, it doesn’t matter whether the destruction comes via natural disasters or through human activities.

Americans won’t easily forget Hurricane Katrina, which struck New Orleans in 2005. It caused over 1800 casualties and $125 billion in damages.

During Hurricane Katrina, the storm was so strong that people had to move to the Superdome. They were instructed to bring their supplies, as they would be spending two days in the Superdome.

Unfortunately, the Superdome quickly became a scene from the Purge. How did it happen? Well, the storm was super intense. It destroyed the power supply in the area, making life difficult for people in the Superdome.

The food items stored in the refrigerator got spoiled because there was no electricity to power the refrigerators. The people who escaped there had to deal with the no-refrigerator news, lack of water, and leaking roofs.

All these made people uncomfortable, resulting in chaos and anarchy in the Superdome. There were reports of rape and stealing in the facility. People were fighting to survive.

The National Guard wasn’t spared. They were attacked and had to save themselves.

So, what happened during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans is similar to what can happen if the Purge were to happen today.

Historic Events That Suggests The Purge Might Have Happened

Do you believe there is a chance the Purge had happened somewhere else in the world? Let’s discuss some places where an event similar to the Purge happened.

  • The 2017 police strike in Brazil:

The police’s duty includes maintaining law and order. But when they go on strike and refuse to work, who will protect the people? This was the situation in Brazil in 2017.

Crime increased by 650% in the space of three days. In places like Espirito Santo, the crime rate was out of this world. People were murdered, raped, robbed, abused, threatened, and looted. The worst form of crime happened in Brazil during this period.

The army was called upon to restore law and order when the police stepped back. But the country went lawless for a while, and the crime rate was unimaginable. 

  • The ancient Rome festival (Saturnalia):

If you have watched the movie “The Purge” and have sound knowledge of the Saturnalia and how it happened in ancient Rome, you’ll conclude that the ancient festival inspired the film in Rome.

What Is Saturnalia?

This is an ancient festival celebrated in Rome yearly. During the festival, societal taboos and rules don’t exist. The laws are suspended, freeing people to live their lives how they want.

The crime rates during the Saturnalia are out of this world. To show you how terrible things can be, enslaved people took charge of their masters. Additionally, public gambling and drunkenness, usually forbidden on a typical day, become acceptable.

How Long Do Saturnalias Last?

This festival usually lasts for a week. During this period, a new king and leader took over temporarily. However, the temporary kings and leaders are sacrificed when the festival ends.

The Saturnalia is one of the few stories demonstrating how terrible human beings can become when there is no law and order.

Why Should You Travel Out Of The Country Early?

You’re not the only person who’s planning to leave the country. Others are desperate to leave, too. The desperation to leave the country will only increase as the date of the Purge draws close. So, it’s better to leave earlier to avoid flight delays and cancellations.

You can travel to the least expensive country to afford you the opportunity to live with your entire family. You’re escaping the Purge and must ensure everyone in your family is safe.

How To Stay Safe During The Purge?

If the Purge was real in America, how would you protect yourself? We have seen some weird laws in this country, so anything is possible. So, let’s assume there is a purge coming up. What steps can you take to protect yourself and your loved ones? Here are a few things you can do.

1: Time to leave the country:

The concept behind the term “the Purge” is a crime-free 12-hour period. It occurs at a specific time of the year, so everyone knows when the Purge will start.

The fact that you know the actual date of the Purge should afford you enough time to plan. Consider leaving the country for good. If the Purge happens in May, leave the country in early April or earlier.

You can travel to the least expensive country to afford you the opportunity to live with your entire family. You’re escaping the Purge and must ensure everyone in your family is safe.

2: Relocate to the woods:

If you’re a target, consider leaving your home before the Purge starts. Pack your belongings and head to the woods with your family for camping.

Ensure you don’t draw attention when leaving your home to the woods. Move your things quietly so no one in your neighborhood knows where you are going.

3: Upgrade your home security systems:

If you have the finances, consider upgrading your home’s security system. Install a surveillance camera to know the people attacking your home and know how to react.

You can also relocate to the attic, basement, or a secure room where no intruder can find you. Make your home a fortress to criminals.

  • Be ready to fight back:

In the movies, not everyone was a pushover. Most people didn’t leave their homes, and they weren’t harmed. Why?

When you arm yourself to the teeth and are ready to fight back, you can survive the Purge. Get the necessary weapons and enough bullets; you’ll likely survive the Purge if it does happen.

  • Form a strong bond with like-minds:

Find like-minded people who don’t want to leave their homes and fight the intruders. You can plan with the other partners to relocate to a bigger, more secure house with your family. Everyone should stay there and take turns to watch out for attacks.

Remember, it’s the Purge, and you can’t trust everyone around you. So, ensure you bond with genuine people, not those who will turn around and shoot at people who came to hide.  

  • Warn intruders before they come close:

Put a sign outside your home and warn intruders not to trespass. The reason you’re doing this is to ensure you don’t murder anyone all in the name of the Purge.

When you murder a person during the Purge, and the family gets to know about it, they may want to seek revenge.


Is the Purge real in America? No, the Purge isn’t real. There was never a time in America when crime was allowed during a specific period. However, anarchy has happened in American history. It is usual for people to leave their homes to protect themselves on the street. You can see the violent events like the Purge that happened in other parts of the world. The 2017 strike of the police force in Brazil is an example. The police went on strike, which led to the breakdown of law and order.

Another violent event in history similar to the Purge is the Saturnalia. This weeklong festival is assumed to be the inspiration behind the movie “The Purge.” During the festival, enslaved people took charge of their masters, and drunkenness in public went unpunished. The Saturnalia festival happened in Rome and is believed to be the first record of the Purge.  

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
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