Kodak Black Gets Shot at Outside Justin Bieber’s After-Party Concert  

An after-party following a concert by Justin Bieber in Los Angeles ended badly after people fought outside a restaurant leaving four people shot. The party was held at “The Nice Guy,” a restaurant. 

According to the police, two of the shot men were rushed to the hospital for severe injuries. 

Many people attended Justin Bieber’s concert, some of them being famous. Tobey Maguire, Lauren Sanchez, Tony Gonzalez, Khloe Kardashian, Drake, and Leonardo DiCaprio were some prominent individuals who attended the gig. 

Kodak black, a musician, was shot in the leg during the fight. The police neither released the names nor further information of those involved in the shootout. They reported that no suspect had been arrested in conjunction with the shootings. 

Things escalated so fast from the fighting to the shooting. After people heard the gunshots, they quickly dispersed to safety. 

According to the law enforcers, the fight began at around 2.45 a.m on Saturday. They are conducting investigations in search of the suspect responsible for the shootings. 

The police did not report damages from the scuffle. From the videos, posh vehicles are seen parked near the restaurant. The cars belonged to some of the people who attended the party. 

Very few have commented, responded to, or posted about the incident on their social media platforms. Justin Bieber has only shared about his performance on his Instagram stories. Kodak Black, on the other hand, hasn’t also posted anything related to the incident on his Instagram page. 

Los Angeles law enforcers have not yet established the cause or motive leading to the ugly incident. People were glad that the incident did not leave any person dead, and the four people who got in between the crossfire were doing well.




John Taylor
John Taylor
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