Monster Names: 800+ Scary, Cool, And Funny Names For Monsters 

Are you seeking the best-handpicked monster names to make your next fictional monster story or Halloween writing a kill? We have good news for you! This post boasts over 800 monster names you can deploy in work. 

Find the perfect monster name to captivate and give your audience something to remember in your writing or movie. From scary to cute, cool and funny monster names, this post contains all you’re looking for. 

It would be a great honor if you find a monster name you like in this article. Types of monster names include scary, cute, nice, cool, funny, and unique. You may find a name that matches your expectations. If you particularly like the monster names given in this article, you might consider customizing a keychain to commemorate the upcoming monster. No matter what kind of monster image or other matching character you design, such as a hero who saves the world, you can put elements of it into the keychain. Not only do custom keychains serve as keepsakes to commemorate these great moments, they can also be given to those who love these images.

Are you ready to explore? If yes, let’s get down to business. 

Best 200+ Scary Names For Monsters

If you’re working on a story involving monsters and want certain characters to appear creepy, you should understand that choosing the perfect scary names for monsters is vital. 

As monsters, your characters may look the part. But appearance isn’t the only feature that makes a monster creepy. Appearance is a determinant, but name plays a crucial role too. 

Using the perfect scary names for your monsters can create a buzz around your character and put your horror story in the spotlight. However, we advise you pick names that make your characters’ personalities apparent. Another thing you should consider is how your audience would respond to the chosen name. 

These monster names will scare anyone easily. Check them out and make a choice.

GarblingCurse figure Strange Venom Capree 
Moberly, The Busy SerpentBabylon, The Killer Mutant Curser, The Raptor HoundVaporface 
Decayface, Twin Cobra The Raptor ManGermcat
Soil mutantGermman 
Venom Gorilla
The Venom CritterGross Figure Emberbug Vaporwing 
Germ figure Decaycat Batting Monster The Punisher  
Abysstalon Godzilla Vendome 
Mist Boar
Monster Assassin Abyss Monster Ravaging FrogWondering Hag 
Frog MonsterHarlequin BeeRaging Killer RatMonstore
TerminatorHorned CobraSoul KeeperKiller Jackal
Sorrowgirl MonsterFaint MongrelSpirit creepAgeless Monster
Slender AssassinForsaken BulgeFlame MonkeyAmphibian Buffalo
Soul Ripper Bruised CritterBrine talonDemon Rat
Killer RhinoStone WingsPlague PestThe Nasty Tree
Night StingerAbyss LonerDead mutant The Filthy Mutant
Shadow AlligatorFlying KillerJade Cavern LeviathanBrundlefly

The Mean Terminator
Decaybug, The Needy MutantGhostface, The Rotten FelineDeadman, The Stinky Killer
Ghost FaceMoon FreakPutrid WomanGhost Snake
Twin DeadTomb Panther
Wicked Cat
Human Killer
Bug FaceGhost EyesFierce GhostFlesh Eater 
Crimson World YakFlesh EaterBlack Death Cave Cream
Creepy BodyBoulder MorphTamblingTangle Soul
Horror VineSilver DogEvasive Demon FreakDecayhag
Venomous BugStrike MonsterVanity MonsterTerror Serpent
Lump MonsterBandore Ash VerminGhostman
CursemanGrossworldVaporbugPrime beast 
Mist BrinewraithUmbra MirageRust Face Spitemonster
Killer RatWhite BabblerOrcsBlade Man
The Toxin Man Unrolls Blood FreakPoisontoe 
SoilspawnAcidic HybridOutlandish Babbler
Disfigured MonsterHaunting Man
The Killer Girl
Human Hunter
Barb-Tailed Berserker RatVamp StrikerRotten WitchPrime Killer
Sapphire Mold FootBig FootWeb Killer
Ruthless Thunder HogIron Warp
Crowned Horror Beast

The Monster King
The Dangerous Thing
Head Hunter
The Gross BruteThe Rotten Vision
The Iron Terror BisonThe Golden Horror HoundBone RipperBlood Hunter
Shadow BroodGrowlingThe Undead LichThe Giant Phantom Lynx
Greedy BlobGloomhandGrundy The Blood SuckerVampire Hyena
The Greedy LichThe Thin BodyThe Feral Storm PantherThe Crazy Monster
EmbersnareStrange Ooze Shackle CrackerCavern Spawn
The Needy MalformationThe Blue WailerBruised Golly
The Greedy Abnormality
Barbie The Beast GrundySpectralfootThe Vengeful Behemoth
The Crazy MutantThe Onyx Slayer YakMorphling 

Hell Spawn 
Rust HagStoney BeastSoul CollectorLoci, The Mean Killer
Terror GolemDecay SoulRamandore Unger Striker

Flinch Pariah 

Bane Boy

Grumping BugVile GirlBlack DeathGhosty Eyes, 
The CursedNight Terror Day TerrorStrange Killer
Barilla Human Eater Germ Beast Wild Medusa
Rotting Bane Monsterous BugWild MonsterPikeclaw

Best 100 Cute Monster Names

Monsters can have cute names too, can’t they? They look cute, though in a scary way. These cute monster names won’t take the creepiness off your monster. Rather, they’ll engrave your monster character in the hearts of fans and critics.   

Check out the cute monster names below.  

  1. Colossal Behemoth
  2. Tureen pod
  3. Genome Wonder 
  4. Horror Wolf
  5. Terror Lover
  6. Giant Leopard
  7. Night Wonder
  8. Hardcore Killer
  9. Strange Predator 
  10. Hawk
  11. Manti Core
  12. Ice Child
  13. Gloom Brute
  14. Big Oozy 
  15. Bushmaster
  16. Glob
  17. The Dark Lump
  18. Flamtrap 
  19. Cyclops
  20. Vortex Golem
  21. Darkindrum 
  22. The Dark Lump
  23. Wolf Warrior 
  24. Shubuta
  25. Cave Men
  26. Thronging
  27. Behemoth
  28. Andric The Giant
  29. Umbrandy  
  30. Ice Killer
  31. Half Monster
  32. Bush Gust
  33. Deadest
  34. The Diabolical Dread Elephant
  35. Toxin Omen 
  36. Bad Omen
  37. Visionary Killer
  38. Glacial Dog
  39. Preying Hawk
  40. Spite Leopard
  41. Cavern Dog
  42. Spirit spawn
  43. Astray Monster 
  44. Weaponry  
  45. Bite Killer
  46. Cavetree
  47. Speed Monster
  48. The Titanic Blight Tiger
  49. Vaporlich
  50. Cryptling
  51. Glob
  52. Spitemonster
  53. The Half Monstrosity
  54. Umbrabody
  55. Ambrosia
  56. Thornling
  57. The Big Bad Killer
  58. Ashpaw
  59. Flametaur
  60. Cyclops
  61. Diablo 
  62. The Dark Lump
  63. Baima  
  64. The Malevolent Cavern Dog
  65. Human Hunter
  66. Terror Wonder 
  67. Bearish 
  68. Shadow Killer
  69. Gloom Brute
  70. The Icy Child
  71. Barona 
  72. Garishea 
  73. Brutal Dog
  74. Deadly Elephant
  75. Toxin Freak
  76. Cave Man
  77. Salomé  
  78. Táchira 
  79. Flying Hawk
  80. The Deadly 
  81. Ghost Paddy 
  82. Shimmy 
  83. Killer Catwoman
  84. Abyssal  
  85. Dead Warrant
  86. Centaur
  87. Muck Lops
  88. The Dark Lump
  89. Killer Pest
  90. Derrico 
  91. Mukluk
  92. Malaya 
  93. The Crazy Wraith
  94. Moon Lumps
  95. Vaporlich
  96. Muckrake
  97. Amanita 
  98. Suntrap  
  99. Moon Shadow
  100. Smog Fang
  101. Gloom Fang
  102. Youngling
  103. Ashpaw
  104. Poogirl
  105. Gooling
  106. Moonlight
  107. Ghosting 
  108. Mocking Tree
  109. Dead Dreams
  110. Mackey 
  111. Ebon Slayer 
  112. Gooloo
  113. Gloomfang
  114. Dead Killer Cops
  115. Vortex 
  116. Strikegirl
  117. Doomfang
  118. Dooms Peter
  119. Lonely Tree
  120. Smog Boy
  121. Ash Tree
  122. Ponder Land
  123. Ewwga
  124. Doomlops
  125. Youngling
  126. Gloom Brute
  127. Gooboo
  128. Dreamgal
  129. Furry Dragon
  130. Titanic Tiger
  131. Ewwpaw
  132. Muckfang
  133. Predator Scorpion
  134. The Blood-Eyed World Yak
  135. Soul Avenger 
  136. Gollum 
  137. Wild Caveman
  138. Moon Pest
  139. Scary Fighter
  140. Fang Fish
  141. Crypt Keeper
  142. Beastyl  
  143. Death Tree
  144. Death Striker
  145. Screamer
  146. Vaporlich
  147. Maroni 
  148. Gary Dupe 
  149. Furry Nightly 
  150. Crazy Wraith

Best 100 Good Monster Names

Are you seeking good monster names for your character? These are great options to consider. These monster names won’t make your monsters lose their creepiness. Instead, they make your character more unique, captivating, and memorable. 

  1. Prime Razorback 
  2. Laudramorph
  3. The Elusive Bone Hound
  4. Dawnbeast
  5. Rotting Screamer
  6. Vamp Beast 
  7. Vermin
  8. Soul Eater 
  9. Horn Swagger
  10. Ghost Paw
  11. Corpsman
  12. White Finisher
  13. Infinite Man
  14. Spark Pori 
  15. The Vicious Torment Boar
  16. Down Beast
  17. Mutant Beast 
  18. Emirage
  19. Sundae 
  20. Spectralling
  21. Soul Howler 
  22. Beastie Mode
  23. Disfigured Blob
  24. Spiritling
  25. Terror Baith
  26. Misfit Being
  27. Monstrous Fire
  28. Spirit Hush
  29. Outlandish 
  30. Spunky Witch
  31. Bleak Mutt
  32. Black Maria  
  33. Icy Screamer
  34. Misfit Child
  35. Ghost Child 
  36. Tanglesoul
  37. Black-Striped Horror Rat
  38. Night Killer 
  39. Wild Beast
  40. Horror Child
  41. Netherling
  42. Night Crawler
  43. Giant Preying Anaconda
  44. Whitesoul
  45. Gnomes
  46. White Claw
  47. Claw Fighter
  48. Flesh Easter
  49. Sparky Beast
  50. Bone Ripper
  51. Vamp Mirage
  52. Spirit World
  53. Fang Beast 
  54. Vermin Dreamer
  55. Night Eater 
  56. Death Furor 
  57. Beast Maida 
  58. Corpsewoman
  59. Mirage Monster
  60. Butcher Deer
  61. Morphling 
  62. Torment Boar
  63. Wing Ghost 
  64. Delirious Miscreation
  65. Auramorph
  66. Horror Shody 
  67. Dawn Jester
  68. Grimepest
  69. Vampbeast
  70. The Disfigured Blob
  71. Mistbeast
  72. Deadly Pest
  73. Zadora Monster   
  74. Atticus 
  75. Spectral Killing
  76. Bronze Weirdo
  77. Andale 
  78. Bleak Mutt
  79. Monte 
  80. Spectralling
  81. Fire Killer 
  82. Barb Flayer
  83. Night Crawler
  84. The Grinch
  85. Beast Child
  86. Wild Deformity
  87. Spirit Being 
  88. The Iron Night Bull
  89. Mims 
  90. Beast Anaconda
  91. Glom 
  92. Jade 
  93. Spiritling
  94. Barry Cooper 
  95. Pandora Piper 
  96. Soul Screamer
  97. Morph Darley 
  98. Bond Pusher 
  99. Embersoul
  100. Dawnwings
  101. The Tattooed Ghost Spider
  102. Vampsoul
  103. Glowmask
  104. Vampire Soul
  105. Corpsewing
  106. Ember Mask
  107. Gust Mask  
  108. Spunky 
  109. Enders Fight 
  110. Bendery 
  111. Fang Killer 
  112. Jester Monster
  113. Ghost Spider
  114. Gowling 
  115. Morandi 
  116. Vampire Being
  117. Agora 
  118. Jade Sword 
  119. Killer Teen
  120. Claw Bondage 
  121. Amphorae 
  122. Child Monster 
  123. Lanai Monkey 
  124. Azorean  
  125. Bambi The Killer
  126. Mist Fist 
  127. Tangle Mask
  128. Dawnfly
  129. Mask Man
  130. Aurapaw
  131. Vampbeing
  132. Elide 
  133. Swift Killer 
  134. Aura Mirage
  135. Aurabeast
  136. Dupery  
  137. Zen Tanglefly
  138. Vamp Soul
  139. Andrei  

Best 100 Cool Monster Names

Monsters can have cool names too. In other words, the names may not be too creepy, but the characters will. You can coin cool names for your monsters. But if you’re in a hurry to get the right names for your beasts, check out the options we have prepared for you. 

Best 100 Cool Monster Names

Best 100 Funny Monster Names

If you prefer writing hilarious stories about monsters, you need to use funny monster names. These names would make people laugh when they read about your characters. But again, giving your monsters funny names won’t take the creepiness off of them. Instead, it will make people to remember your monster characters. 

If people can recall your monster characters’ names because they find them hilarious and laugh whenever they hear the names, your story could become a success. Now, check the list and choose incredibly funny names for your monsters. 

  • Bling Lump –  a monster without eyes and looks like a lump. Scary, but in a funny way.  
  • Rotsores – A monster with sores all over. It doesn’t care but wants to fist on humans.  
  • Deathrumble – a monster who only engages in fights that will lead to death. The death of a human means the meal is ready. 
  • Bumeyes – when a man’s eye stares at a lady for an extended period, he’s said to have bum eyes. This name suits monsters that enjoy staring at their targets before killing them.  
  • Bully Domel 
  • Hoopy Drupe
  • Sandworm – a popular monster name. It’s popular in the movies.
  • Gigo loop
  • Bloodsucking – A monster that cherishes sucking people’s blood.  
  • Bear Beast
  • Sasquatch is – a monster name common in Indian Folklore. This monster is notorious and dreadful.  
  • Dart Pickles
  • Hipper 
  • Hog Huppert 
  • Shadow – a creature or monster you can’t see, but can see you and hurt you.  
  • One-eyed Monster – This refers to monsters or creatures with only one eye. 
  • Homier 
  • Hooping Dump 
  • Sigmund The Sea Monster – the monster that dwells in the sea.
  • Poopa Dreamkiller
  • Mad Bison 
  • Terror Bison – these refer to monsters that enjoy terrifying people. They scare anyone that gets in their way.
  • Territory Shakers – Monsters like protecting their space. They hate intruders
  • Bony 
  • Crimson Sookie – This monster’s name sounds strange, and so is the monster who will adopt it.
  • Fastfoot 
  • Martian Medusa – This monster name is inspired by Greek mythology. It is a popular name in stories too. 
  • Lumpy Monster – A monster with a lump but doing terrible damage.
  • Terrorores 
  • Poopajeepers
  • Cruella – This is a monster name popular in children’s stories. It was inspired by children’s stories. 
  • Bigloop
  • Skeletorial – Do you want to name a monster that looks like a skeleton? Skeletorial is a great name. You can also call it skeletorian.   
  • Creepy Deep
  • Roar Boar
  • Cuomo 
  • The Grouch – is one of the rare and funniest monster names you’ll encounter.  
  • Pamaniac 
  • Cruse Crackle – a monster who enjoys cursing, and it will ensure the curses happen. You have to be scared of such a monster. 
  • Ammoniac 
  • Baromic 
  • Rattydore 
  • Paranoaic 
  • Sistamic Monster 
  • The Meager Screamer – is used for a monster that enjoys screaming. Its scream can make your ears pop. 
  • Biggoo
  • Dusky Wings – Not all monsters can fly, but dusky wing monsters can. 
  • Gondar
  • Popicaniac  
  • Lumpy Foot 
  • Fanatom 
  • Fubsylily
  • Titanic Grieve Viper – this name is used for a monster that possesses a massive amount of powerful venom that can wipe out hundreds of people.   
  • Pielily
  • Haunter Wraith –a monster that possesses a deadly appearance and sucks human blood. It does nothing but sucks blood and never gets tired 
  • Beastloop 
  • Andree The Monster 
  • Imago 
  • Scarcefoot  
  • Grumpyfoot 
  • Sandworm – is one of the made-up monsters from movies.
  • Diddlesores
  • Man Hunter – a funny name used for a female monster that only enjoys hunting for men. She doesn’t hunt men for pleasure. Rather, she kills them. 
  • Rottenfoot 
  • Sasquatch – one of the notorious monsters from Indian folklore.
  • Mistory Preacher 
  • Mongrel 
  • Misticle 
  • Shadow – a monster you cannot see but can see and harm you. 
  • Sickpickles 
  • Doriomore  
  • Deadly Jeepers
  • Sigmund The Sea Monster  – means a monster majorly lives in the sea. 
  • Bigloop
  • Popsicklee 
  • Bumpickles
  • Skeletorian – is a funny name for a monster that looks like a skeleton.
  • Fubsypickles
  • Phantom Ghoul – this refers to a ghoul that boasts a vampire appearance. 
  • Fusibile 
  • Snozzer – here is a monster that enjoy sleeping. It can sleep from dawn to dusk. You might be wondering how it feeds if it sleeps this much. 
  • Piebeary 
  • Apple Monster – A monster that likes apples, and enjoys eating them after eating human flesh. 
  • Sore Beast 
  • Snozzer – is a funny name for a monster who likes to sleep.
  • Diddle Eyes
  • Flame Phoenix – refers to a phoenix, a bird of magic. 
  • Piegolo
  • Creepy things 
  • Rottencreep
  • Amelona 
  • Hoopycreep
  • Spunky
  • Piejeepers
  • Ampodera 
  • Fubsyfeet
  • Londarion 
  • Ashabee 

Best 100 Unique Monster Names

  1. Maniture 
  2. Andrupa 
  3. Pandorama Killer
  4. Blaze fiend
  5. Beast Warm
  6. Shaanxi 
  7. Amphora 
  8. Lady Beast
  9. Monster Boo
  10. Beast Warp 
  11. Hunteler 
  12. The Mad Witch
  13. Monstrous Warp 
  14. deadly Blob
  15. Flametooth
  16. Sticky Hand
  17. Biremes Face 
  18. Jasmina 
  19. Jason 
  20. Killer Anaconda
  21. Spitemouth
  22. Outlandish 
  23. Dreadful Lady
  24. Burnt Swine
  25. Moon Cat
  26. Ice Screamer
  27. The Ancient Entity
  28. Horror Nick
  29. Hall Hell Tree 
  30. Jade Razorback 
  31. Vampire Rogue
  32. Kraken
  33. Ivory Leopard
  34. Flesh Extinguisher
  35. Beelzebub )
  36. Stenchman
  37. Oscar the Grouch
  38. The Grinch
  39. Chupacabra
  40. The Giant Preying Anaconda
  41. Raptor Owl
  42. Corpse Being
  43. Dreadful Mouth
  44. Swine Grave
  45. Coffin Golem
  46. Nobeling 
  47. Infature 
  48. Horror Killer 
  49. Time Killer
  50. Disfigured Monster
  51. Red-Eyed Slayer Bear
  52. Pariah 
  53. Night Terror
  54. Horror Pest
  55. Deadly Babbler
  56. Sodom Hand
  57. The Mad Critter
  58. Smog Screamer
  59. Corpsemouth
  60. Beast Anaconda
  61. Doomodore foot
  62. Horned Horror Snake
  63. Audrey II
  64. The Burnt Moon Swine
  65. Cold-Blooded Mist Swine
  66. Aquatic Elephant
  67. Grim Abomination
  68. Borimore 
  69. Inferno
  70. Blood-Eyed Warp Owl
  71. Hydra
  72. Handrail 
  73. Skeletor
  74. Tomb Sleeper
  75. Hunter Beast
  76. Hydria 
  77. Ghostman
  78. Delirious Miscreation
  79. The Calm Abnormality
  80. Beast Emperor  
  81. Clodora 
  82. Goblins 
  83. Minotaur
  84. Panickle  
  85. The Mummy
  86. Trancebody
  87. Amany 
  88. Amadora 
  89. Phantommonster
  90. The Brown Vine
  91. Ghostling 
  92. Monster Preacher
  93. The Hidden Raptor Warthog
  94. Chowhound
  95. Gondore  
  96. Phantommonster
  97. Horror Warp 
  98. Flying Spaghetti Monster
  99. Iron Night Bull
  100. Hidden Raptor Warthog

How You Can Create Monster Name Without Help

How do you coin a monster name? The process can be simple if you follow the tips below. 

1: Brainstorm:

The first step is to brainstorm. Think about the things around you and things that can impact people . Recall the horror movies you have watched and the name the script writer chose for the monster.   

Come up with diverse names and explain what you think each name implies. This way, you can choose the ideal name for the monster in your story. 

Don’t leave out any names when creating your list. Write down whatever comes into your head and describe it the way you want. You can also ask those close to you to help provide monster name suggestions. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

2: Get monster name ideas from the internet: 

If you need inspiration for monster names, the internet is a good place to start. You will receive inspiration while scrolling through the long list of names online. 

The good thing about conducting your monster name search on the internet is how the names are categorized. You’ll find monster names in different categories, such as funny monster names, cute, good, best, and even wired ones. 

With this, you can coin the perfect monster name for your character and make your story captivating. 

3: Make it simple:

Use simple monster names. Avoid hard-to-pronounce monster names. Your audience won’t remember such names easily, so you’re only wasting your time if you use complex names. 

Even if you have plans to use complex names, start with the simpler ones. Consider ways to captivate, not confuse your audience. And remember, people have short attention spans. So, you have a few minutes to impress your readers or audience. 

 4: Ask for others’ opinions:  

 Choosing the perfect monster name is vital when writing horror stories or producing a movie. You want your monster’s name to remain in your audience’s memory, and create a buzz.

When you coin monster names, don’t be quick to incorporate them into your story. Allow people around you to criticize the your list and give their opinion. 

You can improve or provide other examples for people to give you feedback. This way, you can finally pick a name that suit your monster and create the buzz you seek. 


These are the best monster names for individuals working on a story or producing a horror movie. You will find monster names in diverse categories. 

Choosing the right monster name is crucial for your story. It will make it easier for people to connect with your story, and give it a better rating. 

This post comprises funny, cute, good and popular monster names. So you can see that there are names for any monster character you want to create for your audience.  

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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