Montana Governor Kills A Monitored Lion In A Hunt

People have raised concerns after Greg Gianforte, Montana Governor, killed a mountain lion with his gun in a hunt. The “national park service was monitoring the lion from December. 

It is now the second time the governor has killed monitored wildlife that was not within the protected areas of “Yellowstone national park.” 

Mountains have raised issues arguing that the actions of the Republican governor are wrong and should not be condoned. However, his spokesperson defended his actions by claiming that his actions were not wrong. 

“He had a valid mountain lion license, treed a lion on public land in Park County, and harvested it,” Brooke said. The spokesperson also added that they used dogs for the hunting adventure, which helped drive the lion up the tree. 

Greg made the shot at the lion when it climbed the tree. “As the group got closer to the lion, members of the group, who have a hound training license, used four hounds to tree the lion once he discovered the tracks in a creek bottom on public land,” Stroke said. 

“After the lion was treed, the governor confirmed the mountain lion was a [male], harvested it, and put his tag on it. He immediately called to report the legal harvest and then the [Fish, Wildlife & Parks] game warden.”

 “Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks” spokesperson Greg Lemon also claimed that the first hunt in which the governor made a kill was legal. 

“Mountain lion hunting has a strong history in Montana, and mountain lion hunters are some of the elusive predators’ strongest advocates and those most engaged in how lions are managed across the state,” wrote Lemon. 

Federal law doesn’t admit the use of guns and hunting in Yellowstone. However, people hunt animals that leave the park in the “unprotected” areas in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. “Nearly 190 bison were killed during the 2020-21 winter after migrating out of the park into Montana.” According to a report. 

Last year, Gianforte shared that he was mistaken when he killed a “Montana Black Wolf” tracked in Yellowstone before completing the necessary state warranty. He told this to the “Helena Independent Record” in an interview.

He further revealed that he spent “over 40 days invested over five years attempting to harvest a wolf.”


John Taylor
John Taylor
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