No Wedding For New Zealand’s Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern has canceled her wedding, which was anticipated by many. She revealed this on Sunday due to the cases of COVID-19 and the new instances of Omicron.

She canceled the wedding after a family Motueka traveled to attend a wedding, a tourist attraction, a funeral, and an amusement park. Gatherings bring people who have traveled from different places together. It will not be good following the cases of Omicron reported. 

The tighter rules imposed will help reduce the cases of Omicron in the country. The state set the regulations because of the nine new cases.

By minimizing contact through ceremonies, the government will manage the cases of Omicron in the early stages. The country plans to test, isolate and contact trace people. 

She apologized to those who postponed their wedding due to the recent occurrence of the new Omicron cases. Ms. Ardern believes that it is okay to postpone a wedding as it is part of life. 

She said that she joined the group of people who have been in the same situation because of the pandemic. 

Ms. Ardern said that a red setting is better than a lockdown. People will still be free to move around, do businesses and visit their families. She urged people to be careful and respect the stipulated health cautions like masking up. 

People should follow the restrictions put in place and are supposed to start on Monday. 

According to Chris Hipkins, the restrictions should run up to the end of February to increase the countries overall protection and reduce the chances of transmission of Omicron. He added that although the limits are upsetting, but meant for the good of the people. 


John Taylor
John Taylor
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