Tensions Rise Amid Russia’s Comment About “Hitler Having Jewish Blood”

It has been 11 weeks since Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine. Everyone in the world has been impressed by the Ukrainian’s fortitude. Ukraine has not backed downs, and over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi gave them a surprise visit.

This was great for morale, but it did not topple Russia’s comment on Israel. Many countries have condemned Russia, but Israel has had one thing that specifically upset them. Before the war, Russia claimed that its invasion was to remove “Ukraine’s Nazi Government from power.”

This did not make sense to most people since Vladimir Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, is Jewish. Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov tried to explain Russia’s comment, which made things worse with Israel.

The Russian Foreign Minister claimed that it didn’t matter if Zelensky was Jewish. He claimed that Hitler had Jewish blood, and the worse anti-Semites are Jews. This comment led to Israel summoning the Russian ambassador for talks.

The comment sparked outrage among Jews and other people across the globe. Israel’s Foreign Minister said Lavrov’s remarks are outrageous statements and a horrible historical error. He added that the lowest level of racism against Jews is accusing them of anti-Semitism. 

Moscow and Israel had talks, and Israel said Russia gave an official apology over the statement. They disagreed with Sergey Lavrov’s statement, and there seems to be an understanding between the nations.

The Russians, however, did not mention the apology, but it is clear they are not for Sergey Lavrov’s comment. Russia is walking on eggshells, and any risk of having more allies on Ukraine’s side could turn the tide of this long war.




John Taylor
John Taylor
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