One Navy Seal Dies During the “Hell Week Training.”  

The weekend was long for the navy seals after one of their candidates died, while the other is still in hospital after finishing the “Hell Week training.”

On Friday, the marines were admitted to a hospital in San Diego after hours of completing a portion of the 1st stage of the SEAL valuation and assortment program in their “basic underwater demolition class.”

Kyle Mullen was identified on Sunday by the navy as the dead sailor who was 24 years old. According to the navy, The cause of death hasn’t been established, but it’s being investigated.

Mullen was a star in football who played at Manapalan high school, Monmouth University and Yale.  

“Great athlete but a better person,” said Ed Guerrero said. Everybody loved him. “Probably one of the best kids I ever had. Great, great kid on the field but even better off the field.”

According to Guerrieri, mullen did not use shortcuts and was an honor society student. 

“Worked hard at everything he did, never gave less than 100%, got along with everybody,” he added. 

The commander of the navy seals expressed his condolences to the family of mullen. “We are extending every form of support we can to the Mullen family and Kyle’s … classmates,” the commander said. 

Becoming a navy seal is not an easy task because the training is harsh. Many of the candidates have failed to proceed even in the first stages. 

According to the seal’s website, the training gets harder each week as the candidates progress. The harder training and workout programs aim to help the candidates gain strength and perseverance to survive the harshness of the seal. 

“Hell Week” comprises “basic underwater demolition, survival and other combat tactics” held in week four of the candidate’s valuation.

To become a navy seal, one needs to be psychologically and physically strong and have leadership and water competency.


John Taylor
John Taylor
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