Panic And Distress As Extreme Weather Rocks The United States And Claims Lives

Extreme weather is gripping much of the US as storms cause millions of dollars’ worth in damage. In Milwaukie, a 10-year-old boy was swept away by floods that swept 2 adults who tried to save the boy into a drainage tunnel.

Emergency response teams found the young boy’s body on the night of 15th June. Flooding inside Yellowstone park caused by rain and snow melt caused millions in damage. More than 100 million Americans were on high alert by mid-June.

This has been a horrible year for the United States as the West simultaneously dealt with fires, extreme flooding, and high heat. Flash flooding has become a concern in most areas as temperatures soar.

As a tornado hit the US from Arkansas to Kentucky, July was no better. Dozens are still missing as rescuers worked all night looking for survivors. This tornado is potentially the longest in US history and is part of a larger storm front.

This tornado could have claimed the lives of up to 100 people in the states it hit. Kentucky Governor said the tornado destroyed over 227 miles which is worse than the 1925 tri-state tornado. Temperatures were below freezing pint at night.

The tornado winds reached a scary 200 miles per hour as civilians rushed to get to their loved ones. The winds damaged the water tower, so there wasn’t running water for the survivors. Extreme weather patterns are becoming more common, a concern for specialists.

More than 22 tornadoes have touched down in the US, and this is proving to be one of the worst in history. The level of devastation is unprecedented and local governments are doing everything they can to avert the situation.



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