Pence Says That Trump Is Wrong To Think That He Can Overturn The Election Results

Mike Pence, Former Vice President, said that he doesn’t have the right to change the 2020 election as Trump falsely claims. He said this on Friday in a speech. 

According to him, the former president is “wrong.” He advised Trump and the republican party to admit defeat and think of the future. 

However, pence noted that he understands the frustrations many people felt about the previous election. “President Trump is wrong,” said Pence, “I had no right to overturn the election.”

Mr pence declines any claims of attacking Trump or blaming him for the attack by the republicans on the capital on January 6. 

The relationship between the two became worse after the 2020 elections when pence urged Trump to accept the results. According to pence, he said that the two “will never see eye to eye about that day.”

Recently, there has been tension between the two since pence might contest for the 2024 elections. Trump is pushing for the false claims against pence because he wants the blame to fall on Mr pence. He blames the former vice president for Bidens win in 2020. 

Mr. Pence notes that Trump’s and his supporter’s false claims threaten to undermine the democracy of America. 

“The truth is there’s more at stake than our party or our political fortunes,” he said. “If we lose faith in the Constitution, we won’t just lose elections — we’ll lose our country.”

The former vice president was against the January 6 incident to disrupt the democrats by the republicans. According to him, it was a “dark day” in Washington. Pence believes that everyone did their whole proper duty to make the 2020 election success. 

“I believe the time has come to focus on the future,” Pence said.


John Taylor
John Taylor
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