Read What Happened To Hector On Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet

Do you wish to know what happened to Hector on Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet? You are not alone! Everybody loved Hector Martinez in the reality TV show. We still do today. Even Dr. Jeff loved him. He was his right-hand man. 

Martinez wasn’t just Dr. Jeff’s assistant. He supervised building and other construction projects in the facility. Additionally, he had public relations duties, helping to improve the image of Planned Pethood Plus. 

Unfortunately, the reality TV star is no longer in the show. So, what happened? Why did Hector Martinez leave? Was there a misunderstanding? Read to find out. 

What Happened To Hector on Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Show?

Hector left Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet in 2019, the last time we saw him with Doctor Jeff. We all miss those good old days, watching Dr. Jeff and Hector save the lives of countless pets. 

Hector and Dr Jeff were super close despite the latter’s controversial personality. Don’t get it all wrong; Dr. Jeff is a good man. He enjoys saving the lives of pets, including the ones in the most critical conditions. 

Hector assisted Dr. Jeff during major surgeries and other treatments. He always ensured Dr. Jeff had the support he needed to administer treatment. 

Hector’s bond with clients at the vet clinic melts hearts. He is so friendly and fun to be around. He made the clients feel welcome and at home whenever they entered the vet clinic. 

So, what happened to Hector, and why is he no longer in the show, helping Dr. Jeff as usual? 

Well, Hector has left the show. He’s no longer in Dr. Jeff’s Rocky Mountain Vet. He also doesn’t work for Planned Pethood Plus anymore. 

Hector did leave the show on a good note. From the look of things, there was no disagreement between him and Dr. Jeff. He remains loyal to the man who took his hands and raised them. He’s still friends with Dr. Jeff, even though he has moved on. 

Fans of Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet appreciates Hector Martinez for all the memories he created and his commitment to saving the lives of pets on and off the reality TV show. He was always with Dr. Jeff, even on the most challenging missions. 

Fans have established a strong connection with Hector. And he will remain in their hearts forever. Clients who have encountered Hector appreciate how he helped to keep their pets safe. So, goodbye, Hector, and good luck!

What Is Hector Martinez Doing Now?

Hector’s decision to quit the Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet show would have been one of the toughest decisions he has had to make in life. He formed an inseparable bond with Doctor Jeff, clients, pets, and fans of the reality TV show. 

His decision to quit the show was down to several reasons. First, the nature of his job meant he stayed away from his family for a long period. So, he wanted to make up for lost time. He wanted to spend more time with his family, wife and kid. 

Another reason Hector left the show was to kick-start a new adventure. He has successfully opened his mobile pet grooming business, Hector’s Mobile Pet Spa.

Hector offers grooming services to a wide range of clients and travels to the clients’ homes to deliver the services. He’s a trained technician, and delivers one of the best pet grooming services you can find. 

 How Hector Martinez And Dr. Jeff Met

Hector and Dr. Jeff were close friends before the former became a TV personality or started the popular reality TV show. Hector was in high school then, while Dr. Jeff dedicated himself to identifying talented and needy students. 

Hector was on the track and field team, while Jeff Young was the coach. He was a promising kid who adored sports.

Hector wanted to compete like others but lacked most of the kits. He came from a poor background, and could barely afford most of the kits required for the sport.  

Jeff Young noticed Hector’s predicament and offered to help. He bought him a pair of sprinting shoes worth $80, enabling Hector to participate in the track and field sport he cherished. 

Jeff’s kind gesture towards Hector made both of them close. He even promised to take Hector to his animal center, a fulfilled promise. 

When he finished his education, Hector Martinez joined Jeff Young in his animal pet center. Jeff molded him into the technician he is today, so he has every reason to be grateful to him.   

Who Is Hector Martinez?

We have discussed why Hector left the Animal Planet series, Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet. But who is Hector, by the way?

Hector Martinez was born in Mexico and moved to Colorado at a young age. His entire family relocated to the United States of America, Colorado, to be precise, when he was very young.   

Hector met Dr. Jeff in high school, and both became friends. Dr. Jeff had not started his popular Animal Planet reality TV show when he met Hector. He was doing outreach in the community during that period. 

The outreach involved helping young kids achieve their dreams of participating in their dream sports. Jeff helped Hector by giving him a pair of sprinting shoes and from there, they both became very close. 

Dr. Jeff started his mobile pet clinic. However, Hector knew he needed some experience to excel in such an environment and decided to take several not-for-profit jobs to gain exposure. He then joined Dr. Jeff at PPI in 2001; the rest was history. 

Is Hector Martinez Married? 

Yes, Hector Martinez is married. It’s alleged that he married his high school sweetheart, Silvia Martinez. Even though he’s a public figure, he enjoys keeping his family from the public space. 

The reality TV star hasn’t confirmed the rumors that Silvia Martinez is his high school sweetheart. It is all a rumor. However, what isn’t a rumor is that Hector and Silvia love themselves dearly. And they have a wonderful family.         

Does Hector Martinez Have Kids?

Yes, Hector has a daughter named Daphne Martinez. He and his wife, Silvia, have been together for over two decades and have a lovely daughter. 

Daughter has accompanied his father, Hector, to several ranches and farms across Colorado. But it seems she isn’t looking to follow in her father’s footsteps. 

Daphne has gathered sufficient experience in vet medicine so far, and should be in a better place to decide if she wants to build a career as a vet. But that hasn’t been the case. She even featured in the Rocky Mountain Vet’s latest season.    

How Much Is Hector on Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Net Worth?

Unfortunately, information regarding Hector’s net worth is private. The Animal Pet series TV personality hasn’t disclosed his net worth. 

However, his mentor, Dr. Jeff, has a net worth of $200,000. Hector hasn’t reached this figure, so we can boldly claim his net worth is below $200,000.   

Hector has been with Doctor Jeff for over two decades, and has amassed massive experience through working with the vet. He has left Dr. Jeff and the Rocky Mountain Vet show and is focusing on running his own business. 

So, the knowledge he gained from Dr. Jeff Young is worth more than anything. Another thing that makes it worth more is that Doctor Jeff picked him up after completing high school.   

Is Hector on Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Still Alive?

Yes, Hector Martinez is still alive, and he’s doing well. He is married and has a daughter.

Given how things played out, he’s a happy man. He gained valuable experience from one of the best in veterinary medicine without paying a penny. 

Is Hector Martinez And Dr. Jeff Still Close?

There was no bad blood between Dr. Jeff and Hector. Hector left the reality TV program not because he had an issue with Doctor Jeff. He has been a faithful assistant, helping Doctor Jeff for over two decades. 

So, Hector and Dr. Jeff are good friends. He still acknowledges the massive impact Doctor Jeff had in his life. He changed his life and made him who and whoever he will be. 


So, what happened to Hector on Dr. Jeff’s Rocky Mountain Vet? Hector left the reality TV program, and he left for personal reasons. He has stayed with Dr. Jeff for over two decades and worked as his assistant. 

Hector is now running a private business. He renders pet grooming services to clients at home. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that he left Doctor Jeff Young on a good note, and they remain close friends. 

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Elizabeth Willett (MA)
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