SafeMoon V2 Price Potential 2025

Thanks to its status as one of the most open and decentralized assets, SafeMoon has made it possible for anybody to use it as a medium of exchange and savings impervious to fraud and theft. For this reason, investors often purchase SafeMoon while keeping an eye on projected price increases. So, is SFM great for investing? According to the SafeMoon price prediction 2025, its value might reach $0.00001503 by the end of 2025. But should you invest in SFM? Let’s learn more about this coin and help you decide.

SafeMoon V2: What’s Changed?

The SafeMoon V2 update, released in December 2021-2022, aimed to improve the cryptocurrency’s security and accessibility, open up new growth opportunities, and attract more users. To facilitate the transition to V2, Safemoon gave token holders a deadline to move their assets or face a 100% tax.

SafeMoon launched its card in 2022. With it, users pay only a 2.5% fee when making purchases. The team advertised the card as a low-cost way to spend tokens and avoid the 10% sales tax, but experts opposed paying extra. The card release was originally set for July 2022. Since September 2022, no new release date has been set.

How Has The Safemoon Price Changed Recently?

Let’s check 2022’s pricing shifts and see how they stack up against ’21.

  • In 2021

The price of SafeMoon increased by more than 140,000% when it first appeared on the market in early 2021. That’s a testament to the coin’s great success. Being an alternative cryptocurrency, SafeMoon is quite sensitive to changes in the overall cryptocurrency market. In November 2021, Bitcoin’s price hit a record high of $68,000, propelling the whole cryptocurrency industry to new heights. SafeMoon’s price skyrockets, up to the $0.00000456 level, as a direct result.

  • In 2022

The cryptocurrency markets have been stagnant throughout 2022. Considering that interest rates and inflation are both on the upswing, this is probably related to the general mood of investors. As a result, the value of SafeMoon hasn’t exactly rocketed in the first few months of this year. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of a dramatic increase within the next year.

Interest rates were increased many times in July 2022, reflecting the whole bullish mood of the cryptocurrency market. This may be the most recent rate hike. On the contrary, if interest rates continue to rise, investors may decide to move their money out of speculative investments like cryptocurrency. This is because savings and secure investments often provide greater returns.

SFM Price Forecast For 2025

  • According to, the value of an SFM token will be $0.001 by 2025, further increasing to $0.002 and $0.003 in the following years.
  • WalletInvestor doesn’t recommend investing in the asset at all because of a negative outlook. They think SFM investors will lose 98-99% of their earnings in 2024 and 2025, respectively.
  • expects a positive growth tendency for SFM. They predict an average price of $0.001 for 2025.

What To Expect From SFM In The Future?

SafeMoon’s future looks controversial considering the forecasts above. It’s worth noting that speculators on prices, whether scalpers, day traders, swing traders, or high-frequency traders, tend to avoid SafeMoon because of the large fees they would rack up on several transactions. Despite this, SafeMoon is best held for the long term since all holders are rewarded with a 50% share of each trade from the 2% fee levied on all sales. 

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
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