Supreme Court Declines New Congressional Map

On Friday, the North Carolina supreme courts denied republican drawn legislative and congressional maps in a decision of 4-3 on claims that they went against the regulation. 

“We conclude that the congressional and legislative maps enacted … are unconstitutional beyond a reasonable doubt under the free elections clause, the equal protection clause, the free speech clause, and the freedom of assembly clause of the North Carolina Constitution,” said the court.

The decision concluded that the General Assembly shouldn’t dilute any personal vote on the claims of partisan affiliation. 

The Supreme Court is composed of three Republicans and four democrats. After two days of opening the arguments on Wednesday, the court made a quick ruling. 

In November, the Gop-controlled legislature passed the new North Carolina congressional map to help Republicans get seats in the state’s designation. 

“By choosing to hold that partisan gerrymandering violates the North Carolina Constitution and by devising its remedies, there appears to be no limit to this Court’s power,” wrote Paul Newby. 

Voting rights advocates and Democrats were happy and satisfied with the court’s final decision. 

Those challenging the maps said that the court’s decision was “an unequivocal win for North Carolina’s Black voters who were most harmed by this extreme partisan gerrymander.”

Senator Hise responded by disapproving the court. “Democratic judges, lawyers, and activists have worked in concert to transform the Supreme Court into a policymaking body to impose their political ideas,” said Hise. 

According to his, he believes that the Democrats will regret it. Other Courts will also determine maps in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Wisconsin.


John Taylor
John Taylor
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