The Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids: Everything You Need To Know 

Have you seen the Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids? They are some of the goriest photos to behold. 

Dahmer was one of America’s deadliest serial killers and targeted males. He not only kills his victims but dismembers them.     

From 1978 to 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 males. And he didn’t just dismember their bodies but had sex with them and took pictures. 

In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Jeffrey Dahmer, the “Milwaukee Monster,” including how he was caught and killed. 

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Background

Let’s start by saying Dahmer had a violent and rough upbringing, but that doesn’t justify his atrocities. 

Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 21, 1960. Lionel and Joyce Dahmer were his parents. 

Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey’s father, wasn’t always available. He worked at a laboratory and spent long hours at work. On the other hand, Joyce, Jeffrey’s mother, worked as a teletype machine operator. 

Jeffrey Dahmer’s home was a tug of war. His parents argued and fought constantly. Peace was missing in his home. Unfortunately, Lionel’s job and long hours away from the family didn’t help. 

3 Years Old Jeffrey Dahmer Diagnosed With Hernia  

At 3, Jeffrey was diagnosed with a double hernia that needed operating. The surgery was later performed on him and went well. However, he wasn’t too happy because he wasn’t told about the surgery. 

The surgery scared Jeffreyfor life and was one of the things that shattered his mental health. He was such a young boy when the operation took place but could remember the horrible experience somehow.

8 Years Old Jeffrey Dahmer Sexually Molested

The surgical operation  wasn’t the only thing that left a big scar on Jeffry’s mental health. Another incident that may have played a role was the sexual molestation he faced at such a young age. 

A neighbor boy sexually molested Jeffrey Dahmer at age 8, and that experience broke him to pieces. 

10 Years Old Jeffrey Dahmer Found Interest In Decapitating Animals

They say you don’t judge a book by its cover, but it is obvious the statement wouldn’t have applied to Jeffrey Dahmer. He started exhibiting signs that would give sensitive parents a clue of the monster that could become of their child. Unfortunately, his parents didn’t take steps to address their child’s terrible behavior. 

He started experimenting with dead bodies at age 10. Jeffrey began to learn how to bleach chicken bones, decapitate rodents, and nail dog carcasses to trees. He was even mounting the dogs’ heads on sticks. 

Jeffrey’s parents had firsthand experience of the terrible things he was doing at such a young age. Unfortunately, they treated it with levity. His parents assumed he was doing normal boys’ stuff and did not see anything wrong with what he was doing. 

A Handy Tip: Did you know Jeffrey Dahmer was an alcoholic? He started drinking in high school and drank himself to stupor every day. His drinking habit even made the navy dismiss him. 

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Parents Divorce 

Parents play considerable roles in their children’s upbringing. They are their children’s first role models. Therefore, parents must think carefully about the well-being of their children before signing their divorce papers or engage in domestic violence. 

The monster Jeffrey grew up to become could have been prevented by parental love, guidance, and affection. Unfortunately, Jeffrey’s parents weren’t there when he needed them the most. 

His parents got divorced in 1978, leaving them with the option to choose who Jeffrey should stay with. Unfortunately, 18-year-old Jeffrey ended up staying alone. 

Left with no choice, Jeffrey joined his grandmother, where most of his crimes happened. 

Jeffrey Dahmer Committed The First Murder

By adulthood, Jeffrey Dahmer was already a monster. Unfortunately for his victims and neighbors, it was hard to associate Jeffrey with any crime. He looked like he couldn’t even hurt a fly. 

Jeffrey Dahmer murdered his first victim on June 18, 1978, using a barbell. The murder happened soon after high school graduation. 

How did Jeffrey manage to lure his first victim to his house? 

He gave an account of how he met and murdered his first victim, Steven Hicks, to the police. Jeffrey claimed he picked up Hicks and took him home to have a drink.   

Steven Hicks was a hitchhiker, so it was easier for Jeffrey to get him to enter his car. Jeffrey claimed they both had sex and drank beer. 

Unfortunately, Jeffrey smashed Hicks’ back-head with a barbell as he was about to leave. He didn’t want Hicks to leave like his parents and others did. 

After smashing Hicks’ head, he strangled him to death and dragged him into a crawlspace. There, he dismembered him and stored the remains of his body in a garbage bag.

A Handy Tip: Steven Hicks, Jeffrey Dahmer’s first victim, was only 18 when he was reportedly killed. He had just graduated from high school and was heading to a rock concert that day before the unfortunate incident occurred. 

Hicks’ body was never found. His killer remained unknown until Jeffrey Dahmer was apprehended years later and confessed how he killed the young man.

The Number of People Jeffrey Dahmer Killed 

Steven Hicks’s murder would have made Jeffrey realize he was going down the wrong path. But it seemed he loved what he did. The first murder gave him the push to go on a killing spree.

Jeffrey’s victims were primarily men. He murdered, raped, dismembered, and even practiced necrophilia, and cannibalism on his innocent victims. He had a way of killing his victims without a trace.

For instance, when he murdered Steven Hicks, he waited for his bones to become clean to crush and scatter them. 

In total, Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 males from 1978 to 1991. His target was mainly Blacks, Asians, and Latinos. 

People who know Dahmer and live near the serial killer claimed he may have a connection to some of the murders in his neighborhood. However, Jeffrey denied their allegations and claimed he wasn’t responsible for those deaths. 

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victims: The Complete List

Jeffrey’s killing spree started in 1978 and ended in 1991. And the discovery of his victims’ dead bodies sparked outrage in Milwaukee. It created the impression that the police in the area weren’t putting much effort into finding Blacks, Asians or Latinos who went missing. 

Here are Jeffrey’s victims, age, and date they were murdered. 

Name of VictimsAgeMurder Date
1.Steven Hicks18 yearsJune 18, 1978
2.Steven Tuomi24 yearsNovember 20, 1987
3.Jamie Doxtator 
14 years

January 16, 1988
4.Richard Guerrero 
25 years
March 24, 1988
5.Anthony Sears26 yearsMarch 25, 1989
6.Raymond Smith33 yearsMay 20, 1990
7.Edward W. Smith  28 yearsJune 1990
8.Ernest Miller22 yearsSeptember 1990
9.David C. Thomas23 yearsSeptember 24, 1990
10.Curtis Straughter 
18 years

February 18, 1991
11.Errol Lindsey 19 yearsApril 7, 1991
12.Anthony “Tony Hughes”
31 years

May 24, 1991
13.Konerak Sinthasomphone14 yearsMay 27, 1991
14.Matt Turner20 yearsJune 30, 1991
15.Jeremiah Weinberger  
23 years

July 5, 1991
16.Oliver Lacer23 yearsJuly 15, 1991
17.Joseph Bradehoft 25 yearsJuly 19, 1991

Jeffrey Dahmer targeted young people. He went for people around the age of 14 to 33. The oldest person he ever killed was 33 years whereas the youngest was 14.   

How Jeffrey Dahmer Murdered His Victims

Jeffrey Dahmer acted like a well-trained serial killer. How he got his victims and murdered them was so organized. He appeared friendly and harmless to his victims to clear any suspicion and strike when the opportunity presents itself. 

He often visited gay bars, bus stops, and malls to seek victims. However, getting a stranger to visit one’s home can be tricky. But that wasn’t the case for Jeffrey. 

He’ll interact, make friends with his victims, and even promise them sex or financial rewards. When his victim arrives at his home, Jeffrey will offer alcohol laced with drugs. 

Jeffrey immediately kills his victims once they start reacting to the drugs in the alcohol. Once the victims die, Jeffrey often has sex with their dead bodies and dismembers them. 

He keeps some of the vital body parts as souvenirs. These include the head, skull, and even genitals.  

Jeffrey Dahmer operated like a professional. How he killed his victims and hid the evidence showed he had everything planned. It wasn’t an accident like most cases. By the way, Steven Hicks wasn’t his only victim. 

A New York Times report shed light on Jeffrey’s 57-gallon drum used for hiding evidence. He also had different ways of killing his victims. 

He crushed the skull of his first victim with a barbell. One of his victims, a 19-year-old named Errol Lindsey, died tragically. Jeffrey had drilled a hole into Errol’s skull and poured hydrochloric acid into it.

He was a cold-blooded serial killer who enjoyed killing people. In addition, he also took Polaroid photos of his victims. 

Jeffrey Dahmer Was Accused of Sexual Assault

Jeffrey Dahmer was linked to three sexual assaults. He even assaulted the older brother of one of his victims. 

He committed two other assaults while he was still in the military, as a report from The Independent indicates. So, there was nothing good about Jeffrey Dahmer’s personality. Apparently, he had evil intentions towards defenseless and harmless people, but no one noticed it.

Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids: The Real Reasons He Took Gory Photos of His Victims

A serial killer who kept gruesome photos of his victims enjoys the crimes he’s committing. Jeffrey killed people for fun. 

He also took Polaroid pictures of the people he killed, even during the murder process. The photos were first discovered by the authorities who visited the crime scene. 

They found shots of diverse males at different stages of poses, dress, and surgical excisions. Shirley Gaines, a Forensic Investigator, also reported that Jeffrey Dahmer had a photo diary containing all his victims.    

So, why did Jeffrey Dahmer keep those Polaroid photos? 

Most serial killers would be against keeping such photos as anyone could stumble on them, and that would be their end. They will even do everything possible to dispose of the bodies of their victims and destroy all the evidence. 

For Jeffrey Dahmer, that wasn’t the case. A study by the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology indicated that Jeffrey posed the bodies of his victims in sexually suggestive positions, as his original plan was to keep them as souvenirs. He derived sexual pleasures from viewing the gory photos.

How Jeffrey Dahmer Was Almost Caught In 1991

Jeffrey Dahmer was almost caught in 1991. Two women spotted him chasing a bleeding young boy through an ally and alerted the police. 

When the police came, Jeffrey Dahmer informed the police that they were gay lovers and had a small argument. 

The police left, and Jeffrey Dahmer continued his atrocities. Unknown to him, the end wasn’t far away. 

How Jeffrey Dahmer Was Caught And Arrested

Tracy Edwards was Jeffrey’s would-be victim but got lucky. He escaped from Jeffrey’s evil clutches on July 22, 1991. 

Jeffrey Dahmer wanted to kill Edwards just three days after killing Joseph Bradehoft. 

How did it happen? 

Jeffrey invited Tracy Edwards to his apartment for a few bottles of beer. Edwards did arrive, and both had a few drinks as Jeffrey did promise. 

Jeffrey was enjoying Edwards’ company, allowing him to stay alive a bit longer than his other victims. He wanted the conversation to continue a little longer.

Suddenly, Jeffrey tried handcuffing Edwards, but he refused. Then Edwards suddenly realized he was in danger, and his survival instinct was activated. He stunned Jeffrey with a massive blow and kicked him in the stomach as hard as he could. 

The punch and kick made Jeffrey uncomfortable and gave Edwards enough time to escape from the house. Jeffrey quickly regained himself and tried stopping Edwards, but it was too late. Edwards promptly unlocked the door and ran outside the house. 

Luckily for the would-be victim, there was a police car passing by when he ran out of Jeffrey’s house. Edwards quickly alerted the police about what had transpired, and that gave the police a reason to search his apartment. 

The police, Edwards, and Jeffrey returned to the house, but little did they know that they were about to witness the shock of their lives. 

The police officer stumbled on 11 dead bodies, making him realize he was dealing with a possible serial killer. 

What Was Discovered In Jeffrey Dahmer’s House

John A. Balcerzak, born on April 13, 1957, was the officer who arrested Jeffrey Dahmer. He was a former police officer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

In the drawers of Jeffrey’s bedroom dresser, the police found dozens of Polaroid photos of all his victims and their respective body parts. In the freezer, there were human organs and three human heads. 

The organs found in his freezer include a heart, lungs, kidneys, intestines, and livers. Five complete skeletons, seven skulls, and other remains were around his apartment too. 

The remains include decomposing hands, bone fragments, sexual organs, and a crock-pot. Jeffrey had several bottles of chemicals, such as chloroform, acid, and formaldehyde, which helped him to kill his victims without leaving traces. 

Jeffrey Dahmer Was Arrested And Faced Trial For His Crimes

The police arrested Jeffrey and charged him to court. They charged him with 15 murders on August 22, 1991. 

He was to face trial on January 30, 1992 and planned an escape route. He planned to plead guilty by insanity, hoping the judge would reduce his sentence or show mercy. 

The jury proved Jeffrey Dahmer wasn’t as smart as he thought. Two weeks later, the jury discovered he was lying about his sanity. They made a shocking discovery that he was sane and understood his actions. 

He was found guilty and handed 15 life sentences, which equates to 936 years in prison. His response to the sentence was that he would prefer to die than spend the rest of his life in jail. 

He made it clear that he would prefer to take the death sentence than rot in jail. Unfortunately, his execution did come, but not the way the police or Jffrey himself imagined it. 

What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer In Prison

Jeffrey Dahmer knew he wouldn’t survive in prison. He faced threats daily and was constantly bullied. In prison, police officers offered to protect him, but he declined. 

He escaped death in prison on July 3, 1992. A convict tried slitting his throat in the prison’s chapel, but he got lucky. He walked away with his body intact, though he sustained minor cuts and scratches. 

Jeffrey Dahmer would have pressed charges but he refused. He decided to let the issue slide.

Five months later, a fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver, grabbed an iron bar and smashed Jeffrey’s head, killing him instantly. He died at the Columbia Correctional Institute. 

What made Christopher Scarver murder Jeffrey Dahmer in prison? Chris claimed he did what he did after growing unnerved by the serial killer. 

Chris claimed Jeffrey fashioned severed limbs out of the prison food he was served. He then drizzles them with packets of ketchup as blood. 

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Last Words

Jeffrey Dahmer, also called the “Milwaukee Monster” or “Milwaukee Cannibal,” tried to comfort the families of his victims in his last court hearing. 

His last public words in court showed remorse and that he acknowledged all the evil he had done. 

In the trial, the judge allowed Jeffrey to speak. He started his statement by acknowledging that he knew his victims’ families and society wouldn’t be able to forgive him, but he hoped that God did. 

He says, “I promise I’ll pray daily to seek their forgiveness when the hurt goes away, if ever. I have seen their tears, and if I could give my life right now to bring their loved ones back, I would do it. I am so very sorry.”   

After addressing the victims’ families, he then turned to the judge. He said, ” I ask for no consideration,” and added that all the deputies handling his case had treated him professionally. 

“Christ Jesus came to the world to save all sinners, of whom I am the worst,” said the serial killer and monster whose crimes saw him convicted of first-degree murder. 

Jeffrey Dahmer stated that he knew his time in prison would be terrible but wasn’t bothered. He stated that he deserves everything that happens to him because of the evil he has done. 


The Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid photos showed how much of a monster he was. The images are so gory that you won’t even think of any other name to call him besides “Milwaukee Monster.”

Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 innocent people, with all victims being males. His victims were aged 14 to 33. He also killed his victims using different methods and disposed of the evidence professionally. 

Jeffrey had a terrible upbringing. He was molested, sexually assaulted, bullied, and left all alone. He witnessed constant domestic violence, and the bitter divorce between his parents. The divorce made things go from bad to worse for Jeffrey Dahmer, as his parents abandoned him. 

His parents failed him. They could not tame the monster in him, even when they had a chance. They saw the scary things he was doing at a young age and looked the other way. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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