The Smart Way To Decorate Your Studio For Halloween

Although we are trying our hardest to hold onto the feeling of summer, the autumn evenings are starting to rear their head as the spooky season begins to set in. We’ve compiled the perfect list of rent-friendly ways to decorate your studio apartment this Halloween. We have everything from how to carve the ideal pumpkin to adding the essential decorations to your studio apartment for some Halloween horror. Here are some of the best ways to add a little spook-and-style to your home.

Where To Buy Your Decor

If you’re going to decorate your USC student housing, you will need to go on a spending spree, and what better time to do it than through the Halloween month? Many shops are available to pick up something spooky, but Etsy could be our best friend for those looking for a more bespoke feel. There are sellers from across the globe giving you a wide range of options to spruce your studio perfectly.

Another great way to keep things budget-friendly is buying second-hand, so another place you should make yourself familiar with is the local charity shops. Your horror display will look better than ever. Remember that charity shops still offer seasonal products, so you’re sure to find something to bring the freight factor you’re searching for — hidden gems are always around the corner.

Get Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is essential to complete any Halloween decor, the ultimate activity this time of year. Finish the look while harnessing a sense of nostalgia, transporting yourself to your childhood of trying to create the scariest face of all time. Get stuck in with friends and make an evening out of it. Pumpkin carving can be so much fun!

You can, of course, head to the local store to find a perfect pumpkin, but if you’re looking for the complete experience, why not take a trip down to your local pumpkin patch? Here, you can pick the biggest and best pumpkins and make a great day out. 

Get Creative

If you want to keep the cost at an all-time low, it’s time to get creative, and art is the best way. You are likely to already have some artwork up in your studio, but for this season, replace them with Halloween-themed prints. You can find many images and designs online and print them off for free at home. Make an impact on your walls by turning them into the spooky counterpart to the rest of your home.

A simple and affordable option to make your apartment hauntingly spectacular is decorating with balloons. You can pick up a pack of balloons for less than the price of a coffee, and they can have a considerable impact. Choose orange and black tones, then go wild with a Sharpie or marker pen. Decorate these balloons with ghoulish faces to add the perfect spook to your apartment — a quick, simple, and cost-effective approach to decoration.

Wool is excellent for making your winter scarf and lingering cobwebs around your home. High corners, tables, and any free space can be spooked up with a few cobwebs — a simple way to dress up your home.

While this may seem a silly option, we love it. Mummify your kitchen jars, pots, and appliances. It’s one of our favorite hacks, yet simple and easy. Wrap all your kitchen appliances, utensils, and anything else in bandages and place some googly eyes, and you’re done. These are excellent, creative ways to add a little spookiness to your home.

Get Your Bake On

A nearly effortless way to add a minimalistic feel to your studio decor is to bake. Don your apron and bake some devilish delights that will fill your stomach and satisfy your sweet tooth. There are countless effortless recipes online, some taking less than 20 minutes, so why not bake and decorate spooky cookies, cupcakes, or something more adventurous?

Avoid the Tackiness

This is an age-old question — and equally relevant when it is time to decorate for Christmas — how can you decorate your studio without it looking tacky? Well, it can be done, and the best way to do so is to skip the plastic and store-bought confetti. Do your best to avoid cheap plastic supermarket buys; it is terrible for the environment, ends up in landfill the following month, and ultimately looks cheap. Making your own decorations is easy and can be lots of fun, so don’t miss an opportunity to have a good time making your home look spooky.

With so many activities at your disposal this spooky season, it’s time to get your creative head firmly in place. We hope that we have inspired you to embrace the true sense of Halloween culture by dressing yourself and your studio. Have a de-frightful, spooky season, and make your devilish decorations as scary as can be.

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
Francis Stein is a writer and traveler who has already traveled most of the states of America. He loves to explore new places and meet new people, and he hopes to continue traveling the world in search of adventure. Francis enjoys writing about his experiences as a way of sharing his love for exploration with others.


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