11 Things To Do In Canyon Lake: Time To Have Fun

Are you seeking clues on things to do in Canyon Lake on your planned visit? If yes, this post has been tailor-made for you. Considered the Water Recreational Capital of Texas, Canyon Lake is the ideal site for people who like water activities.

Canyon Lake is easily accessible. Firstly, it’s just an hour’s drive from San Antonio. What’s more, you can arrive at this prestigious lake from nearby towns.

Before we go deeper, know that Canyon Lake is a man-made reservoir, and it’s on the Guadalupe River, sitting comfortably in the Texas Hill Country.

So what are the fun things you should consider doing on your proposed visit to Canyon Lake? Check out the various ideas below. 

1: Include The Canyon Dam Walkway In Your Must-Visit Places:

Do you already have a must-visit or a list of places you plan to visit on your trip to Canyon Lake? Include the Canyon Dam Walkway on that list and you’ll be glad that you did.

This 0.7-mile loop trail is one of the best places to visit. It was closed in 2018 due to safety concerns, but the local people didn’t fancy the decision. So they came together and formed the Dam Community Alliance. But it didn’t stop there.

The act that transformed the Dam Walkway was the fundraiser the Dam Community Alliance pulled. They then channeled the funds into sprucing the road. Finally, the Dam Walkway was opened in mid-2019, and it has remained so ever since.

You can walk this route within 17 minutes. You can walk with friends while admiring the gorgeousness of Canyon Lake. And if you’re a dog owner, this is one of the ideal places to take your canine friend for a walk.

2: Fishing Is Fun On Canyon Lake:

Do you have a fishing license that permits you to fish in public waters in Texas? If yes, then your visit to Canyon Lake should include activities like fishing.

The US Army Corps of Engineers is officially the Reservoir Controlling Authority in charge of Canyon Lake. However, you can fish in this lake if you boast the required fishing license.

With a diverse public access point for fishing, you can’t go wrong fishing in Canyon Lake. But boat fishing happens to be my favorite and one you should try if you haven’t done so.

Do you enjoy largemouth bass angling? Then you’ll surely have plenty of fun on this lake. Angling is possible in spring, winter, and even fall.

Are you tired of catching largemouth bass? No problem. The Canyon Lake has other options like the white and striped bass. Teach your kids how to fish, and let them hunt for redbreast sun bass.  

Just get your mind prepared that you’ll be doing some fishing as you conclude plans to visit Canyon Lake. But if fishing isn’t something you planned to do on your visit to this adorable lake, you can try other fun-filled activities below.

A Handy Tip: Note that park rules forbid drinking or the display of alcoholic beverages in public places.

3: Have You Witnessed A Boat Parade? It Happens Right Here On Canyon Lake:

Have you been to any boat parades? Well, even if you have, the Canyon Lake annual boat parade of light is a completely different package.

The Canyon Lake Yacht Club organizes this parade from time to time. It also takes place once every year. So it’s a special event and one that happens once annually. It takes place in December.

This boat parade is usually very colorful. The participants decorate their boats with different attractive light colors and make the whole place appealing throughout the night.

So if you’re planning to visit Canyon Lake in December, take note of the date the annual boat parade will take place so you don’t miss out on this very colorful event.

A Handy Tip: This boat parade of lights normally begins around 5 pm, and it takes place on Saturdays.

4: Feel Mother Nature At James C. Curry Nature Centre:

Are you thinking of hiking on your visit to Canyon Lake or would like to interact with nature in ways you haven’t? This Curry Nature Center boasts an attractive trail, unique for bird watching. It’s around 52 acres and boasts ¾ miles of hiking trails.

This 0.9 miles loop trail is a breeze to complete and takes around 27 minutes to tour. However, keep in mind that hiking in this park isn’t a demanding one. But you’ll enjoy every bit of it.

James C. Curry bought and later donated this nature park to Comal County. The donation took place on December 26, 2013, and that day marks the transformation the park experienced.

5: Las Barcas Tex-Mex Grill – The Ideal Place To Dine:

You can’t come to Canyon Lake and not treat your stomach. So decide on where to have your meals. You can eat anywhere you like but don’t forget to try some Tex-Mex flavors at the Las Barcas.

This restaurant serves both simple western and complex Mexican meals. They have the perfect meals that you cannot resist regardless of your appetite.

You can get meals as simple as fries and salsa or your favorites. They have all you need to keep your stomach happy and your body energized.

The ambiance of the lake makes this restaurant a perfect spot to dine while viewing the lake. You’ll have the chance to capture a full glimpse of this gorgeous lake.

6: The Dry Comal Creek Winery & Vineyards Is A Must-Visit:

Another place to include in your list of must-visit is the Dry Comal Creek Winery and Vineyards. This gorgeous place opens from Monday to Thursday from noon to six in the evening.

Here is where you can get a chance to taste authentic Texan wine. Franklin Houser founded this exceptional winery in the 1990s, though the Romero Family is the current owner.    

The uniqueness of this winery is evident from the second you walk through the door. You’ll even discover that the wines are produced using 100% of Texan grapes.

There is an opportunity for you to place a reservation for tasting and have a chance to taste different classes of wines. But if you already have a choice, there’s no need to keep tasting different wines. Just sit in the Outdoor Lounge with your date or friends and order your favorite wine.

The Comal Creek Winery and Vineyards have enough wine to fill you up and keep you energized for a complete Canyon Lake exploration.   

7: Tubing At The Gorgeous Guadalupe River Is Fun:

The reason Canyon Lake stands as the Water Recreation Capital of Texas is because of the Guadalupe River. Let’s not forget the lower Guadalupe River begins from this Canyon Lake dam.

The Guadalupe remains one of the state’s prestigious and most famous spots for summer river tubing. If you don’t believe me, a visit to this area in the summer will convince you.

Tons of water sports and activities take place in this area. You’ll find families and friends canoeing or paddle boarding their hearts out. It’s all fun and exciting.

Would you like to fish? This is the ideal destination for you. This area is popular for fly fishing with rainbow trout being one of the targets for fishermen.

However, don’t forget to grab some seafood while you make your way out of this arena. You have lost a lot of energy in canoeing and paddle boarding. Now is the time to restore those lost energies and continue your exploration.

8: See What You’re Missing At Overlook Park:

Forget the name “overlook.” This park is one of the places you shouldn’t skip from your list of must-visits. Overlook Park is the ideal destination for people that have plans to hike.  

This one-kilometer-long loop trail park is the ideal destination for an entire family on a hiking trip. And it doesn’t matter if you’re hiking for the first time. This location is ideal for hikers, regardless of skill level. It boasts the perfect elevation and trail that makes hiking enjoyable and simple.

This public park is one the best not only for hiking but the way it immerses visits in nature. You will be tucked into nature’s arms and experience something remarkably natural as you hike in Overlook Park.

You can visit this park anytime you like. But if you want to enjoy your visit, turn up around April to September. You’ll not only encounter favorable hiking weather but join other people as passionate as you.

The things you can do on your visit to Overlook Park include bird watching and viewing the lake down below. You should also make an effort to stop and admire Mother Nature. Check out the incredible landscape and lush vegetation.

10: Check Out Dinosaur Tracks At The Heritage Museum

Dinosaur existence is a myth to some. For others, science has given us enough proof that they existed. However, you can’t blame anyone who doubts that these creatures existed. Why? We never witnessed them.

In this age and time, the discussions about the existence of dinosaurs no longer fascinate anyone, thanks to museums and numerous earth-shattering discoveries. A visit to the Heritage Museum will take you closer to the age of dinosaurs.

This site contains diverse dinosaur tracks. It’s a guided tour where you can view the dinosaur tracks and have someone explain the things you need to know.

The Heritage Museum has been doing a great job of educating the public about dinosaurs. A visit To this museum is always very refreshing and an encouragement for the museum.

For over two decades, this amazing museum has been working so hard to preserve over 200 dinosaur footprints. We’re talking about trackways and footprints of dinosaurs that are over 110 million years old.

Again, do you love hiking? This Museum is the perfect destination for you. In addition to trackways, it boasts Cretaceous fossil digs and hiking trails.

So would you like to learn about the history of the great dinosaur era? Or, do you have kids that are fascinated by such stories? Take them to the Heritage Museum and make their day. You’ll also have fun when you visit this museum.

11: Old Hancock Trail is worth visiting & trekking

The Old Hancock Trail is ideal for many things. This trail is the perfect destination for horseback riding, hiking, and for bicyclists.

In addition, bird watching is a common pastime in this incredible environment. Note that this trail is approximately three and a half miles.    

This place doesn’t allow vehicles. You can trek, ride a horse, or bicycle. The ban on vehicles is a good decision. It makes the area safe for hikers, horse riders, and bicyclists.


So these are the things to do in Canyon Lake. You can see the different places that you need to visit when you arrive in this area. The Canyon Lake offers more than just a scenic atmosphere. It offers the opportunity to have fun and create memories with your loved ones.

You can see the different spots you need to visit to have fun. These include parks, museums, wineries, and restaurants. The options are endless. So the best thing to do is to make a list of must-visit places and ensure you cover that list before saying your goodbyes to Canyon Lake.

You can visit this lake alone or go with your family. Canyon Lake is an ideal place for families to have fun and create long-lasting memories.

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
Francis Stein is a writer and traveler who has already traveled most of the states of America. He loves to explore new places and meet new people, and he hopes to continue traveling the world in search of adventure. Francis enjoys writing about his experiences as a way of sharing his love for exploration with others.


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