3 Tips For Improving Employee-First Experience With Internal Growth Opportunities 

A solid engaging workforce guarantees the growth of an organization with the capability to meet the organizational goals efficiently and sharply. 

Even the companies with a better workforce engagement contribute to  21 percent greater profitability according to A State of the Global Workplace: Report 2022 by Gallup. 

The highly engaged employees are likely to be more productive; the report has found a 14 percent difference in productivity in a highly engaged workforce. Engaged employees are more satisfied with their employers as evidenced by a decrease in the absence rate by 81 percent and the turnover rate indicating a difference of 18 percent. 

At the same time, employee engagement narrows down the probability of leaving the organization for an employee by 87 percent, according to the Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology at Work.

To create an efficient workforce culture, employees must be exposed to internal growth opportunities during their first experience. 

Let’s dive into three ways that can help you improve your employee first experience by offering them exciting internal growth opportunities. 

1. Promotions And Internal Mobility

Internal growth opportunities are often correlated with promotions that cause a bump in paystubs and job positions. These job promotions can either be internal or external. 

External promotions lead to rising in the turnover rate of an organization. Whereas internal promotions help them to get more recognition, visibility, and responsibility across the organization.  It often results in the combination of employees’ goals with the goals of the organization. 

On the other hand, it is not always possible for organizations to offer job promotions to employees. Here internal mobility falls to be an alternative that costs nothing to the organizations but benefits both the employees and the organization in terms of developing and discovering a new skill set. 

Internal mobility is the movement of employees to different roles and opportunities within an organization. Lateral mobility provides an opportunity for employees to learn and develop new skills. 

The job title often becomes less important to organizations and they bring the employee with a broader skill set on board. It offers the employees an opportunity to develop and experience new skills and adventure new challenges. 

It prevents the available in-demand skills from being scrapped for the organization and enables the employee to discover his hidden skills. It gives the employees a chance to explore the different departments within the organization and helps them to avoid burnout.

In addition, internal mobility helps organizations fill competency gaps among employees. It also encourages employee engagement and internal networking. 

Internal mobility gives the employees a sense of appreciation that they are trusted for new roles in the organization. They find ways to expand their skills and find growth opportunities within the organization and restrain them to hunt for growth opportunities external to their organization. 

2. Career Growth Through Technology And Human Guidance 

Employees’ first experience can be facilitated by encouraging their professional growth by empowering personal guidance paired with the right technology. 

Expert human guidance encourages the employee to grow and be more productive and serves for building their trust in the organization. It enables the employee to discover new growth opportunities under the influence of a career coach with market expertise and immense knowledge of best practices for career growth.

Organizations can make use of technology to encourage employee growth within the organization by introducing relevant skilling programs, offering in-house training, and setting up mentorship programs.

A human-centered approach in combination with technology enables the employees to disclose new expertise and bring them under use for the prosperity of the organization. 

3. Internal Networking

Internal networking provides another way to develop skill sets in the employees and encourage employee retention and engagement with the organization. 

In addition to facilitating employee career growth, fostering relationships among different roles and organizational departments helps the organization to gain new insights and unique ideas, and discover talent to solve problems more effectively.

As a matter of fact, the evolution of workforce climate to hybrid and remote workplaces brings new opportunities as well as challenges than a traditional workplace. 

Natural communication with colleagues is not an option for employees enjoying a remote workplace. The problem is fixed to a large extent by virtual networking. It empowers them to connect with their colleagues that are dispersed around the world and enables them to feel connected and belong to the organization.


After a turbulent year thrown by the pandemic in 2020, many employees are experiencing burnout. The employees are evolving with time. Now they don’t retain themselves in organizations that seem unconcerned with their career growth. 

These factors make it crucial for organizations to develop solid growth plans for employees to improve employees’ first experience leading them to retain a  world’s top-notch workforce. Thus, employers are seeking new approaches to create an employee-centered environment. Employee engagement plays a significant role specifically in the sales process in B2B

Offering employee benefits is a renowned strategy to improve employee experience and retention and attract more talents. But these benefits nowadays are not confined to health and insurance benefits. 

Employees are always looking for new ways to thrive in their careers. Thus, they expect and prefer the organization that offers the opportunity to grow in their career by retaining within the organization. 

Therefore, organizations should invest in growth opportunities for the employee that is directly correlated with the growth of the organization. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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