Top 15 Richest Cities In Florida: Affluent Cities 2022

Florida is experiencing a population boom, and with that comes the growth of affluent cities. It’s among the most popular destinations, and as it becomes more crowded, the richer cities become more desirable.

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If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve, this is your one-stop resource for information on affluent cities.

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From all Florida cities demographics to real estate values, we have everything you need to know about each city. To stay ahead of the pack, keep on reading.

Top 15 Richest Cities In Florida

Florida is located in the south-eastern United States, bordering Alabama to the north and Georgia to the west. 

It’s the 3rd most populous state in the nation, after California and Texas., with 22 million (2022) residents.

The Sunshine State is a popular vacation destination for retirees and sun worshipers. However, it’s also a hot spot for business and luxury living. This popularity is due to its gorgeous beaches, warm climate, and sunshine.

Florida is a biodiverse state with a wide variety of landscapes. Most of the state has a humid subtropical climate, with the southern region having a tropical climate. 

Another diversity is the state’s economy, which focuses on tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Florida ranks at #27 (2021) in terms of living standards. The cost of living varies from city to city, but in general, it’s an affordable state. The standard of living in Florida is expected to continue to rise. 

More and more people are moving to Florida for the weather, job opportunities, and growing economy. 

While there are many wealthy cities throughout Florida, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 richest cities in the state:

1. Palm Beach

Palm Beach.

Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 8921
  • Median Income: $328,465
  • Poverty Rate: 5.35%
  • Median Rental Cost: $1,744 per month
  • Median House Value: $1.18 Million

Palm Beach is an incorporated town located in the heart of Palm Beach County. An Intracoastal waterway separates it from Lake Worth and West Palm Beach. 

It is one of the most affluent cities in the United States and is well known for its luxury resorts and beaches. 

The city is home to many celebrities and wealthy businesspeople. Forbes reported in 2017 that it has at least 20 billionaires in residence. It’s a wonderful residential area and has many modern homes for Sale in Palm Beach.

Famous people in Palm Beach include Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Venus, Serena Williams, and Rod Stewart.

Top 4 things to do in Palm Beach

  • Go shopping in the Worth Avenue shopping district 
  • Visit the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum. 
  • Dine at Restaurants; There are many high-end restaurants and bars in the city and a thriving night scene. These restaurants include; The Circle At The Breakers, Flagler Steakhouse, Chez Jean- Pierre, and Buccan Bistro.
  • Golf at the Lion Country Safari

2. Pinecrest


Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 18,861
  • Median Income: $238,618 
  • Poverty Rate:  6.08%
  • Median Rental Cost:  $1,549 per month
  • Median House Value: $949,400

Pinecrest City is an affluent suburban village in Miami-Dade County. It’s known for its A-rated public schools, parks, and wealthy residents. 

In addition, the city has a strong commercial district along US-1 (South Dixie Highway).

Many often refer to Pinecrest as “ a Tree City USA, a Playful City USA, and a Community of Respect.” 

The main attractions in the city are the Deering Estate at Cutler, Pinecrest Gardens botanical park, and Flagler Grove Park.

Some famous people in Pinecrest City include Dwyane Wade, Chris” Birdman” Anderson, and Lamar Odom.

Top 4 things to do at Pinecrest

  • Visit the Pinecrest lake
  • Enjoy a movie at the Pinecrest theatre
  • Visit the Pinecrest gardens
  • Enjoy a day at the Deering Estate

3. Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne..

Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 12,600
  • Median Income:  $226,086
  • Poverty Rate: 4.90%.
  • Median Rental Cost: $2,548 per month
  • Median House Value: $1.21 Million

Key Biscayne is an island town in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The town is on a barrier island between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Moreover, it lies east of Miami and south of Miami Beach. The village is connected to these cities by the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Key Biscayne is home to Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and Crandon Park. The two are the largest and most popular parks in Miami-Dade County. The former is known for its beach, while the latter has a variety of amenities. 

They include; nature trails, picnic areas, and a public golf course. Notable celebrities residing in this town are Cher, Fonseca, Andy Garcia, and Eddie Rickenbacker. Brad Pitt also owned a home in the past in the town.

Top 4 things to do at Key Biscayne

  • Watch the sunset at the Rusty Pelican
  • Go on a hiking trail and picnic at the Crandon Park
  • Dive near Key Biscayne
  • Dine at Dune Burgers

4. Naples


Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 22,265
  • Median Income: $217,838
  • Poverty Rate: 7.87%
  • Median Rental Cost:  $1,357 per month
  • Median House Value: $988,500

Naples is a city in Collier County, Florida, United States. Naples bills itself as the “Golf Capital of the World.” 

It prides itself on having the second-highest number of holes per capita among all cities. In addition, it also has the most holes than any Florida city.

Naples is a principal city of the Naples-Marco Island, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area, with 322,000( 2015). 

In 2009, Naples was ranked the 10th  in “10 pricey cities that pay off” by U.S. News & World Report. 

This city attracts thousands of tourists each year. Some of the tourist attractions in Naples include its gorgeous white-sand beaches, art galleries, and golf courses. 

Notable points of interest include Naples Botanica Garden, Naples Depot Museum, Naples Zoo, and Palm Cottage. 

Naples is home to many famous people, including billionaire businesspeople, politicians, athletes, musicians, and actors. 

Some notable people include; Bob Seger, Dominic Fike, Alex Lifeson, and Rick Scott, among many others.

Top 4 things to do in Naples

  • Visit the Baker Museum
  • Enjoy the day out at Naples Botanical Garden
  • Try out watersports at the Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park.
  • Go art shopping

5. Parkland



  • Population (2022): 37,731
  • Median Income: $203,033
  • Poverty Rate: 4.49%
  • Median Rental Cost: $2,439 per month
  • Median House Value: $611,800

Parkland City, Florida, is a suburban city in Broward County, Florida. The city is located on the east coast of Florida and is inside the Miami Metropolitan area. Parkland City was incorporated in 1963. 

It is best known as the location of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which was the site of a mass shooting on February 14, 2018. 

The city is also known for its zoning restrictions and is one of the safest communities in the county. It has made several infrastructure improvements for its citizen, including quality public schools.

Notable people in residence include; Caesar Bacarella (race car driver) and Anthony Rizzo (N.Y. Yankees baseball player). XXX Tentation(rapper) also lived in Parkland until his death.

Top 4 things to do in Parkland city

  • Go on a boat ride
  • Enjoy a lazy day on the white sand beaches of the Fort Lauderdale beach
  • Browse for souvenirs at the Las Olas Boulevard
  • Explore the waterfront of Port Everglades

6. Southwest Ranches

Southwest Ranches.

Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 7,948
  • Median Income: $193,049
  • Poverty Rate: 4.32%
  • Median Rental Cost: $3,500 per month
  • Median House Value: $641,800

Southwest Ranches is a city located in Broward County, Florida. The suburban community is between Fort Lauderdale and Miami and is part of the Miami Metropolitan Area. The city is mostly residential, with a small commercial area near US 441 (State Road 7) and Griffin Road intersection.

The largest employers are mostly white-collar jobs, with a small percentage of agricultural and ranching industries. 

The farms and ranches raise cattle, grow crops, and operate citrus groves. There is also a significant tourism industry in the town, with people enjoying the horses and trails in Sunshine Ranches.

Notable people in Southwest Ranches include Dwayne Johnson, River Alexander, Reggie Wayne, Uncle Louie, and Vernon Carey.

Top 4 things to do in Southwest Ranches

  • Ride a horse in the Sunshine Ranches
  • Observe the service at the South Florida Hindu Temple
  • Join meditation and yoga at the Intentions Ranch
  • Enjoy a private boat tour at Floventures

7. Coral Gables

Coral Gables.

Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 48,425
  • Median Income: $175,228
  • Poverty Rate: 6.92%
  • Median Rental Cost:  $1,693 per month
  • Median House Value: $846,100

Coral Gables is an affluent city in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The city is best known for being the home of the University of Miami. 

Additionally, the city is a tourist destination well-known for its Mediterranean Revival architecture, beautiful homes, and lush vegetation.

Lovely trees adorn the streets, and Mediterranean-style architecture makes the city full of character and charm. 

Points of interest in the city include; Biltmore Hotel, Riviera Schools, Coral Gables Villages, and Miracle Mile.

Many restaurants in Coral Gables include French, Italian, Japanese, and American cuisine. Some popular restaurants in Coral Gables are The Forge, Aromas del Peru, Zitz Sum, and Luca Osteria.

Coral Gables is home to numerous famous people, including Mimi Rogers, Columba Bush, Jeb Bush, Gail Edwards, and Alice Dixson.

Top 4 things to do at Coral Gables

  • Enjoy a long swim at the Venetian pool
  • Stroll at the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden
  • Visit the Coral Gables Museum
  • Have brunch at the Biltmore Hotel

8. Sanibel


Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 7,380
  • Median Income:  $171,104 
  • Poverty Rate: 6.65%
  • Median Rental Cost:  $1,545 per month
  • Median House Value: $721,200

Sanibel is an island city located in Lee County, Florida. The city is known for its shell beaches and its wildlife refuges. 

The city is also home to various restaurants, including The Sanibel Grill, Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille, and The Lighthouse Grill. 

The 130-year-old Sanibel Lighthouse is a point of interest in the city. The lighthouse is not climbable, but the grounds are available all year for hikes along the boardwalk and nature paths. You can also participate in watersports and golf courses.

Some famous people in Sanibel City include the famous novelist Randy Wayne White and Helaine Fendelman, an antique expert.

Top 4 things to do at Sanibel

  • Visit the historic Sanibel Lighthouse
  • Collect shellings at the Bowman’s beach
  • Enjoy a plate of shrimps at the Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille
  • Boat Ride Around J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge

9. Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay..

Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 25,576
  • Median Income: $166,270  
  • Poverty Rate: 5.75%
  • Median Rental Cost: $1,426 per month
  • Median House Value: $562,300

Palmetto Bay is a suburban incorporated village located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It’s halfway between the Florida Keys and downtown Miami. 

Although it has a small-town vibe and many refer to it as a village, it’s conveniently near several interest points.

Some of the city’s most popular attractions include the Deering Estate at Cutler, Pisco y Nazca, and Coral Reef Park. 

Additionally, the city is well known for its restaurants, including Alaine’s Osteria, Dapple Bar + Kitchen, and 1111 Peruvian Bistro. 

Palmetto Bay is also home to several celebrities, including Iggy Pop(musician) and Jillian Ellis, head coach of U.S. women’s soccer.

Top 4 things to do at Palmetto Bay

  • Nature -walk at the Bill Sadowski Park
  • Visit the Zoo Miami and see over 2000 animals
  • Dive at the Fantasy Beach Area
  • Head over to the West Bay Beach and enjoy the surf and sand

10. Miami Shores

Miami Shores.

Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 10,026
  • Median Income: $156,584 
  • Poverty Rate: 4.43%
  • Median Rental Costs: $1,523 per month
  • Median House Value: $558,700

Miami Shores City is a small, suburban city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The city’s population is just over 10,000 residents and is known for its quiet neighborhoods and beautiful waterfront views.

The main tourist attractions are the beaches, Biscayne Boulevard, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Collins Avenue. 

When it comes to Miami Shores, dining options, shopping experience, and residences are the top three considerations for people thinking of moving there. 

There are several shopping areas in Miami Shores, including a Publix supermarket and CVS. 

Some notable restaurants are The Shores, House of Food Porn, and Borsellino Miami Shores. However, being a quiet community, the only famous person from Miami Shores is Ahsha Rolle, a retired tennis player.

Top 4 things to do in Miami Shores

  • North Miami inshore fishing trip
  • Little Haiti walking tour & tasting
  • Ziplining at the Roatan shore excursion
  • Miami powerboat tour includes paddle boarding

11. Marco island

Marco island..

Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 18,019
  • Median Income: $142,117
  • Poverty Rate: 6.03%
  • Median Rental Cost:  $1,638 per month
  • Median House Value: $678,900

Marco Island is a barrier island in Collier County, Florida. It lies just south of Naples. Marco Island is a popular tourist destination and its economy profits largely from tourism. 

It is well known for its white-sand beaches, fishing, boating, golfing, and its annual Fourth of July fireworks display. In addition to that, it has an affluent beach with a small-town vibe and lots of world-class golf courses.

Several restaurants in the city specialize in delicacies such as seafood, attracting many tourists. 

Moreover, the Esplanade, an open-air lifestyle shopping center, attracts many and is known for its exquisite shopping experience.

The city is home to a few famous people, including Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl Star, and John Boehner, a retired U.S. politician. 

Top 4 things to do at Marco Island

  • Kayak to explore the 10 thousand islands and the Everglades
  • Enjoy the day at the Sand Dollar Island
  • Swim, fish, and rent beach shelters at Tigertail Beach
  • Explore the Otter mound Preserve for the rare hammock plant and gumbo limbo trees 

12. Gulf Breeze

Gulf Breeze.

Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 7,437
  • Median Income: $131,288 
  • Poverty Rate: 5.54%
  • Median Rental Cost:  $1,472 per month
  • Median House Value: $371,600

Gulf Breeze City is located in Santa Rosa County, Florida. It is the principal city of the Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city has a low crime rate and is safe to live in.

Tourist attractions include the National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola Lighthouse, Fort Barrancas, and the Pensacola Blue Wahoos baseball stadium. 

Gulf Breeze City is also home to Gulf Islands National Seashore, part of the United States National Park Service. 

Notable celebrities who live here include; Doug Baldwin (American footballer, Ashley Brown(singer), Abigail Spencer (Actress), and Bob Armstrong.

Top 4 things to do at Gulf Breeze

  • Browse at the Iron Gargoyle antique mall
  • Boat touring at the Pensacola pontoons
  • Unwind at the Gail A Walsh Massage spa
  • Golfing at the Tiger point golf club

13. Surfside


Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 5504
  • Median Income: $121,036 
  • Poverty Rate: 8.54%
  • Median Rental Cost:  $1,977 per month
  • Median House Value: $625,500

Surfside is a coastal municipality located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It’s well-known for its walkable downtown, gorgeous residential sections, and a calm beach. 

This waterfront oasis offers visitors a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s mainly a beachside residential hub with condominium buildings that houses several luxury resorts, retail stores, and restaurants.

Some of the city’s most famous residents include actor Philip B Hofmann, (former)CEO of Johnson & Johnson, and Sholom Lipskar. Sid Tepper was a famous songwriter who also resided there.

Top 4 things to do at Surfside

  • Shop at Collins Avenue
  • Visit the Surfside farmers market for farm-fresh produce
  • Stroll from 88th Street through Bal Harbour up to Haulover Inlet
  • Explore the waves at the Surfside Beach

14. Key west

Key west.

Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 22,954
  • Median Income: $98,784
  • Poverty Rate: 11.26%
  • Median Rental Cost:  $1,816 per month
  • Median House Value: $611,400

Key West City, Florida, is located at the southernmost tip of Florida. It is a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, coral reefs, and nightlife. 

It is also known as an LGBTQ+ friendly city, primarily because of its “anything goes” atmosphere.

Many restaurants in Key West City range from casual to upscale. Some of the most popular ones include  Red Shoe Island Bistro, Margaritaville, Blue Heaven, and Cafe Marquesa. 

In addition, many street vendors sell various food items. Therefore, finding something to eat even if you’re on a tight budget is possible.

The infrastructure is very good, and there are many different types of establishments to choose from.  

Key West is a great place to buy souvenirs. Many shops sell t-shirts, hats, sunblocks, swimsuits, and other perfect items for taking home as a reminder. 

If you’re looking for something more unique, several art galleries and boutiques also sell local artwork, jewelry, and handcrafted items.

Some famous people who live there include Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Buffett, and Judy Blume.

Top 4 things to do at Key West

  • Visit the Hemingway Home and Museum
  • Watch the sunset at Mallory Square
  • Explore Truman’s Little White House
  • Go for a trail at the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.

15. Key Largo

Key Largo.

Quick Stats

  • Population (2022): 9,952
  • Median Income: $93,484
  • Poverty Rate: 16.45%
  • Median Rental Cost:  $1,449 per month
  • Median House Value: $421,900

Key Largo is in Monroe County, Florida. The town is a popular tourist destination. Key Largo bills itself to be the Dive Capital Of the World. It’s known for fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and boating.

Attractions include John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, the Dolphin Research Center, and the Harry Truman Little White House. 

Restaurants include; the What The Fish Rolls & More, Bayside Grille, Harriette’s Restaurant,  Hobo’s Café, and the Fish House. 

Top 4 things to do at Key Largo

  • Ride the African Queen Canal cruise
  • Spend the day with dolphins at the Island Dolphin care
  • Have a sunset dinner at Sol by the Sea
  • Dive at the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Final Note

This article gives an overview of the top 15 richest cities in Florida.

It is interesting to see how much wealth is concentrated in some parts of the state. What do you think is the reason for this? Are the residents of these cities more industrious than those in other parts of the state? 

Well, whether you’re looking for a bustling city or a quiet town, Florida offers something for everyone. Make a decision based on the data in this article and find the right city for you.

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