Types Of Buyers Who Invest In The Ritz-Carlton Residences In Dubai 

Dubai is an investment hub in terms of real estate in the world. This is due to the high level of economic development, favourable business climate, attractive tax conditions and high demand for housing. The developing companies in Dubai continue to impress with upscale projects and introduce a unique wellness development. The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Dubai, UAE is currently in the process of construction but luxurious villas and sumptuous apartments are already available for sale. 

Due to the immense demand on housing in Dubai, there are different types of investors who have their own unique needs and goals.

Searchers For Stability And Reliability

The first type of investors is those who are looking for stability and reliability. These investors tend to buy real estate in the off-plan complex because it is developed by a renowned developer and will be definitely finished on time. They also focus on the idea to rent out their residences. Real estate tenants usually have long-term leases in such famous developments, which guarantee a high stable income for the owner. 

Searchers For A High Return 

The second type of investors is those who are looking for a quick and high return. These investors tend to buy properties under construction or early in the pipeline to make money on the price difference on resale. This can be a risky approach, as real estate prices can fluctuate and the investor may not make the expected profit. Nevertheless, if everything goes according to plan, these investors can make significant money. The Ritz-Carlton Residences is planned to bring more than 6,7% return on investment. 

Searchers For A Home 

The third type of investor is those who are looking for real estate for their own use. These investors can either be Dubai residents or foreigners who want their own place to vacation or live in the city. They can look for both villas and apartments in the complex, depending on their needs. Their choice is predetermined by lots of factors and numerous beneficial features of the complex. 

Searchers For A Visa 

The fourth type of investors is those who are looking for real estate to obtain a visa to the UAE. In order to obtain a visa, investors need to have real estate of a certain value. These investors can look for real estate that qualifies for a visa, whether they will use it for their own needs or not. Investing in the branded complex under construction gives an opportunity to obtain an extendable Golden visa in the UAE. 

Searchers For Rental Housing 

The fifth type of investors is those who are looking for properties for rental income. These investors can look for both villas and apartments in the complex, depending on their needs, plans and budgets. Locals and foreigners want a steady stream of rental income from their properties in the luxurious residential complex.

Searchers For UAE Citizenship 

The sixth type of investors is those who are looking for real estate for UAE citizenship. In recent years, the UAE government has introduced an investment program according to which foreign investors can get UAE passports for buying real estate of a certain value. These investors can look for properties that qualify for UAE citizenship. However, there is no precise amount of investment and therefore, no obligations of a government to issue citizenship. 

Appealing Features Of The Ritz-Carlton Residences 

As seen from the classification above, the number of potential investors constantly increases. Irrespective of their goals and plans, foreign residents will face no problems in finding suitable housing in the complex. Still, do not delay the purchase as the number of accommodations for sale is limited. 

So, why are most foreign investors interested in the unique residential complex in Dubai? 

  • Exceptional project in Dubai built according to the standards of wellness and eco-friendliness. 
  • Exclusive selection of luxury villas and apartments. 
  • Affordable price for premium quality.
  • Life in a home that has no rivals in the world. 
  • Branded development in the convenient location in Dubai.
  • Abundance of facilities for improving mental and physical health. 
  • Private marina and spacious beach. 
  • Good stable income from leasing.
  • Good money from reselling. 
  • Right to apply for extendable Golden visa.  

The Outcomes 

Dubai offers many options for real estate buyers and every type of investor can find something suitable for their needs and goals. The outstanding residential complex The Ritz-Carlton Residences is an implementation of the ambitious ideas of developers and world building standards.

Before investing in the off-plan construction, it is necessary to carefully explore the fluctuations on the real estate market and consult with professionals from AX Capital. Get good advice in the field to make the right choice and avoid risks with a reputable real estate agency in Dubai.

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
Francis Stein is a writer and traveler who has already traveled most of the states of America. He loves to explore new places and meet new people, and he hopes to continue traveling the world in search of adventure. Francis enjoys writing about his experiences as a way of sharing his love for exploration with others.


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