U.S Vice President Warns That Russia Risks Being Sanctioned If It Attacks Ukraine  

Russia’s plan to invade Ukraine is trending. The united states have been trying to fight and stop this from happening with the help of the allied coalition. Countries have held talks to neutralize Russia. 

On Saturday, kamal harris, the U.S vice president, warned that it would be sanctioned if Russia attempted to attack Ukraine. According to her, “the country will face unprecedented financial costs.” She added that attacking Ukraine would capture the attention of European allies, drawing them closer to the U.S

Harris addressed the issue at the yearly “Munich security conference” in Germany. “Let me be clear, can say with absolute certainty: If Russia further invades Ukraine, the United States, together with our allies and partners, will impose significant, and unprecedented economic costs,” she said.

Harris aimed at making Russia understand that they have support from organizations and countries, making them strong enough to protect Ukraine. She added that if the Russians attack their neighboring country, NATO will also fight them. 

The vice president said that Bidens administration tried to come to a mutual understanding with Russia and prevent any attacks, but that didn’t work. 

“Russia continues to say it is ready to talk while at the same time it narrows the avenues for diplomacy,” Harris said. “Their actions simply do not match their words.”

However, despite all the talks, meetings, and threats, Putin does not seem to give in to the demands of the U.S. more troops are being added on the Ukrainian border. People believe that the Russian forces are testing weapons. 

Harris was supposed to meet up with the Ukrainian president and german chancellor on Saturday. Biden’s administration believes that having a united front will help them stand with Ukraine. 

Russia and the U.S leaders use the german conference to pass an essential message in the presence of a particular audience. 




John Taylor
John Taylor
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