Was John Cena A Marine? Understanding The Life of John Cena 

No wrestling fan worldwide would deny not knowing who John Cena is. He’s a popular wrestler, actor, and, surprisingly, raps.

However, Cena’s rapping is a talent he needs to develop further. But his wrestling skills need no further development. He’s a beast in the ring, and only the brave fighters dare to challenge him. 

Cena has broken and set several records in sports entertainment. He started his career in Ultimate Pro Wrestling in 1999, and he hasn’t shown signs of quitting wrestling anytime soon.    

John Cena has not only demonstrated how good a wrestler he is. He has also shown the world and, obviously, Hollywood top brass that he’s a talented actor.  

However, many believe John Cena was a marine, and you won’t blame them. “The Marine,” a movie he acted in 2006, gave people a reason to believe he was a marine. 

But here, we like to dig deeper and conduct research to find out the truth in every rumor. Now, let’s address the question. 

Was John Cena A Marine? 

No, he isn’t. That’s the straightforward answer. John Cena has never enlisted in the marine at any point in his life. He did think about it, though, but instead chose wrestling, following the advice of his close friends. 

But let’s be realistic here. John Cena adores the U.S. Marine and those in service. He supports the marine whenever he can and does the same to veterans.   

Keep reading if you wish to know more about John Cena, including his rumored affiliation to the U.S. Marine. 

Who Is John Cena?

John Felix Anthony Cena was born and raised in WestBury, Massachusetts, in the United States. He was born on April 23, 1977. However, he moved to California to pursue a career in bodybuilding in 1998. 

Today, Cena is one of the most decorated wrestlers in sports entertainment. He’s also an actor, TV personality and was a former rapper. 

Cena is one dreadful fighter. Not many wrestlers are bold enough to step into the ring with him. He boasts a threatening physique that can send chills down the spines of some of his opponents. But the truth is, Cena did work hard to achieve the shape and body he possesses today. 

Surprisingly, John Cena started weight lifting from his preteen years. He had a strong desire for bodybuilding from a tender age. 

Cena obtained a degree in exercise physiology from Massachusetts Springfield College in 1998. And it was not long before he began his wrestling classes.  

His father, Johnny Fabulous, was an announcer for wrestling sports entertainment. So, John Cena already had an insider who could tell him a little about the wrestling world.  

Cena started his wrestling career in Ultimate Pro Wrestling in 1998. And his stage name then was “The Prototype.”

A Handy Tip: John Cena signed a developmental contract with the WWE, previously known as WWF (World Wrestling Federation), in 2001. 

When Did John Cena Acted His First Movie? 

John Cena’s first acting gig was “The Marine,” produced in 2006. He was the main protagonist in the movie.  

The movie was about a U.S. Marine named John Triton. Triton was honorably discharged from service to live his domestic life, as he pleases. 

Cena’s “The Marine” was a success revenue-wise. But many critics don’t think he was the ideal actor for the role. Why? They believed he didn’t act like a true member of the U.S. marine.  

But then, the movie was one of the most successful movies the WWE studios have produced. And Cena earned a whopping $280,000 for the lead role he played. 

The Shocking Reason John Cena Started Weight Lifting At A Young Age

John Cena reportedly started weight lifting when he was 13. He even made it a hobby. 

Bullies made him consider weight lifting, as he was a regular target. The music Cena listens to and how he dresses while in school singled him out for bullies to harass.       

John Cena also didn’t fit into any social clique in school, which made matters worse. It made him a target for bullies in his school. 

The bullying became almost constant, and Cena was fed up. But he knew the only way out was to look big and strong so that bullies would be scared of coming close. Thus, Cena asked his father for a weight lifting set. He was only 13 years old then. 

John Cena started working out non-stop into his mid-thirties. But now, he is straining to increase his muscle size any longer. His primary focus now that he’s in his forties is wellness. 

Let’s also not forget that he has a degree in exercise physiology. Therefore, he should know how to achieve his wellness goals. 

Why Did People Consider John Cena A Marine?

The movie “The Marine” made many believe John Cena was a marine. He acted as one, even though many critics thought otherwise. 

Following the release of the movie, John Cena started wearing military camouflage. And this raised the suspicion that he was a marine.  

However, Cena wore camouflage whenever he appeared on stage to promote “The Marine.” 

John Cena is also famous for his military salute, which convinced many he was a marine. His theme, “Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect,” defines who he is. He adheres completely to this character.  

Now, why does John Cena salute like military personnel? He does it to show respect and solidarity for military personnel, both veterans and those who’re still in service. Cena has also been associated with charities related to the U.S. Marine. 

Has John Cena Ever Considered Enlisting In The Marine? 

Yes, he thought about joining the marines in his 20s. Cena wanted his life to have a clear meaning. He wanted his life to have a direction and believed joining the marine was the right call. 

What prevented Cena from enlisting in the marine was his friend. Cena desired to join the marine, but his friend thought he could succeed in wrestling sports entertainment. 

He was motivated to join wrestling sports entertainment after speaking with several people at the gym. His big statue and physique should have made his transition into wrestling a breeze. 

Today, John Cena has one of the most decorated careers in the WWE. He has featured in 2266 matches and registered 1784 wins. He holds the record for the highest wins in the WWE. 

Only a few wrestlers are more popular than John Cena, with Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” being one of them. 

Is John Cena Married?

The report of John Cena and Nikki Bella’s breakup shattered most fans of both celebrities. Many people loved seeing them together, and you can tell they would make a good couple under any circumstances. 

Nikki and Cena’s relationship lasted for six years. Cena even proposed to her on the ring at some point, but their relationship never got beyond an engagement.  

According to Nikki Bella, he didn’t want John Cena to regret starting a family. There were reports that while Nikki Bella wanted to have children, Cena had a contrary view. He believed his busy schedule as an actor and wrestler wouldn’t allow him to spend quality time with the kids. 

Bella and Cena went their separate ways and had both found love. John Cena is now married to his Iranian sweetheart, Shay Shariatzadeh.

Cena met Shay in 2019 while filming “Playing with Fire” in her hometown, Vancouver, Canada. Both lovers even walked the red carpet together at the movie’s premiere. The couples tied the knot on October 12, 2020. 

Cena’s opinion against having children hasn’t changed much yet. But that hasn’t prevented him from supporting kids whenever he can. He believes he won’t have time for his kids, which would be unfair. 

However, Shay, Cena’s wife, believes the actor cum wrestler would make a great father. So, only time will tell if Cena will change his plans and have kids. 

Has John Cena Retired From Wrestling?

John Cena’s long absence from the ring creates many rumors among the WWE community. Many fans believe the superstar has retired with style but doesn’t want to be official yet.  

The truth is Cena hasn’t retired. He still has his skills and strength, and he’s still a bit young. His head is right now in Hollywood, and he’s making money there and faces lesser risk than wrestling.  


Was John Cena a marine? No, he isn’t. The movie “The Marine,” including Cena’s mannerisms and dressing style, made people believe he was a marine. 

However, Cena did consider joining the U.S. Marine in his 20s. But his friend discouraged him from enlisting in the marine. Cena was urged to join wrestling because he had the physique the organization would adore. 

We also discussed John Cena’s marital status. He’s married to Shay Shariatzadeh, a gorgeous Iranian. 


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