What Does Delivered To Agent Mean In USPS? Find out

The US Postal Service has significantly improved. It correctly and frequently tracks shipments. It also provides its customers with considerably more precise and complete information. 

The shipment company offers several methods of receiving shipments, including signature required or post office for hold pick-up. 

However, there are times when delivery methods are out of customers’ control, such as “delivered to the agent.” 

You might have received this information and are wondering what it means. The article is well researched and has all the information you need to know about it.

What Does Delivered To Agent Mean in USPS?

A USPS driver might attempt to make a delivery, but you aren’t present. Therefore they’ll leave the package to someone else on your behalf. 

The person is usually a family member or an authorized person. Once this happens, the tracking status will say delivered to an agent. 

Who Is An Agent?

The “agent” refers to the person that receives the package on your behalf. However, it doesn’t mean that it must be an authorized individual. 

At times the packages can end up at the local postal service, and the tracking system will till say delivered to the agent. 

There are several instances in which one can receive this message. USPS might deliver a package to a university hostel, but the recipient doesn’t have someone to receive it. The recipient will still receive the delivered to agent message, confusing right. 

Note that an agent is a person that accepts mail or package on behalf of the recipient. If you reside in a university hostel, the delivery person couldn’t access the hostel premises. 

Therefore they decided to leave the package with the local staff, or the postal service took it on your behalf. 

There’s no need to worry because it’s the staff’s role to pick up any package/mail and deliver it to you.

The Benefits Of USPS Delivered To Agent

It would be best never to worry when you get the message delivered to the agent. USPS agents do not leave the package/ mail with anyone or everyone. 

The delivery guy will give the parcel to someone that you have authorized. Here are some of the benefits of USPS delivered to the agent.

  • The recipient will be at peace knowing the package will reach the person they trust.
  • USPS is a popular and trusted shipment company that offers professional services. The USPS employees are professional and won’t hand over the package to anyone. They will only leave it with an authorized person. 
  • USPS communicates the delivery timeline, so you’ll know the exact day and time for delivery. It makes it easy for you to inform and request someone to pick up the package on your behalf. 
  • There are some time-sensitive packages, such as frozen food items. USPS service usually delivers the package as soon as possible when dealing with these packages. The delivery person will leave it with the available authorized agent. 

However, there might be no one to receive the package on your behalf at times. The USPS delivery guy will leave a yellow note under the door in such an instance. 

The note will inform you that they have been at your place, but you weren’t available. The delivery will happen the next day. 

The Downfalls Of Delivered To Agent

Even though the delivery service has some benefits, it surely possesses some downfalls. Here are some of its drawbacks. 

  • Some individuals aren’t aware that USPS can deliver the package to another person in their absence. Even if you do, there are some packages that you might not want other people to have. 
  • While delivering a package to an agent happens, there’s usually no proper ID verification and authentication. Therefore there’s a possibility of your package falling into the wrong hands. It is one of the biggest issues with USPS delivering to agents.
  • USPS delivery guys are professional and well-trained. Thus they’re usually not irresponsible with their duties. But during deliveries, a person might answer the door and claim to be an authorized agent. The USPS delivery guy might hand over the package without further verification. 

Overall the benefits of delivering to agents supersede the drawbacks, and you shouldn’t have to worry about your package. However, it’s good to be aware of all possibilities. 

Can One Request Their Package To Be Delivered To An Agent?

Yes, if you want your package delivered to an agent, you must inform your nearest post office. Tell them that you won’t be available during the delivery timeline. You can give the address of your family member, roommate, or neighbor. 

There’s no need to worry after authorizing an agent at the post office. That’s because the package will surely reach the person in your absence. 

Even if you’re certain that you’ll be available to pick up the package. It’s advisable to authorize an agent because emergencies do happen.

Does USPS Confirm Agent’s ID Before Giving The Package 

No. It is surely one of the major drawbacks of USPS when it comes to delivering to an agent. However, the team will handle your package with great care. Plus, the delivery guy will leave the package with the authorized agent. 

Unfortunately, the delivery guys do not authenticate or confirm the agent’s ID. Meaning they can easily hand over your package to the wrong agent. 

A person from your address or a neighbor can receive the package, yet they’re unauthorized. What they need to do is respond like agents. 

However, if there’s no one to pick up the package, it’ll be taken back to the post office. The delivery will happen the next day. 

How To Track A USPS Delivered To Agent 

There are times when you’ll receive the delivered to agent notification, but the package is not in sight. 

It’s possible to track the package and know if it’s stuck in transit. Here is the list of options for tracking a package that’s not in sight.

USPS Mobile App

The mobile app will help your track your package. First, you need to download the mobile application. 

It has an easy-to-use interface; therefore, you won’t have trouble tracking your package. But it would be best if you had is a tracking ID.

USPS Website

You can track your package using the USPS official website. You can access it from your smartphone or PC and key in your tracking number. 

If you don’t have the tracking number contact the person/people that shipped the package. They will send the tracking number to you.

Make a Call

It’s a quick and straightforward way of tracking your package. Call the USPS number and inquire about your package. 


Sending a text message is another simple way of tracking your package. Send your tracking number to 28777.

Is USPS Reliable 

When you send a package through mail, you need to be certain the item will reach its destination safely and fast. In previous years USPS has been subject to criticism for its performance. 

Today the company has had cutdowns and service slow-downs but still maintained a 99% success rate. 

In 2022, it has made accurate and timely deliveries. Its reliability is comparable to its fiercest competitors, FedEx and UPS.

When Is USPS Less Reliable?

USPS is more reliable than not and a dependable company for your package deliveries. However, there are times when you are less likely to receive your mail on time. Here are some of the occasions. 

  • Suppose there has been a sudden traffic incident such as big highway pile-ups. It’s an inevitable happening that will surely slow down delivery. 
  • There are times when mail volume is so high. It usually happens during an election or winter holidays. It affects the delivery speeds.
  • There might be delivery delays when major weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards. 

The shipment company always issues a warning alert to customers on their official website about slow-downs. 

Alternatives To USPS


The shipment company is popular for their next-day delivery service. They have a ground service that’s so affordable. 

FedEx is cheaper than USPS and UPS for packages above 3 pounds. You’ll get a 15% shipping discount if you create an account.

 FedEx is also reliable and has detailed package tracking.


UPS offers some great deals for anyone shipping large volume packages. However, the company’s prices are usually high. It’s only economical to use their services when shipping three-pound packages. 

In addition to ground shipping, UPS has three, two, and next-day shipping. You can select a shipping service depending on your needs. It’s also a very reliable shipping carrier, and you can track your package at any time.


The USPS delivery to agents reduces late deliveries. If you aren’t available to receive the package, they’ll give it to your authorized agent. You can later pick up the package from the person. 

USPS is the most trusted delivery service in the USA. So your package will be completely safe with an agent. You need to mention the authorized agent’s name that should receive your package. 

Plus, if there’s no agent to receive the package, it’ll be sent back to the post office. Your tracking status will be “delivered to the agent if the authorized agent receives it.”

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