What Games Can You Play With Friends If There Are Four Of You

The gaming industry has long ceased to be a means of killing time, and the latest sensational projects offer players a full immersion in well-developed and interesting game universes while maintaining the possibility of playing in a cooperative and implementing leadership and team actions.

If there are four of you, and you are looking for a good project for cooperation, then consider a few good options:

  • Destiny 2
  • PUBG
  • Escape From Tarkov
  • Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

You can go to the Skycoach Blog and read up-to-date information about each project that interests you.

Inside the blog there will be current news, trends and development paths for the project, major changes and patch notes, and opinions of professional players about the project and the chosen development path set by the developers.

Destiny 2

One of the few shooting in the MMO genre and space setting of the distant future, where humanity defends itself from an alien invasion and expands the boundaries of its capabilities through the study of other planets and satellites.

You have to choose your game class – Titan, Warlock and Hunter.

Despite the fact that there are only three main classes, you can easily duplicate one class for one of the group members in order to achieve a stronger squad.

The two titans will be better on the defensive or become good semi-dps that support each other. Two Warlocks will provide full-fledged AoE damage and healing with a clear distribution of roles, and two Hunters will increase the combat potential of the group in attacks at long distances.

Apex Legends

One of the most popular and famous battle royale shooters, with a strong esports component and a wide pool of agents that can be combined to strengthen your team.

You have to parachute to one of the randomly selected points on the map, find yourself weapons and equipment and fight against players from other squads to identify the strongest squad, which will take first place, destroying the rest of the opponents.

Of course, you can play both alone and together, but almost all shooters in the royal battle genre are designed to be played in squads of four people.

This approach will give you the opportunity to fully use the tactics of consolidated detachments, with the offensive, the suppression of points, the control of flanks and rear, the defense of all dangerous directions at once and the ability to work in pairs to increase efficiency.

In Apex Legends, you can combine agents – this will give an advantage in battle. For example, Livelane will allow the squad to quickly recover after the battle. The bastion will conduct artillery fire. Octane will cover the squad, taking the main damage. Mirage will quickly get close to the enemy and there are many such combinations.

Do not forget about unique abilities – each character is a unique class that has in its stock skills that can help the group in battle.

Lifelane will reanimate a wounded ally with the help of a drone rather than on her own, which will not deprive the group of another firing position.

Octane should use the shield ability to block damage and move to cover at the right time to activate passive regeneration.

Bastion fires mounted artillery and puts up a shield that blocks damage. You can stand behind a small stone, creating a natural protective barrier and attacking opponents with virtually impunity.

Escape from Tarkov

One of the best projects also in the battle royale genre, which is distinguished by increased realism and compliance with all the laws of physics in relation to bullet flight ballistics, hit mechanics and a realistic model of a fighter’s behavior in combat conditions.

Players will choose their side of the conflict – Russian PMCs, or Terra.

Both sides are mercenaries who represent the interests of the United States and Russia in the disputed territory of Tarkov without the involvement of a regular army.

You have to assemble your squad, enter various territories in search of equipment and fight against representatives of the enemy PMCs and bandits, who will cause a lot of inconvenience, although they are inferior in terms of firepower and the quality of weapons and ammunition.

Unlike most arcade simulators in Tarkov, not only finding the best equipment and weapons is important, but also their safety.

Death will mean a complete restart of the battle with a complete zero of all equipment and weapons obtained and start all over from the very beginning.

This adds overall value to the action of the units and the need to cover each other, otherwise all efforts will be useless.

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

This is a fully cooperative and realistic combat simulation in which players will represent the US Special Forces in the war against the Chinese army in Russia. For modern realities, this is not such an impossible scenario.

You will play four players with the distribution of roles.

There will be a group leader with binoculars and weapons with a collimator, a set of smoke grenades and equipment necessary to interact with the team.

The Machine Gunner is a heavily armed marksman who overwhelms enemy infantry while attacking or defending, and destroys targets that do not want to quickly seek cover.

The orderly is a fighter with standard weapons and a large set of medical equipment for bandaging and helping the wounded of varying severity during the battle.

Sniper, or Grenade Launcher – the last member of the squad is always assembled depending on the upcoming task during the mission. To combat tanks and armored vehicles, it is equipped with a heavy grenade launcher, if the task requires the elimination of important targets, then a sniper rifle or assault weapons with a wide range of accessories can be issued.

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
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