What Has Lauren Boebert Accomplished? A Look At Her Journey

What has Lauren Boebert accomplished? Lauren Boebert, a prominent figure in American politics, has garnered significant attention since her election to the United States House of Representatives in 2020. 

As a Republican representative from Colorado’s 3rd congressional district, many individuals are curious about what she has accomplished during her time in office. 

Boebert’s tenure thus far has been marked by her staunch conservative values and outspoken rhetoric on various issues. 

While it is essential to evaluate her accomplishments objectively, it is equally important to consider the impact and influence she has had on the political landscape. 

In this write-up, we’ll shed light on the achievements and contributions of Lauren Boebert as a public servant. Her accomplishments are many, and we’ll only look at the major ones across various categories. 

Local Accomplishments

1. Pueblo Jobs Act –Laurel Boebert successfully sponsored the Pueblo Jobs Act, which became law as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). 

This legislation aims to create at least 1,000 new jobs in Pueblo and attract new businesses to Southern Colorado.

2. Indian Irrigation Fund – She secured $10 million for the Indian Irrigation Fund, addressing deferred maintenance and supporting water storage projects.

3. Glenwood Springs South Bridge Project – Boebert played a key role in securing a $50 million grant for the South Bridge project in Glenwood Springs. 

The project involves establishing a new bridge connection for improved access between State Highway 82 and the western side of the Roaring Fork River.

4. Cottonwood Pass Blue Hill Project – Boebert secured $1,500,000 for the Cottonwood Pass Blue Hill Project. This project addresses safety concerns on I-70 through Glenwood Canyon, prone to closures due to rockslides and mudslides after the Grizzly Creek Fire in 2020.

5. Veterans’ Care Funding – Boebert, with bipartisan support, passed six amendments in the House to increase funding for veterans’ care by redirecting $13 million from bureaucratic sources to direct support for veterans.

6. Community Health Centers Funding – She helped secure $1.85 billion for community health centers to support essential healthcare services in rural communities.

7. Water Projects Funding – Lauren secured various funding for essential water projects across different Colorado cities, addressing safety improvements, economic development, and critical infrastructure needs.

8. Lower Energy Costs Act – Boebert’s two bills passed the House as part of H.R.1, the Lower Energy Costs Act. 

The 90-Day Review Act shortens the time for opposition parties to file petitions for judicial review for major infrastructure projects from 150 to 90 days. The American Energy Act cuts red tape to promote American energy development.

9. Restored American Energy Dominance Act – The act successfully passed the House as part of the Interior Appropriations Bill for FY24. 

This act aims to block the proposed Fluid Mineral Leases and Leasing Process rule by the Bureau of Land Management, protecting domestic energy producers from excessive costs and regulations.

10. American Energy Act – The second bill in the Lower Energy Costs Act is the American Energy Act. 

Boebert introduced this legislation to cut through red tape, making it easier to unleash American energy, streamline permitting, reduce gas prices, and eliminate unnecessary lawsuits.

11. BLM’s “Conservation Rule” Land Grab – She cosponsored and voted for legislation that passed the Resources Committee to stop the Bureau of Land Management’s “Conservation Rule” Land Grab.

National Accomplishments

  1. Military Pay Raise – Laurel Boebert voted to boost the pay of our military personnel, marking the largest increase in 20 years. 
  2. Veterans’ Benefits Increase –She supported a significant increase of over $1.5 billion in benefits for veterans, acknowledging and addressing the needs of those who have served our country.
  3. Border Security – Lauren proudly endorsed and voted for a robust border security bill, thus supporting safeguarding our borders to ensure national security.
  4. Impeachment Proceedings – Making history, Boebert initiated impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden. However, there is a small debate on this, depending on which side you are on.
  5. Conservative Free Speech – She successfully led efforts against establishing a Disinformation Governance Board, preventing censorship and protecting conservative voices in the face of perceived threats to free speech.
  6. IRS Oversight – Boebert actively worked to prevent the IRS from hiring an additional 87,000 agents. And do you know why this is a victory? Well, the IRS usually snoops on your bank accounts, and who wants that?  Additionally, she worked to reduce spending by over $416 million to prevent the IRS from excessively monitoring people’s bank accounts.
  7. WOTUS Rule Opposition – She voted to protect ranchers and farmers from what was deemed an unconstitutional rule by the Biden administration, specifically related to water resources regulation.
  8. Immigration Policy Opposition – Lauren played a crucial role in preventing the Biden administration from providing substantial financial compensation to illegal immigrants, aligning with a stance of prioritizing American citizens.
  9. Gun Owners Protection – Boebert cosponsored legislation aimed at protecting veterans and gun owners, signaling a commitment to uphold Second Amendment rights.
  10. Second Amendment Defense – Lauren filed a brief defending the Second Amendment in a Supreme Court case, advocating for the rights of citizens to bear arms.
  11. Prohibitions on Various Funding to Non-essential Activities – She prohibited funds for different purposes, including preventing gain-of-function research in China, stopping gender transition surgeries at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and more. 

Casework Accomplishment

  1. Veteran Care Advocacy – Laurel intervened to ensure that a veteran facing a critical situation and waiting 14 months for care authorization received immediate help. The case escalated through the VA-VISN, highlighting the urgency of the veteran’s needs.
  2. Crop Loss Insurance Claims – When farmers complained about USDA denying their crop loss insurance claims during a drought, Laurel’s office took action.  They worked with the agency to resolve the issue, ensuring that farmers received the compensation they deserved.
  3. Emergency Assistance for COVID-19 Separation – Laurel’s office assisted a couple separated due to COVID-19. The husband, detained in unsafe conditions, was quickly helped through emergency instructions conveyed to the embassy, ensuring his safe release.
  4. Small Business Loan Approval – A Grand Junction small business faced closure as its EIDL loan was denied without justification. Laurel’s office stepped in, advocating for a review of the case, resulting in the approval of the EIDL loan and saving the business.
  5. PTSD Group Counseling Improvement – Laurel’s office addressed issues in veterans’ PTSD group counseling where a provider was frequently absent. By drawing attention to the problem, they contributed to correcting the situation, ensuring better support for veterans.
  6. Unpaid Medical Bills Resolution – A distressed veteran with tens of thousands in unpaid medical bills sought help. Laurel’s office contacted the VA, resolving the confusion around coverage and ensuring the veteran’s bills were paid.
  7. Increased Benefits for a Deteriorating Veteran – Laurel’s office assisted a veteran whose benefits claim had been denied. With their help, the veteran received assistance from the Loan Guarantee Department, preventing him from losing his home and significantly increasing his benefits.
  8. Retirement Pay and Benefits Assistance – A retired Navy veteran faced delays in receiving retirement pay and benefits. Boebert’s office inquired with the Department of the Navy, getting the veteran’s retirement services approved and ensuring he received back pay.
  9. Honoring a Deceased Korean War Veteran – Laurel’s office worked for almost a year to obtain service records for a Korean War veteran. Despite COVID-related delays, they succeeded, allowing the veteran’s family to honor him with a plaque on his headstone.
  10. Swift Open-Heart Surgery – A veteran in extreme distress with unpaid medical bills needed immediate open-heart surgery.

Laurel’s office expedited the process, getting the veteran into surgery within three days, potentially saving his life.

Who Is Lauren Boebert?

Lauren Boebert is a politician and gun rights activist in the USA.  She has represented Colorado’s 3rd congressional district in the U.S. since 2021. Boebert gained recognition for owning Shooters Grill, a restaurant in Rifle, Colorado. 

 As a Republican, she strongly advocates for gun rights. In the 2020 primary elections, she defeated Scott Tipton and Diane Bush in the general election. 

She won re-election in 2022 by a narrow margin against Adam Frisch. Lauren supports Trump’s claims about the 2020 election and voted to overturn its results. 

She is associated with QAnon and far-right extremism. She opposes gender-affirming surgery for minors, green energy, same-sex marriage, COVID-19 mandates, and abortion. 

Lauren is an isolationist in international policy but supports closer US-Israel ties for religious reasons. She is a born-again Christian who disagrees with the separation of church and state.


What has Lauren Boebert accomplished? Boebert has undoubtedly made waves in the political arena. She has been a vocal advocate for Second Amendment rights, consistently fighting to protect individual gun ownership. 

Additionally, she has pushed for limited government intervention and regulations, advocating for small businesses and economic growth. 

While her tenure is still relatively new, Boebert has already made a noticeable impact through her strong conservative stance and commitment to her constituents. 

It will be interesting to see how she continues to navigate the political landscape and what future accomplishments she will achieve.

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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