Where Does Joe Rogan Live? Inside The Popular Podcaster’s Home

Where Does Joe Rogan Live? The Joe Rogan Experience host rose to prominence on the sitcom NewsRadio in the 1990s. 

He then assumed the role of host of the stunt/dare game program Fear Factor and finally rose to prominence as a UFC martial arts commentator.

Joe Rogan is an internet celebrity. His podcast is currently one of the most popular and has amassed millions of subscribers. 

His entire career has been spent in the entertainment industry, performing stand-up comedy in modest venues to providing color commentary at UFC fights.

Additionally, he served as a judge on Fear Factor and briefly appeared on stage. Where does he live? Let’s find out.

Where Does Joe Rogan Live?

Rogan owns one of the most aesthetically pleasing residences in Austin, Texas. It is near the residences of other celebrities who reside in the state capital, such as Jensen Ackles, who also owns a stunning lake house in Austin.

The Lake Austin residence was an antique Tuscan-style McMansion listed for $7.25 million in 2015. Builder Benjamin Wood, who also possessed the property, claims it has been transformed into an Asian-inspired modern mansion.

Who is Joe Rogan?

Joseph James Rogan goes by the stage name Joe Rogan and is also a podcast host. He has held various positions, including that of a UFC color analyst and a comedian.

Over time, an increasing number of individuals became fond of the television figure. Individuals have been intrigued by him ever since he debuted on television in 1994 as the presenter of Half Time Comedy Hour.

Joe Rogan was born in Newark, New Jersey on August 11, 1967. He graduated from Newton South High School in 1985 and subsequently enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Boston for his academic pursuits.

He became a comedian almost immediately after graduating from college, and by 1994, he was performing on television. Due to this relocation, James became a color analyst in Los Angeles in 1997. James produced his inaugural podcast in 2009.

He is currently worth over $150 m in net worth. The actor’s physique complements his demeanor. He weighs 150 pounds and stands 5’8″ tall. Together with his spouse, Jessica Ditzel, they have two lovely children.

He had hosted several podcasts; the JRE program, however, was the pinnacle of his career. His engaging and thought-provoking discussions with visitors have encompassed various subjects and genres.

The subjects include but are not limited to humor, science, comedy, philosophy, and politics. James has appeared on NewsRadio, Fear Factor, Meat Eater, and The Man, among other American reality programs.

Joe Rogan’s Multi-Million Mansion

Rogan first addressed the modification on his podcast in July 2020. He stated then that he was moving out without specifying his destination. And precisely what he accomplished in 2021. 

He purchased a massive 11,000-square-foot residence in Austin for $14.5 million after selling his 7600-square-foot residence in Los Angeles. That is nearly four times the value of his previous residence.

The expansive lakefront estate of the former Fear Factor host spans 10,890 square feet and represents one of the most substantial real estate transactions in the region’s annals. 

It features ten restrooms, two living rooms, eight bedrooms, and a spacious backyard where Marshall Mae, the family golden retriever, can run.

The ‘hood is extremely popular. Its location, which also includes the opulent residences of tycoon John Paul DeJoria and Sandra Bullock, is a pleasant escape from the bustle of the city without being excessively remote as to cause inconvenience.

After a cursory examination of the pad, one will promptly discern its actual merits (and begin to question whether this is, in fact, Joe Rogan’s pad, given the absence of camouflage print).

Rogan’s opulent residence spans four acres and provides ample space for seclusion, a point the internet celebrity has previously discussed.

His new residence is rumored to have an open floor plan, dark blue walls, and wooden pillars that partition the rooms; he has not disclosed much about it.

Standard mid-century modern furnishings adorn the interior, including a large dining table supported by two broad, rectangular wood planks and attractive chairs.

Rogan selected expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that encircle the space to maintain natural light in the living room.

The open kitchen’s two islands and antique cabinets provide an ideal setting for Rogan to prepare some of his preferred wild foods, such as elk.

When free, the hectic podcaster may unwind in the above-ground saltwater pool or on the party terrace that overlooks the lake. Before relocating to Austin, Rogan owned and occupied two residences in Bell Canyon.


The Rogan residence is situated near the Colorado River. It is among a multitude of wealthy homes that border the riverbank.

His next-door neighbor is the renowned actress Sandra Bullock. They are near the attractive city center while retaining the tranquility of “rural” life.

This contemporary farmhouse-style residence in a tranquil Austin neighborhood features expansive windows, a streamlined design, and an aesthetic reminiscent of Texas.

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

The Rogan property comprises a total area of 10,980 square feet, including fields, a residence, and outbuildings, 

A picturesque undulating field extends from the residence boundary to the riverbank. There is ample space for the family dog and the children.

A floating river deck and a saltwater pool are wonderful locations to unwind and enjoy oneself. The rear of the lakefront residence features a spacious deck and patio, in addition to an exquisite mezzanine featuring a giant Buddha statue.

The Rogans will surely enjoy the party terrace, which overlooks Lake Austin for more than 300 feet.

Joe and his family can swim in the lake’s outdoor pool to chill off. The patio is constructed from cobblestones and provides ample shelter during the scorching summers in Texas. 

Interior Style

Interior Style

The dining room, living room, and study are all contained within the same room due to the open floor plan implemented during the interior renovation. The hue of the walls and roof is an intense shade of blue.

One notable feature of Rogan is floor-to-ceiling windows along one side of the living room. The open plan rooms are devoid of partition barriers, facilitating a seamless flow of movement between them.

The entry hall presents an approximate height of the roof. The walls’ beige wood flooring is only partially interrupted by a few colorful objects.

As one traverses the remainder of the establishment, the formal dining room and bar empties into the three adjacent seating areas. The dominant wall color is still cobalt blue.

The kitchen, which features two distinctive islands and a casual dining area, is directly adjacent. It is easier to prepare elk flesh for cooking in this kitchen. It features two pull-out cooking islands, recessed illumination, and light fixtures that resemble those from a farmhouse.

The cooking islands are virtually identical and mirror each other. A sizable contemporary fireplace is atop the kitchen and dining area, encircled by antique cabinetry. 

A large farmhouse-style table with two broad rectangles serving as supports and some exquisite dining chairs in the dining area. 

There is ample space at this enormous table for Rogan, his wife Jessica, their three children, and three additional radio guests. 

The family makes up three of the total seven bedrooms. Joe constructed an identical studio in his new Los Angeles residence. Currently, he is streaming from that facility.

Observers of Joe Rogan’s physique agree that he did not acquire those muscles by spending the entire day in bed. The fact that Joe’s gym is well-stocked demonstrates his intense dedication to exercise.

As one might anticipate, Joe Rogan has a personal fitness facility within his residence. His training area was designed by Sorinex and is filled with premium exercise equipment and weights.

In addition, he possesses a set of barbells adorned with chimpanzee heads. Onnit offers these one-of-a-kind weights that infuse an already magnificent personal fitness area with elegance.

The residence’s rear has been renovated in the mid-century modern style, featuring floor-to-ceiling glass walls. 

Although Rogan cannot pursue elk on the four acres, the backdrop consists of picturesque rolling grass and Lake Austin. 

At night, the residence sparkles like a Christmas tree. However, there are no neighbors in the rear. One can only find the exquisite Austin Lake and the undeveloped forested slopes.

Key Facts

  • Location: Lake Austin in Austin, Texas
  • Square footage: 10,980
  • Lot size: 3.92 acres
  • Amenities: podcast room, outdoor pool, 300 feet of waterfront with three boat docks
  • Year built: 2008
  • Bedrooms: 7
  • Bathrooms: 9
  • Previous list price: $7,250,000 (July, 2015)
  • Purchase price: $14.4 million (October, 2020)


Where Does Joe Rogan Live? Well, Joe Rogan was constantly on the screens as the presenter of the popular television program Fear Factor. He is currently the highest-paid podcaster, recently announcing that The Joe Rogan Experience will be exclusive to Spotify.

By allocating the additional funds, Joe could readily maintain his current residence in California while purchasing a new one in Austin, Texas.

Los Angeles is more bustling with activity than Austin is. According to Joe, “I just want to go somewhere in the center of the country, somewhere it’s easier to travel to both places, and somewhere we have a little bit more freedom.”

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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