Why I Left The Villages In Florida: The Pinnacle Of Retirement

It is one of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing retirement communities, so many people wonder why I left The Villages in Florida. 

Florida is a hit spot for retirement homes, and The Village has stood out for its many amenities, members, easy access, and magnificent houses.

Despite these advantages, some people still move out of the community, which might not be entirely clear why. 

This article will go into the main reasons why some residents left The Villages and give you some alternative communities to try out in Florida; 

Why I Left The Villages In Florida

The Villages are a massive retirement community in Florida with hundreds of residents, and it snowballed between 2010 and 2017. 

This growth rate, however, only overshadowed the fact that some new residents were opting out of the area. So, what caused them to leave?

1. Humidity 

This is not an issue with The Villages themselves but rather a concern with the whole Florida area since it is tropical. 

It is a sunny area with mild winters, but the tropics also come with humidity, and The Villages can record humidity of up to 70% in August.

This humidity can affect heart attack rates, high blood pressure, and other heart diseases, so the high humidity isn’t the best for old people. You can live in the community, but avoiding outdoor activities during the summer would be best.

2. Residents have little control

This might be something that people appreciate, but it is a big problem for those who like to be in control of what is happening around them. The developers own and run everything, so the residents have little control over what happens.

They can give their opinions, but the developers have the final word and can vote them out. If you disagree with their policies, life can quickly become frustrating. You will still hear your opinion, just not as much as in a smaller community. 

3. It Lacks diversity

You might feel out of place if you don’t belong to the specific demographic of about 97% of the community. Most residents in The Villages are rich Caucasian people who share backgrounds and interests, so most other races or social classes might feel left out.

This is not because of the management or community; it just attracts a particular group of people, which might be boring to some people. It means you won’t get many new ideas or experiences, so some join more diverse communities. 

3. Corporate feel

Many critics termed The Villages Disney World for old people, which can be good or bad depending on how you perceive Disney World. 

Some see The Village as a fun, clean, and safe community with many amenities, and that’s all they look for in a retirement community. 

For others, it feels too much like a corporate setup to the point where it’s almost fake. Others say it’s like living on a movie set, and you are not a part of the real world. This is a personal choice matter and there are two sides to it. 

What Are The Villages in Florida

Florida is famously known for its many retirement homes and communities in the area. It has good weather, and the correct taxes to allow people to invest in this way, and one of the most significant investments in retirement communities is The Villages;

The Villages are a group of quiet retirement communities in the middle of Florida, conveniently placed between coastline theme parks and ports of travel. There are several neighborhoods, each with a distinct personality that connects with specific people. 

Golf carts connect the communities, and you will be carried to any place you like within or around The Villages. The Villages allow you to live a full life or relax as much as you’d like since they have many opportunities.

You will get anything from various recreational amenities and parks to activities and social clubs. Residents always have something to do, and you can always learn something new or spend the day playing golf.

The Village has more than 50 golf courses of different designs and features that offer enough playing areas with beautiful, natural views. The large community ensures you will always have partners to play with or room to be alone if you prefer.

The flexible nature of The Villages allows new residents to choose homes that reflect their personalities and lifestyles. 

You can get a quaint small house to relax in or a busier area with lots of activities, cookouts, and friends where you’ll discover your hobbies. 

You can find a house regardless of your preference, budget, or style since there are many Homes and Villas, and the community is still expanding. 

You can choose patio villas, courtyard villas, verandas, cottage homes, designer homes, and premier homes.

The Villages encourage physical activity through numerous recreation options, including sports, family fun, education, and social clubs. 

You can get quick and easy access to medical services and shopping centers around the community via golf carts.

The Village has established itself as the best retirement community in Florida, with a rapidly growing residence base. It is a community that will care for you in your advanced years and ensure all your hard work pays off.

Where Can You Go If You Leave The Villages?

Many people start a life in The Villages and find their forever home there, but this is not the case for everyone. Some will change locations within The Village and eventually decide that it is not the place for them. So where can people like this go to feel more at home?

1. Back to their old homes

The saying, “East or West home is best,” applies to many people who try living in retirement homes, and many opt to return. 

Most will do this because they want to be closer to their families or have difficulty connecting to the new environment.

Sometimes, people return since the original home offers easier access to doctors, friends, and family who can care for them. 

Sometimes, they miss their kids or grandkids too often, so they choose to get back closer, but home is often the first choice for whatever reason.

2. Latitude Margaritaville

Latitude Margaritaville is an upcoming Parrot Heads Club that might overtake The Villages in a few decades. It’s a new 55+ community at Daytona Beach that is set to have more than 3000 homes by the time it is completed.

The entire place was based on Jimmy Buffett’s lifestyle and music and it has a calm yet joyful demure that has made it so popular. Jimmy Buffet owns a home in the community, and he often visits new neighbors to introduce himself.

They have a lot of amenities, including a spin room/ gym, indoor lap pool, whirlpool spa, aerobics room, and a virtual trainer. You can find Bandshell playing live music for the residents at the Latitude Town Square.

The community also features The Last Mango Theater, banquet halls for dancing and performances, Latitude Bar & restaurant, Paradise Pool, coconut Telegraph Business Center, and private beach clubs with transport services from Latitude Margaritaville.

2. On Top Of The World

On Top of The World is about 30 minutes away from The Villages, and it’s a similar concept, only on a smaller scale. It is a 55+ community, and it is still growing, but its plans don’t account for it ever becoming as big as The Villages.  

The Villages are massive and still being expanded, so some people prefer a smaller community, precisely what On Top of the World offers. There are a lot of leisure activities to participate in to ensure the residents live a  full life as they age.

They have a 3-course golf area, tennis and pickleball courts, fitness center, health club and spa, restaurants, bocce, basketball and racquetball areas, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Their facilities accommodate all kinds of interests and are conveniently located. 

There are also over 175 hobbies for the residents to participate in to get learning opportunities and keep their minds sharp. 

 4. The Villages of Citrus Hills

The Villages of Citrus Hills aren’t strictly 55, but they have all the resources needed in a 55+ community. It is about three-quarters of an hour from The Village and a popular second choice for those who leave The Villages.

It’s a well-planned community with easily maintainable villas and single-family homes. They also have a  lot of exemplary amenities to entertain the guests and social activities for those who need to make new friends. 


You have a clearer understanding of why I left The Villages in Florida, and hopefully, this article gave you all the information to decide if it is the right place for you. There are many options for 55+ communities in Florida, so make sure you retire in a place you love.

The Village has a lot of amenities, but it is massive and feels controlled, so most people opt to go back home or find another community. 

Others love the organization and class offered by The Village and make it their home. It comes down to personal preference and what makes you happy. 

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
Francis Stein is a writer and traveler who has already traveled most of the states of America. He loves to explore new places and meet new people, and he hopes to continue traveling the world in search of adventure. Francis enjoys writing about his experiences as a way of sharing his love for exploration with others.


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