Why Serious Cigar Collectors Invest In Quality Humidors

Do you like smoking cigars? If the answer’s yes then it is very likely that you have at least heard of humidors before. In order for cigars to be preserved they have to be stored at specific temperatures and humidity levels. If they are not then they can dry out and become unusable.

If you are a cigar investor then you need to make sure that you have one large humidor or several small ones, so you can keep your cigars in good condition. This post will expand upon this and tell you everything you need to know about owning humidors:

Type Of Humidor

Before delving into this post’s primary topic (why humidors are necessary) it is first important to delve into the different types of humidors that are available. For casual smokers, box humidors that sit on one’s desk or bookshelf are fine. For more serious collectors, large humidors that look sort of like refrigerators are needed. You can also buy high-quality travel humidors that you can bring internationally with you, which is great if you are going to a foreign country like Cuba to buy cigars, for example. Travel humidors are great investments.

1. Temperature Control

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, cigars have to be kept at certain temperatures. If they are not then they can deteriorate a lot faster than they otherwise might. Unfortunately, the average cigar smoker is unaware of this and rather than using humidors, stores their cigars in the packets they bought them in or just in the drawers of their desk. A humidor will keep your cigar at the right, pre-programmed temperature. By storing your cigars in humidors you don’t ever have to worry about them prematurely deteriorating.

2. Humidity Levels

As also mentioned in the first point made in this article, humidity levels have to be carefully maintained too. To be completely honest some cigars are obscenely priced. If you do not invest in a humidor then your cigars could deteriorate consequently, you could lose your money. Some people actually buy cigars as investments because as they age they can become more valuable. If you are buying cigars to hold as investments need to make sure that the humidity levels are correct times in your storage vessel. You can do this by investing in high-quality humidor. You can find out what the quality of your chosen humidor is like by conducting online research and reading reviews.

3. Quality Ageing

Premium cigars get better with age. Keeping yours in a humidor will ensure that as they age, they develop more complex flavours and aromas. In terms of actually buying premium cigars, you can find good ones by conducting extensive online research. A lot of people have no idea what qualifies as a “good” cigar. If you are unsure and have no prior experience in cigar smoking then there are an almost endless number of guides that you can use online to develop your skills and become more of an expert. If you do plan on buying premium cigars then remember they can be expensive.

4. External Damage

Humidors also protect cigars from external damage. While cigars are very robust they can still be damaged quite easily if they are mishandled or stored in suboptimal conditions. As a cigar collector, you need to ensure that yours are all stored so as to prevent them from becoming damaged. Cigars are expensive and if you let them get damaged then you are essentially throwing your money and your investment away. If you do plan on buying premium cigars then in addition to keeping them in humidors you might also want to buy new ones and age them yourself rather than buying older ones more susceptible to damage. Older cigars can be very expensive too.

5. Investment Preservation

As mentioned earlier, cigars are sometimes used as investments. If you have a lot of money and want to diversify your investments then instead of focusing purely on the stock market, cryptocurrency and other investments of this kind you may want to consider investing in cigars too. Certain premium cigars can skyrocket in price. The best cigars, again, are Cuban ones. Unfortunately, if you live in the United States you might not legally be allowed to own Cuban cigars. If you do import them you could get into a lot of trouble. Check the current rules at the time of purchase to make sure you do not break any laws.

6. Displaying Collection

Some cigar smokers take pride in their collections, going so far as to display them to people in their homes. Did you know that you can buy humidors made out of glass that allow you to do this? If you are planning on displaying your collection then make sure that you put your glass humidor out of the way. If you put it somewhere where there is a lot of foot traffic then it could potentially be bumped into and knocked over. If this happens then your entire investment could be lost and you could lose money. Displaying your collection is therefore something you should do cautiously.

7. Cost Savings

Throughout this article, reference has been made to the undeniable fact that premium cigars are extremely expensive. If you are planning on buying premium cigars for yourself then of course you need to do everything you can to protect your investment. Even if you’re buying premium cigars to smoke you need to make sure that you do everything in your power to ensure that your cigars do not lose potency or quality, otherwise, you will lose your money. While buying a humidor might seem like an expensive and excessive indulgence, especially for casual smokers, owning one will ensure that your cigars retain their taste and quality for years to come and maybe even decades. You do need to make sure that you buy the best humidor you can afford. To find good humidors conduct online research and read reviews. A humidor’s reviews will help you determine whether its worth using or not.

Cigars can be a lot of fun to smoke and a great investment. If you are planning on buying some then make sure that you buy a humidor to go along with them. Owning a humidor will ensure your cigars do not lose their potency or strength.

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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