Will Smith Banned From The Oscars Following Him Slapping Chris Rock On the 94th Academy Awards.

The 94th Academy Awards took an unexpected turn after Will Smith walked on stage and smacked Chris Rock. Will Smith slapped him after Chris joked about Jada Smith. Chris Rock joked about Jada’s hair loss, and the joke did not sit well with Jada or Will Smith.

The slap caused much controversy over the past few weeks in the entertainment world. Some people condemned Will Smith for his actions, while others commended him for standing up for his wife.

The Academy also accepted Mr. Smith’s resignation from the Academy membership. Will Smith apologized for his actions and said he was heartbroken that he ruined the Oscars for other nominees. 

Will Smith later on publicly apologized to Chris and his fans on Instagram. There are reports that he talked to the Academy president and apologized over zoom. Chris Rock never pressed charges, but the Academy Awards went into disciplinary proceedings.

Will Smith resigned and said he would accept any punishment the Academy gave him. All fans have been waiting to see how the Academy Awards would punish Will Smith. The Academy Awards banned Actor Will Smith from attending Academy events for a decade. 

This ban will prevent Smith from attending, presenting, or performing at the Oscars for the next 10 years. It will still allow him to be a nominee and win Academy awards in the future. Will Smith will also keep the award he has.

The main thing is that the world can finally move on and stop talking about the slap. Will Smith made a mistake, and the Academy dulled out his punishment.




John Taylor
John Taylor
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