Will There Be Another God Of War? A Ragnarok Sequel

God of War Ragnarok’s ending has left many avid gamers in limbo. Now, we’re wondering, will there be another God of War?

Unlike its predecessor, Ragnarok’s nuanced ending didn’t directly announce the arrival of a sequel. But fans believe another GoW (God of War) will be released. 

For GoW fans, the sequel will continue the discussion of Kratos, Atreus, and the other gods. But what is the probability that we will have another God of War after Ragnarok? 

Here’s what we think.

Will There Be Another God Of War?

Sony hasn’t spoken of a God of War Ragnarok sequel, but the gaming community believes they may be planning something. Why? There are numerous reasons for this. 

Firstly, even though the God of War Ragnarok had a nuanced ending, it still left plenty of room for another game, possibly not a sequel. The second reason another God of War might be in the pipeline is the game’s producer, Sony.   

God of War is one of Sony’s most successful and popular series. So, there’s possibly no reason the company should end a massive game like the GoW in this manner. 

Will There Be A God of War Ragnarok Sequel?

Gamers would love a Ragnarok sequel, but the statements from two prominent personalities involved in the game’s production have shattered any hope of such happening.

Cory Barlog, the God of War 2018 creative director, and Eric Williams, the Ragnarok game’s director, have hinted that we may not see a sequel. They have confirmed that Ragnarok could be the final game in the Norse series. 

You’ll discover that Santa Monica Studio and everyone that has been behind God of War have a compelling reason why a Ragnarok sequel won’t make sense. Each series took over five years to create. So, in total, GoW around Norse mythology has been ongoing for over ten years. 

In other words, the producers have focused on the God of War Norse series for the past ten years. Thus, the story has already been overstretched. 

Each series took over five years to create. Now, imagine spending another five years on the God of War Ragnarok sequel, and on the same Norse series. Together, the three series would have made it fifteen years producing a game on the same storyline.

The producers feel producing GoW on the same storyline doesn’t make sense. The game’s storyline will be over-stretched and may appear unappealing to some of its fans. 

Barlog also had an interview with Kaptain Kuba, a YouTuber, where he stated that the Norse series would only have two games. God of War Ragnarok is the second of the Norse series. 

Thus, if Barlog’s words are anything to go by, we might have come to the end of the Norse series. But then, we look at Barlog’s comment in 2018 and find it quite conflicting. 

Upon the release of God of War (2018), Barlog had an interview with Kotaku where he mentioned that he had five more games mapped out. 

A few years later, the God of War Ragnarok was released. But this time, he’s claiming the Ragnarok would be the last in the Norse series.   

We understand why Cory Barlog claims the Norse series will be a two-term game deal. A single series takes much time to produce, so the producers don’t want to keep stretching the story, as it may lose relevance sooner rather than later.  

But the question is, what are the five games Barlog claimed he had in the pipeline in his interview with Kaptain Kuba? Was he referring to another God of War or a completely different game? 

Again, with Ragnarok completely sold out and the God of War 2018 raking in millions in sales, there’s a strong belief that Sony won’t abandon the game to start an entirely new project whose performance they’re unsure of. 

God of War doesn’t only have a good rating but a broad coverage. So, Sony has every reason to continue the game. 

Will There Be A God of War With A Different Theme? 

There may likely be a God of War 6. Unfortunately, we might not have a sequel. Barlog has already clarified that Ragnarok is the last game in the Norse theme. 

The series took more than five years to make, and from how things stand, the producers don’t want to devote much time to a single story. Fifteen years for all three GoW stories centered on Norse mythology would be too long. So, we respect Sony’s wish if they plan to produce a GoW with a different direction. 

The end of God of War Ragnarok shows things can take a different turn. What happened? First, we saw Atreus depart to look for the giants. 

On the other hand, Kratos decided to stay back to help with the rebuild. Now, you can see that the game can take any direction Sony and the Santa Monica Studio want. They can decide to focus on Atreus or Kratos.  

There’s a possibility that God of War 6 won’t focus on Kratos. Instead, it may concentrate on Atreus. The story of Atreus would be more interesting as he sets out on a journey to find the hidden giants. 

As for Ragnarok, there won’t be a sequel. Ragnarok concludes the Norse chapter, but let’s hope the new direction the game may likely take won’t appear less appealing to God of War’s fans.   

Another angle the new God of War might take can be deduced from Barlog’s comments. Barlog stated that he once considered Egyptian and Mayan mythologies for the God of War 2018. But then, he settled for the Norse theme. 

The game hints that some of the giants have left the Nine Realms. Thus, we may have another God of War with an entirely different setting. 

Will There Be Kratos In A New God of War? 

Most people believe Kratos may likely not appear in another God of War, but there’s no reason Santa Monica Studio will abandon the character. So, no, Kratos’ role in God of War hasn’t ended. 

Why? The reboot’s sales were great, coupled with God of War Ragnarok’s sales expectations. These, including Barlog’s statement, hint that Ragnarok wasn’t Kratos’ end.  

However, Barlog’s comment does indicate that the five games he spoke about won’t be about the Norse theme. The only thing the gaming community doesn’t know is whether those five games will differ entirely from the series.      

A Handy Tip: You can understand Kratos and Atreus’ fate by playing the God of War Ragnarok. So, if you haven’t played and finished Ragnarok’s lengthy campaign, we suggest you do so immediately. 

How Much Did Sony Generate From God of War Ragnarok’s Sales? 

Sony has called God of War Ragnarok’s sales a huge success. The company released its quarterly earnings results, and the figures prove it. 

In its first ten weeks of Ragnarok’s release, Sony claimed they sold over 11 million copies. And this makes it the fastest first-party title ever. 

A Handy Tip: Sony made over $500 million from the sale of God of War and $400 from Horizon Zero Dawn.


So, will there be another God of War? There may likely be another God of War. Given the game’s rating and profit, Sony won’t abandon God of War just like that. 

But then, we might not have a God of War that follows the Norse theme. God of War (2018) took five years to produce, while the second may have taken longer. A third God of War with a Norse theme would mean Sony spent 15+ years on a single story. 

Cory Barlog doesn’t seem interested in a God of War centered around the Norse theme. So, he may have other ideas. He once claimed in her interview following the release of Ragnarok that five other games were in the pipeline. But no one knows if those games are part of the God of War series. 

So, we might have another God of War. But this time, the producers may ditch the Norse theme and focus on something different. 

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
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