10 Worst Sports Fans In America: #10 Is Shocking 

The worst sports fans in America know themselves. They are arrogant, loud, scary, hostile, yet sweet. You can tag them as the worst sports fans in the United States of America. But listen, these people make sports more competitive. 

They push their teams to the limit and scare opponents, especially at home. They are the worst fans but hate losing. They want to win and believe they are part of their team. 

From major league soccer to the NFL, NBA, and even college sports, here are America’s terrible sports fans. 

 #1: Philadelphia Fans:

Philadelphia fans, you know yourselves, and you know what you are. If there were an award for the “worst sports fans in America,” it would go to Philly fans. 

Sorry, I meant no disrespect. Calling Philly fans the worst in sports across America is a compliment. If they didn’t top this list, it would be disrespectful to them.

 I don’t know about another way to classify fans who threw snowballs at Santa Claus and even booed them throughout the game. 

Do you recall Michael Irvin’s injury incident? It was a gruesome leg injury that should make fans on both sides feel emotional. Unfortunately, Philly fans were not buying this. The Philly fans were okay if the injury didn’t happen to their player. 

 Philly fans cheered Irvin’s injury. 

These fans can also turn on their players quickly. To them, if you aren’t giving 100% on the field, you have no business being in the team.

Ryan Howard, a Philly player, learned the hard way. He had a beer bottle thrown at him. Why? It’s just because the fans thought he grounded out. 

These fans boo their players when they feel they aren’t performing to the standard, and they do this all the time. 

These fans don’t care who they step on. They don’t have a best player either. If a player performs well today, he becomes their best player. But if the same player doesn’t perform to expectation or sustain the high-level performance they gave earlier, trust Philly fans to come for that player’s head.

#2: SEC Fans:

Fans are known to support a specific team. They stick to their teams through thick and thin. They are there under the rain and when the sun shines. That is what fans do. But SEC fans are just the direct opposite. 

In fact, after Philly, SEC fans are the most terrible sports fans in America. 

Why are SEC fans considered the worst sports fans in the United States of America? The reasons aren’t farfetched. 

Firstly, SEC fans don’t have a team. The millions of SEC fans worldwide believe every team at the top deserves their support. 

No fan enjoys seeing their team at the bottom. We all want our teams to be at the top of the table. But this can only happen if the team improves their performances. 

Another thing that makes SEC fans one of the worst sports fans in the U.S. is internet trolling. These fans don’t let players in other teams blink. They are always on their throats. 

If you’re not on the SEC team, the trolling never ends. You’ll always feel like the fans have a department dedicated to trolling other teams and bringing down their morale. They’ll remind you how great SEC is and why your team won’t perform well if given a chance. 

3: Yankee Fans:

We have nothing but respect for the Yankees. What this team has achieved since its inception is remarkable. So, give the Yankees their flowers. They deserve much respect. 

The Yankees have participated in the World Series 40 times. But guess what? They have won it 27 times.    

The Yankee fans are something else. You know they are one of the worst fans concerning sports. Most people won’t be shocked to see the Yankees at the top of a list highlighting the worst fans in American sports. They deserve to be here. 

We know the Yankees have done well. But Yankee fans aren’t making others give the team proper accolades. Instead, their actions and arrogance create more cracks between them and rival fans. 

The incredible win the Yankees have amassed over the years makes Yankee fans feel pompous. They are super proud, which they should be, but disregard other teams. 

The Yankee fans believe their team is better than others. And they believe their team would be more successful than any team in the division. 

Anyway, I like the arrogance of the Yankee fans. I hope it makes other teams jealous and work hard. Any team can do what the Yankees are doing and put their noisy fans in their places.  

So, it’s left for teams to step up. When teams start to step up, rest assured Yankee fans will keep quiet. 

4: Bama Fans: 

Are you a Bama fan? If you are, you need to change your mentality. 

Bama has been one of the standout teams in the division. They have won many titles, and opposition fans tip them to win everything in the game annually. 

Bama is working hard and putting in every effort to ensure they achieve results. Unfortunately, their fans are super arrogant. I used the word “super” because the arrogance of these fans can be annoying. 

Bama fans see their team winning all the prizes each year. They live in such an unrealistic bubble.

The 2022 season was shocking for fans. It was one of Bama’s worst years. Firstly, they lost two games and could beat anyone of real significance. Shockingly, Bama fans think their team has been poorly treated and should be in the college playoff. 

Having a positive mindset and trusting your team are encouraging things to do. You might push your team to start performing. But then, Bama fans need to stop! They have to realize that no team is immune to setbacks. 

Bama fans must understand that their team can lose form and games, too. And when they lose, they need to understand and move on.

5: Patriot Fans: 

Patriot fans are passing through a lot these days, emotionally. The level of discontent among them is unfathomable. Their 20-year run ended in a terrible state. 

Anybody who is spiritual-minded would quickly think there are forces of darkness fighting against the Patriot’s success. That is, forces are setting Patriot up for failure.   

Tom Brady was the team’s superhero. He played the most games and scored the most points. He was a shining light for the team. 

Unfortunately, Tom Brady’s era has passed. He’s no longer playing for the Patriots. Some older players who contributed to the team’s unbeaten run have also retired. Now, the team has a mix of different players.

So, Patriot’s pompous fans need to change their mentality. They must understand that teams can lose forms and games. 

Furthermore, Patriots fans must understand that their teams are not invisible. Thus, win or lose, the fans should always learn to back their teams. 

Patriot fans should also be hopeful that their team will become champions one day.

#6: Red Sox fans:

The Red Sox were the first team to win four World Series titles in the 21st century. Isn’t that lovely? They won the title in 2004, 2007, 2013, and 2018. 

The team has made their fans proud and has reaped massive benefits for their top performances. They are one of the most decorated teams in the world. 

We get what you’re trying to do, Red Sox fans. Your team is the best, while others are terrible. Isn’t that so?

The Red Sox fans are just arrogant crybabies. They wail over every decision that doesn’t favor them. Even when they lose, they can never admit that their team didn’t perform well. Instead, they will comfortably blame other teams and officials for their failures. 

Nothing can ever be good enough for Red Sox fans. Absolutely nothing! They believe their team deserves more from games even when they lose. That’s how crazy the Red Sox fans are. 

Dear Red Sox fans, your team doesn’t deserve to win if they don’t play well. Additionally, you guys should find courage and call the team out whenever they perform below the expected level. 

It is not always the officials’ fault that your team didn’t win a game. Your team didn’t play well. And when a team doesn’t play well, they lose games. 

7: Cowboy Fans:

For more than a decade now, the Cowboys have been so hyped. But that hasn’t stopped them from winning and becoming one of America’s most loved and hated sports teams. 

Interestingly, the true blue fans have been remarkable. Despite their team’s poor record since 1995, they remained unfazed. These days, it feels like other teams are rooting for them. That is how crazy the situation has become. 

 It is good to be proud of your team. When you’re, you can take whatever challenges come your way. The only part that I’m afraid I have to disagree with the team is being arrogant. 

Fans become annoyed when they start letting their team’s achievements get into their head. They start acting pompous and feeling like they own the world. 

The fact that your team is on top today doesn’t mean they’ll remain there forever. They won’t. So, enjoy it while it lasts, and be ready to show support when the team starts losing.  

The Cowboy fans have been incredible throughout the team’s journey, but their only sin is feeling too proud. And when you let pride take over, arrogance will be a whisker away. If the fans can stay humble, they’ll be my favorite, and we may consider pulling them off this list. But for now, they are among the worst fans in the history of sports in America. 

8: Houston Astro Fans 

After 2018, the Houston Astros fans’ stock rose. The fans quickly rose to the upper echelons, topping most fan bases famous for their annoying and arrogant behavior. 

So, other fans were thinking of creative ways to support their teams, and Houston Astro fans were thinking of how to introduce a little bit of arrogance in their game.  

The Houston trash can scandal infuriated the fanbase, and we understand why. But we may never fully know how it turned a once lovely fanbase into an angry mob. 

The team and fanbase knew the punishment was coming. So, why play the victim? Why make others look bad for a misconduct that was obvious and punishable?

If the Houston Astro fans aren’t causing trouble or showing hostility towards rival fans, they are trying to convince others about how good the team is. 

If only a true Houston Astro fan could tell their fellow fans the truth, we would all have peace. What is the truth? Houston Astro fans are becoming an angry mob that they have been accusing others of. They are becoming a villain in their own story. 

I get it. They were hurt by the gravity of the punishment and everything that went down. But they aren’t the first to be punished. So, why are they the first to turn into a hostile fanbase because of that?

9: Buckeye Fans:

When people say being a Buckeye fan is like joining a cult, I agree with them. 

The Buckeyes have been great with their performances. If you are in Ohio, they are the team to watch. The Browns or Bengals aren’t the real deal if you expect to watch a winning football. Even the fans supporting these teams know they aren’t the real deal. The Buckeye is. 

The Buckeye fans are the largest fanbase in college football. Of course, they are also the loudest. Oh, and the most arrogant. Yes, they believe their team is above others and want other teams to worship them. 

Unfortunately, such arrogance will only destroy the Buckeye fanbase one day. So, I use this medium to call on the fans to respect others. 

The Buckeye has been one of the most successful teams in college football, but the tide can change at any time.

 So, if you’re an arrogant Buckeye fan, stop behaving that way. I think all Buckeye fans need to stop giving people a reason to think joining them is like entering a cult, a highly demanding one, for that matter. 

10: Golden State Fans:

Before 2013, the Golden State Warriors fans were one of the most-loved teams. There was no chance of them making it to this list. Then, something happened; the splash bros arrived.

The Warriors’ iconic run helped captivate the fans. Unfortunately, it also exposed some bitter truths about the fan base. 

The presence of tech bros paying ridiculous amounts for courtside seats and the notion that everything they do is revolutionary and groundbreaking. Then, there was over-the-top arrogance about how good they were.  

The fan base needs to cut us some slack. They need to stop their arrogance, retrace their roots, and be the once-loved fan base that they were. 


So these are the worst sports fans in America. They have a fan base that is arrogant, pompous, and loud. Fans of the teams discussed here are hostile to their opponents. They don’t mind creating a hostile environment that makes their opponents and fan base shiver. 

Many fans are joining the cue and are fighting for the most arrogant and noisy fan base in sports. So, don’t be surprised if we include more sports on this list shortly. Let’s expose the worst fan base in sports in this country and see if that could change them. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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