$3.75 Million To Prevent Laying Off Senate Cafeteria Workers

A group of “democratic senators” reported that they managed to secure funding from the government that would ensure that senate cafeteria workers would not lose their jobs on Wednesday. 

In addition, the funding will ensure that the senate workers will still maintain their jobs even after the next ten days. 

According to Massachusetts and Minnesota senators with fellow democrats, $3.75 million from the “Covid Relief Funds” will be used to prevent the workers from being laid off. 

“When I see all your faces, I think about everything you’ve been through,” Klobuchar told the workers. “You were here on the front line. You were here in the cafeteria. It was hard, and you hung in there for us.”

Even after the senators announced, it isn’t clear if they approved the funding deal. Restaurant associates claimed that they did not receive confirmation that the stated $3.75 million needed to prevent the layoffs was processed. 

“While we haven’t yet received official word from the Architect of the Capitol, we’re very encouraged by this report,” said the company. 

Following the COVID-19 epidemic that struck the U.S, the Capitol wasn’t open to visitors and tourists, with few numbers of journalists, workers, and lawmakers in the building. Because of this, numerous dining halls were temporarily closed on the capitol grounds. 

The Capitol reopened on March 28 after there were reduced cases of COVID-19. However, the staff of restaurant associates claims the company informed them last week. 

In addition, the company claims that out of the 175 senate cafeteria workers would be laid off on April 15 due to the shortage of capital.

“Since the pandemic-related funding has been exhausted and the number of people we have been serving is a small fraction of what it was, we must make these difficult decisions,” a Restaurant Associate’s spokesperson said. 




John Taylor
John Taylor
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