What Happened To The Weeknd’s Teeth? The Controversial Look

The Weeknd, real name (Abel Makkonen Tesfaye), is a Canadian record producer, singer, and songwriter. 

His songs have an eccentric style, which helps them rank at the top of most charts. Weeknd released his first single, “The Hills,” in 2015. 

His songs rose on charts, and so did his looks. He has won several accolades, such as four Grammys, MTV, and Juno awards. During last year’s super bowl, halftime Weeknd gave an incredible performance. 

He had everybody talking after the super bowl halftime performance. However, the other thing that caught people’s attention was his teeth. Let’s find out more about them by answering the question.

What Happened To the Weeknd’s Teeth?

After the terrific super bowl performance, everyone thought the Weeknd had plastic surgery on his teeth. There was a clear difference between the weekend’s old and new teeth pictures. 

Weeknd sparked the surgery rumor after being seen with bandages at a certain award show. His music video for “save your tears” also intensified the rumors. However, the weekend said it was fake and only done for the music video. 

Additional Information 

The talk about Weeknd’s teeth started after his super bowl halftime performance. He gave a stellar performance by singing some of his latest songs. Despite the incredible performance, some noticed and couldn’t ignore his teeth appearance. 

In one segment of the performance, cameras zoomed on his face. During this moment, Weeknd’s teeth were so visible that people have been commenting about it since then. Fans think Weeknd’s teeth look so unnatural, and it’s because they are way too perfect.  

Controversial Weeknd’s Look 

In 2020, the weekend startled the audience by showing up with a bloody and wrapped face in the American music award. In the super bowl, Weeknd had another different look. His fans now believed that he had undergone surgery or two.

What Happened To The Weeknd Face?

Fans have been questioning why the Weeknd looks so rough. They want to know the meaning behind the new and shocking look. 

Appearing on stage with a bandaged and bloodied face is wrong and a bold move for any singer. 

Weeknd has done this multiple times over the past years, which brought worries to some of his fans. They feel like their favorite singer is losing himself. He also startled his viewers with bruises. 

However, it turned out that the Weeknd’s controversial look referred to his short film and music. He was promoting them. 

Why Is The Weekend Loved?

The Canadian singer/songwriter is people’s favorite because of his eccentric and original style. However, there are more reasons:

He Is Original 

Some critics think Abel’s style is rhythm and contemporary blues. They say his songs are melancholy, tragic, sad, and hard to understand. Still, Weeknd has a huge following, and his fans love his creative complexity. 

Weeknd’s musical journey is so interesting. He started his musical career by simply uploading songs on his YouTube account. After some time, a producer took him to a commercial unit. 

Today, he is so popular and owns his record label known as XO. 

Difficult Past

Abel Makonnen Tesfaye, professionally known as Weeknd, was born in 1990 in Toronto. He’s the only child of an Ethiopian immigrant couple who came to Canada for a better life. Later on, his parents separated, and Abel remained under her mother’s custody. 

Abel dropped out of high school and moved in with his two friends during his teenage years. He began doing hard drugs and became an addict. Weeknd talks about his hard experiences in his songs, making them unique. 

Fans love how Weeknd was able to transform his painful past into art that made him better. Plus, most people do get inspiration from his music. 

His unique music and popularity have made him rich, and he has invested in his music and family.

Mysterious Personality

At the onset of his career, Weeknd would upload songs to his YouTube channel with a pseudo name, “The Weeknd.” The name allowed Abel to remain anonymous and live a normal life. 

Later on, after being discovered by a producer, he became famous, and the pseudo name became his professional name. 

Weeknd is so popular, but his fans still don’t know much about him. He maintains a low profile, yet he’s dated famous girlfriends like Selena Gomez and Bela Hadid. 

The Canadian singer appears in a few interviews in which he talks about his personal life. However, if you want to know more about him, you should listen to his songs. They are the key to know him better since he talks about himself. 

Good Taste For Women 

The weekend has had two official relationships with model Bella Hadid and pop star Selena Gomez. 

Weeknd and Bella dated for two years before breaking up on good terms. Shortly after breaking up with Bella, Abel met the popular pop star Selena Gomez, and they fell in love. 

Then Selena Gomez was struggling with severe depression, anxiety, and lupus. Plus, Selena did undergo a kidney transplant in the summer of that year. Neither of them did talk about the relationship publicly. 

However, his relationship with Selena Gomez only lasted for ten months. 

Things You Might Not Know About Weeknd 

He was Homeless 

After dropping out of high school, Weeknd moved in with his two high school friends. They were paying $850 per month for the apartment using their welfare checks. 

Weeknd and his friends would shoplift food and drinks from supermarkets to survive. 

Life became so tough, and they started selling marijuana. He and his roommates also started using hard drugs such as mushrooms, cocaine, Xanax, etc. They later faced eviction from the house. 

Therefore Weeknd had no other option but to tell various girls he loved them to get a place to stay. He also spent several nights in jail, which helped him smarten up and focus.

Drake Helped Him Launch His Career 

In 2010, Drake introduced Weeknd to his fan base by posting two of his songs on his blog. The Weeknd was little known to the people. They met two years later while the Weeknd was promoting his mixtape. 

Drake requested him to appear on his “take care” track that same year. Since then, the weekend has had a quick evolution. 

He worked at American Apparel.

Before he made it huge, Abel was a worker at an American apparel retail store in Toronto. That was in 2010, and his work was folding shirts. Weeknd began making music, but he intended to sell them to other musicians. 

At the same time, some of his co-workers would listen to his songs while working. The funny thing is they couldn’t even realize it was him singing.

He Owns a $3 Million Car Collection. 

Fans know about his $1.2 million orange McLaren PI in his “star boy” music video. However, it’s only one of the reported $3 million car collections. 

He has other vehicles, including Bentley Mulsanne, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, Porsche 918, and Ferrari La Ferrari. 

The Weeknd’s Net Worth

He is approximately $100 million. He is a famous artist who began his music career in 2010. Weeknd anonymously released music on his youtube channel. 

He has been in the music industry for a decade now. The musician has managed to gain a huge following that ranks him among most mainstream artists in the world. He has also collaborated with some influential and most famous musicians in the industry.


Abel’s career started after he met a producer known as Jeremy Rose. The two collaborated and created an RNB album, “the weekend.” After creating three songs for this album, Jeremy did not include Abel’s music. 

The rejection made Abel create his own YouTube channel under “the Weeknd.” With the channel, Abel has the chance to share his three songs with the world. The three songs released in 2010 were a success and made him popular. 

After these songs, he decided to create a debut mixtape and dropped it in 2011. It was known as the “house of balloons.” He started doing a live performances and even met and collaborated with Drake. 

In the same year, that’s 2011, and he released his second and third mixtapes. All the three mixtapes put him straight on the top in his first year. 

By 2012, Weeknd performed in music festivals across America and Europe, including wireless festivals. 

In the same year, he signed a record deal with popular Republic Records and released an album “trilogy.” Weeknd has collaborated with several top artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, etc.


The Weeknd made headlines in February 2021 super bowl halftime show. He performed some of his latest hit songs, such as “Earned It” and “The Hill.” He surely gave an incredible performance. 

However, people didn’t fail to notice his teeth, which looked perfect. Since then, there has been talking with people curious to know what happened to Weeknd’s teeth. 

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