A Sun Flare Worth Admiring

On Thursday, Nasa’s cameras caught an exciting event from the solar system. The sun emitted its pent-up energy, which took the form of a little magnetic bomb referred to as a solar flare. 

Solar flares are eruptions on the sun’s surface caused by intense magnetic forces. 

Astronauts are concerned about sun flares because they can impact the earth’s electrical power grids and cause regional blackouts. Solar flares can also interfere with navigation signals and radio communications. All of the impacts are bad. 

When communication is interfered with, there could be accidents and catastrophes. Airplanes can be affected because of poor communication with air traffic control. 

The event interfered with radio communication over the Pacific and Indian oceans. NASA scientists believe that solar flares primarily affect maritime communications, although they did not explain how it happens. 

They went on to say that the event can jeopardize the safety of the astronauts and spacecraft they use. The last sun flare happened on 28 Oct 2021, which was on a Thursday.

The image and video captured by the cameras are spectacular. Its fascinating teal blue ultra-violent color left the astronauts to admire. NASA has always captured these events since they began happening. 

They went ahead and shared the mesmerizing video and photo of the event on their social media platforms. More than a million curious people responded to the posts with curiosity questions while others marveled at the wonder. 

“Wow, how beautiful!”, “Why’s it blue?” These were some of the questions and reactions made by the people.




John Taylor
John Taylor
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