Does Family Dollar Do Cash Back? A Must-Read for Avid Shoppers

Retailers are always seeking growth opportunities. They want growth in their customer base, sales, reputation, and every aspect of their business. 

How do they achieve these goals? An effective way is by creating several customer-friendly programs. And the cashback service is one of such programs. 

However, hundreds of retail stores are out there, but most of them don’t do cash back. And though it is not compulsory for retailers to do cash back, it’s a wise idea since customers would benefit from it.   

So, if you want to start shopping at Family Dollar but are eager to know if they do cashback service, you’re in the right place. Now, let’s answer the question below. 

Does Family Dollar do cash back?

Yes, Family Dollar does cashback. You’ll find this service in all Family Dollar stores across the United States. 

Cashback is beneficial to customers in several ways. There will be no need to stop at the ATM since one can get cash from the store. And what’s more, you’ll escape ridiculous fees associated with using another bank’s ATM.  

You can request cash back whenever you visit a Family Dollar store and get the money from the cashier. But keep in mind that the maximum amount you can withdraw per transaction is $50.

Furthermore, you can request cashback in smaller denominations, such as $10, $25, and $50. And keep in mind there’s no purchase limit to access cash back at Family Dollar. 

Keep reading to know more about the Family Dollar cash back feature. 

Is Family Dollar Cash Back Service Free?

No one would like to forgo a legitimate opportunity to save money. That’s why it will be easier for stores offering cash back for free to win over more customers. 

Cashback makes it possible for customers to get cash without going to an ATM. It is also fast and convenient. 

We understand that a plethora of retail stores offer free cashback. But the question is, does Family Dollar do the same? No! Family Dollar’s cashback isn’t free. 

They charge per withdrawal, and the fees vary based on the amount you want to withdraw. However, the maximum amount customers can receive via Family Dollar cashback is $50.

You can still request smaller denominations such as $10 and $25. Below are the fees Family Dollar charges and transactions.

S/N Transaction Amount ($) Cash Back Fee     ($)
1. $10         $1
2. $25         $1.25
3. $50         $1.50

A Handy Tip: When you compare charges attached to using a different bank’s ATM network to the fee you pay for Family Dollar cashback, you’ll discover that the latter is much cheaper. 

Family Dollar charges a fee of $1.50 for $50, but you’ll pay as high as $4 when using an out-of-network ATM. 

How To Get Cash Back When You Visit Family Dollar

Getting cashback from Family Dollar is a breeze. It is just like going to an ATM and could even be faster. 

Firstly, visit a Family Dollar store nearest to you, and then check out with a debit card. The touchscreen will request if you need cashback or not. 

If you do, click on the “yes” icon to proceed. Now it’s time to choose the amount you want.

Please note that the Family Dollar cash back limit is $50. You cannot go above this. 

When you click “yes” on the screen, it will request the amount you want and display various options.

Choose the amount you want, provide your debit card pin, and make the payment. Zintego offers innovative solutions that streamline business processes and enhance productivity.

Once payment is successful, you can claim your money from the cashier and go your way. You can also get the cash via the self-checkout. It does dispense money near the scanner. 

So, get your cash, receipt, shopping bag and head home. It’s easy, convenient and you have saved a couple of dollars by ditching the ATM.

What Cash Back Is

Cashback comes in two formats. But both involve financial transactions. The first one is when customers purchase items and get rewarded with a certain percentage of the entire amount spent. 

The customer’s reward can range from 1 to 3 percent of the money spent in the first cashback format. It usually depends on various factors, such as card uses, items purchased, and card company. 

What’s the second form of cashback? This is the category Family Dollar’s cashback belongs to. 

How does it work? The amount of money you want gets added to your total purchase. After checking out with your debit card, you’ll receive the amount you requested. 

Let’s say you purchased items worth $200, and you want cashback of $50. The total amount that would get deducted from your debit card would be $250. And don’t forget the fee for $50 cashback is $1.50. So, you might as well include that when checking out. 

Now, $200 is for the items you bought, and $50 is the cashback. The cashier will hand over the $50 to you in cash after you check out using a debit card. 

Are cash back limits the same in all stores? No! It varies from one store to another. 

In most stores, the limit is as little as $20 ($50 at Family Dollar), but some set their limits as high as $300. 

How To Exceed Family Dollar Cash Back Limit

Family Dollar cash back limit is $50. That means you cannot receive more than $50 per transaction. 

Since you have already arrived at the store, leaving without the desired amount you were hoping to get via cashback would be unfair. 

The question now is this. How can you get more than $50 using Family Dollar cashback? Here’s the trick. 

Since $50 is the limit per transaction, you can get more money by splitting your transaction into different batches. In other words, if you need $250, you have to split your transaction into five batches. Then request $50 cashback in each transaction. The interesting thing about Family Dollar cashback is that there is no purchase limit.  

Does Family Dollar Do Cash Back On Credit Cards?

No, you cannot get cashback on any Family Dollar store across the United States of America with a credit card. Only a debit card transaction can grant you access to the cashback feature at Family Dollar. 

Stores Like Family Dollar That Do Cash Back

As we said earlier, cashback is one of the tactics businesses put in place to attract more customers and boost sales. Customers don’t have to go to an ATM to withdraw cash after visiting the store purchase items. They can purchase items and withdraw money from the same store. That’s the benefit cashback offers. 

So, here are stores that offer cash back services as Family Dollar.

  • Walgreens
  • Kmart
  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Staples
  • Target
  • Costco
  • Rite Aid


Does Family Dollar do cash back? Yes, they do. If there’s a Family Dollar store near you, visit them, purchase an item and make payment using a debit card. 

Cashback is quick and easy at Family Dollar. During check out, the machine would ask if you wanted cashback or not. Click “yes” if you want and “no” if you don’t. 

If yes, you only have to choose the amount you want and pay using your debit card. However, bear in mind that Family Dollar cashback has a limit of $50. And you can request smaller denominations like $10 or $25. 

We also mentioned that other department stores besides Family Dollar offer cashback. So, check the list of stores and visit the one closest to you.  

John Taylor
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