Chad Christopher Charged With Communicating Interstate Threats

The USA Justice Department has charged one man from Texas after violently threatening election officials from Georgia. The court held the hearing on Friday, Jan 21. 

In his post on Craiglist, Chad Christopher wrote that the Georgia patriots need to take back the state from traitors. 

His post was rather disturbing because it violently addressed the people to kill the Chinese official and later the federal ad local judges. He refers to them as corrupt. 

The charges were a milestone. However, General Lisa Monaco, Deputy Attorney, believes more threats will be. She said this while in a live interview with NPR. 

The FBI apprehended Christopher in a series of investigations of threat messages sent to election workers. The police report that there have been more than 850 threat messages sent to election workers. 

They believe that most of the individuals sending the disturbing messages are supporters of Trump. They say that the officials helped rig the previous elections. Trump has been accusing the state of rigging the 2020 presidential elections, although he has not provided any evidence about the claims. 

The officials have condemned this act because it affects the working of the election officials by installing fear in them. Christopher talks of spilling blood in his message. 

Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, praised the team for their earlier arrest. He went on to say that the organization is committed to the pursuit of justice against any citizen who violently threatens election officials. 

However, the FBI and other law enforcers have a lot to do because people still send the threat messages. 

Christopher may be prisoned for more than five years if found guilty of the charge of communicating interstate threats. He made the threats on Craiglist, and on the following day trumps, supporters stormed into a meeting meant to celebrate Biden’s victory.


John Taylor
John Taylor
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