After Seven Months Of Twitter Suspension, Nigerian Government Finally Decides To Lift The Ban

The Nigerian government has finally resolved to lift the ban on Twitter on 13th January 2022, which will allow Nigerian people to access the popular social media platform once again. 

The ban was imposed just two days after a tweet by President Buhari was deleted by Twitter. The tweet was perceived to be widely offensive. President Buhari had threatened citizens in the southeast region following attacks on public property. 

A government statement outlined that the decision was made after Twitter agreed to meet all the conditions set by the Nigerian government. 

Some of the conditions include ‘setting up offices in Nigeria, Payment of fair taxes, Getting National Broadcasting Commission’s license and training country’s strategic intelligence officers and IT personnel on how to report twitter abuse. 

On June 2022, President Buhari  Muhammadu praised the social media platform for being ‘a very useful platform’ in society. 

He later stated that social media platform has been turned into a ‘platform to organize, coordinate and execute criminal activities, propagate fake news and promote ethnic and religious sentiments.’ He said. 

According to President Buhari, this contributed to the federal government imposing a ban on the giant social media platform. A committee set up to address the dispute agreed that Twitter must meet all the issues stated before lifting the ban.


John Taylor
John Taylor
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